TOP 10 Slot Machines for Halloween 2020

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A curious fact: our forbears-pagans believed that there are only two seasons — winter and summer. They believed that summer ends on the night of October 31 to November 1, and that is when the gates between the worlds of the living and the dead open for a little while. This is a time of horror, witches, vampires, and other supernatural forces. People called this holiday Halloween, and as the Christian religion rolled around, they began to celebrate it as an unusual holiday with a mystical atmosphere.

Horror is a great topic for slot machines, and that is why gambling software vendors often present exciting new slots for All Saints’ Day. 2WinPower has made a review of similar casino content, thanks to which you can significantly increase the profit of your online platform.

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The Vampires by Endorphina

The Vampires slot machine by Endorphina

The game offers an exciting journey to the mysterious castle where the vampires live. You should definitely integrate this slot on your website. Online casino slots, the symbols of which are made in the horror genre, attract many gamblers. Do not miss the chance to purchase this product from Endorphina and increase the profit of your gaming site.

Features of the Design of the Casino Slot

The developers did everything that is possible to create a hair-raising atmosphere:

  • Characters. Gamblers launch the reels, on which there is a whole family of vampires.
  • Entourage. On the virtual walls of the crypt, skulls and witches in cloaks are painted.
  • The style of the elements. Everything, even the font for spelling the name of the slot for an online casino, is made in the Gothic style.
  • Appropriate animation. When the prize combination is formed, the vampires “come to life”: their fangs grow and eyes are shooting fire. At this point, the images on the panel shake.
  • The atmospheric voicework. The background sound consists of noise, howling, and bray.

The Gameplay and Bonuses

The panel is standard — 20 paylines. Users can place from 1 to 100 coins and choose their value. The size of the maximum prize is 250,000 credits.

Functions of Prize Icons



Scatter (a vampire who is biting a girl)

It activates free spins. When 3 such symbols appear on the screen, 10 free spins are launched

Wild (a bat)

This icon can independently create winning combinations and replace the missing elements

Bonus (a glass filled with blood)

3 images on the panel launch the risk-game where it will be necessary to choose a card, the nominal of which should be higher than the dealer’s

Slot machines with vampires are very popular with gamblers. By installing The Vampires by Endorphina on your gaming site, you attract new players and increase the profit of your gambling establishment. If you have any doubts, it will be possible for you to rent the slot at 2WinPower and make sure it is in-demand.

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Halloween Fortune II by Playtech

Halloween Fortune II online casino slot by Playtech

When choosing casino slots, it is worth paying attention to Halloween Fortune II — a product from the leader of the gambling industry, the Playtech company. Supernatural forces and magical creatures (vampires and monsters) come to life, as well as the witch that get special powers.

Description of the Casino Slot

This is a classic 5x3 slot machine where the result of the game completely depends on the luck of gambler. Here, there are 25 winning lines.

The design of the slot fully corresponds to the theme of the game:

  • Attractive screensaver. The slot is designed so that users sense danger from the first seconds of the game.
  • Gloomy background. The developers chose the image of the night forest. The landscape makes players think about the witches’ sabbath.
  • High-quality graphics. Pictures are drawn carefully, and many animation effects are used.
  • The background sound creates a feeling of tension and risk.

Features of the Gameplay

Players cannot select the number of paylines but they can independently control the size of the bet per line. To do this, just click the “+” and “-“ icons in the Line Bet window. Then, it will remain only to press Spin and launch the reels.

Additional options:

  • the automatic game (the Auto Play button);
  • the Turbo mode;
  • free spins.

Halloween Fortune II has no jackpot, and this is the only thing that can upset scrupulous gamblers. In all other aspects, the game is perfect: with a little bit of luck, users can win good prizes.

Voodoo by Endorphina

Voodoo casino game by Endorphina

This is a spooky story about zombies created by followers of the voodoo cult. The Endorphina's Voodoo is a traditional slot machine with 5 reels and 10 lines, on which gamblers can form winning combinations.

How does this game attract users?

  1. The slot is decorated in dark colours.
  2. The background sound is selected so make users sense danger and passion to win casino games.
  3. Symbols fully correspond to the theme: a snake, a raven, a voodoo doll, and mysterious inscriptions.
  4. There are free spins and a risk game in this slot.

Voodoo magic is an attractive topic, so this game can bring a decent profit to casino operators.

Lucky Witch by Microgaming

Lucky Witch slot by Microgaming

The main feature of the Halloween celebration is the desire to make fun of superstitious beliefs (which is why there is a tradition of wearing terrible costumes and scare each other). The Lucky Witch slot machine is perfect for those players who are used to make a mock of fears.

