The Undisclosed Possibilities of VR Advertising

Andrew Price
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Updated: 21/05/2017

VR technology is becoming more and more relevant, therefore, to be one step ahead of the rest, it is important for entrepreneurs not to miss the moment and to integrate new solutions into their business in time. Today, virtual reality is considered to be a fashionable trend that has long moved from the category of science fiction to reality. Soon VR and AR technologies will be able to help the gambling business to promote its services.

VR in online gambling

The Demand for Advertising by Means of VR and AR

Nowadays, an acquaintance of business owners with new technological opportunities takes place. Several companies are conducting experiments, but really large projects due to the low prevalence of virtual reality tools at the moment, unfortunately, do not exist.

You need to understand that marketing VR/AR (custom content) is different from advertising (ads in VR content). Meanwhile, only marketing tools are practised: thanks to the global immersion in technological innovation, companies are forced to develop advanced products using progressive developments. But the rapid development of the market obliges to look for more effective and profitable methods of promotion.

In order to VR/AR advertising has become a mass phenomenon, it is necessary to make this technology mainstream.

In order to do this, you have to perform two steps:

  1. Create useful content. Nowadays, VR/AR is used only for entertainment purposes, that is why it is difficult to retain the client. The point in buying VR glasses is only for the avid player.
  2. Involve a brand that distributes popular gadgets. Therefore, few people will be interested in a VR device under the brand name Google or Microsoft, but Apple could achieve serious success in this field.

In a word, we will wait for the change of seasons (till autumn). There is a good chance that together with the new smartphone, Apple will demonstrate something really worthwhile. VR technology is not suitable for continuous use due to its overmuch conspicuous effect of real presence. Another thing is AR, which is perfect for social media and entertainments. Most likely, AR will turn into a global phenomenon, and with the release of good AR/MR glasses, the process will significantly accelerate.

When it comes to the possible risk of ignoring such advertising after satiation, it is worth carefully studying the history of the mass media. Advertising is always limited by the methods of its distribution (in this case — the lack of an appropriate device), it has to compete with the real content. To make such ads more visible, the forced measure was to increase the number of such ads.

When to speak about VR and AR instruments, the classical rules of the game do not apply here. Due to the ill-considered advertising campaign, the impression of virtual technologies can deteriorate, and people will simply refuse to use them. VR is only gaining its popularity, so the manufacturer should value each of its customers.

Even today, Advir company is working on developing the methods for the competent implementation of VR and AR advertising. It is necessary to remove all restrictions from advertisers and give them the opportunity to create unique storylines. Promotion should become a part of the content development history.

SEO promotion in gambling

Peculiarities of VR and AR Products Promotion

You should forget about the classic ways of presentation. VR and AR technologies combine virtuality and reality into a single whole, thereby providing the effect of full immersion in an artificial atmosphere. Here the developers have a lot of prospects.

Manufacturers, engaged in VR/AR-products, try to do everything possible to ensure that their advertising activities will be transparent. VR/AR promotion can be carried out even by little-known companies because today the brand sign does not play any role: first and foremost, the quality of the product is appreciated.

Effective Promotion Methods

At the moment, the niche is at the testing stage. In the process of project development, it is important to monitor and track all received customer reactions. Then, based on the results of the analysis, it will be possible to choose the best methods to improve the quality of promotion.

In order to create a ready-made advertising project, it should be given some time. Yet, it is possible to assert with the confidence only one thing: importunity does not apply here. Modern consumers are not stupid: if they do not like something, they will simply put aside their VR device.

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