The Description of the Slot

Like all Microgaming products, the Lucky Witch slot machine is of the highest quality. This is a classic slot with 5 reels and 15 paylines. There are also symbols with additional options — a scatter and a wild. Free spins and the bonus game are provided as well.

The storyline is based on the adventures of a young witch who is just learning to conjure. The symbols here correspond to the theme: among the icons, we can name a cat, an owl, an iguana, and magic items and potions.

4 bonus games are the special feature of this slot machine

In Lucky Witch, the following prize modes are offered:

  1. Magic Potion Bonus (gamblers need to choose bottles with potions);
  2. Pumpkin Bonus (users should find pumpkins);
  3. Secret Vault Bonus (it is necessary to select 3 icons from 12);
  4. Spell Book Bonus (gamblers choose one of three spell books to win the maximum multiplier in the game — x52).

Microgaming slots can significantly raise the income of your online business. Install Lucky Witch on your website and please your visitors with high-quality products and earn money on the enthusiasm of players.

Halloween by Microgaming

Halloween online slot machine by Microgaming

Microgaming has created a casino slot based on the Halloween movie (1978) by John Carpenter. This is a classic horror movie about a serial killer. Such a story has interested a well-known gambling provider, and visitors to your website will definitely like it as well.

The Description of the Slot

Halloween is a slot machine with 5 reels and 50 paylines. You can place up to 8 credits per line. Also, users can determine the value of coins independently. The maximum bet per round is 200 dollars. There is no risk-game here but free spins are provided.

There are several bonus options:

  1. Wandering Reels (a random selection of 3 reels, on which prize combinations are formed);
  2. Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus (the Fortune’s wheel, which allows you to increase the size of a prize by 10 times);
  3. Boogeyman Bonus (you need to choose the leaves, under which prizes are hidden but the Boogeyman may also appear, and it will automatically stop the game);
  4. Free Spins (if players are lucky, they will receive 9 free spins as a gift).

Witch’s Brew by RTG

Witch’s Brew casino game by RTG

This gloomy slot from RTG is exactly what casinos need on the eve of the All Saints’ Day. This slot machine is decorated in the best traditions of Halloween: dark tones of the design, dramatic music, and corresponding symbols (witches, skulls, frogs, candles, etc.)

The game attracts gamblers with free spins and a big jackpot, so it is perfect for those who want to develop their business. Try the test mode and see everything with your own eyes!


Hellboy by BrandGames

Hellboy slot by BrandGames

The provider took as a basis the famous movie based on the comic books of Mike Mignola and created his own version of the adventures of the “Hellboy”.

The Description of the Hellboy Slot

The game attracts gamblers due to the following features:

  1. An interesting topic. The Hellboy film was an overwhelming success, so the protagonist's popularity is obvious. Gamblers are happy to launch the reels to participate in the creation of a new interpretation of the famous storyline.
  2. High-quality graphics. Realistic images, laconic design, and carefully drawn details — this is all that users need to focus on spinning the reels and enjoy the gameplay.
  3. Convenient functionality. The gameplay is not overloaded: there is nothing extra but the necessary buttons that are located so that users do not have to spend time searching for options.

Hellboy is a perfect collection development, and it will stimulate the growth of your online business.

Empire V by Greentube

Empire V slot machine by Greentube

The “vampire” theme will not be out of fashion for many years, and before the All Saints’ Day, “horror films” are more relevant than ever. The described slot developed by the Greentube provider will be the best “bait” for new visitors and will also attract regular customers of the casino. This is an atmospheric game with beautiful graphics, a fascinating storyline, and generous payouts.

Benefits of the Empire V Slot for Your Business

This slot machine with advanced functionality is very convenient for gamblers: they can adjust the size of payments and receive good prizes. Thanks to high-quality graphics and good design, the slot attracts the attention of users, and the gameplay holds the attention of visitors for several hours.

In Empire V, there is no risk-game but free spins are provided, as well as the wild and the scatter symbol.

The slot is developed on the basis of HTML5 technology, so that casino games can be played on mobile devices, and operators can reach a wide audience.

Alaxe in Zombieland by Microgaming

Alaxe in Zombieland slot by Microgaming

The horror genre is popular not only with movie enthusiasts but also with gamblers. Alaxe in Zombieland from Microgaming will be a real gift to the visitors to your casino on the eve of Halloween. Expand the catalogue of games with products of this brand and see how profitable they are.

Alaxe in Zombieland is a classic 5-reeled slot with 25 paylines and convenient gameplay. Your customers will quickly figure out how to play this slot machine and immediately be able to place bets. All that you will need to do is just to calculate the profit.

Witches Wealth by Microgaming

Witches Wealth by Microgaming

Halloween is the night when witches gather for the Sabbath. Visitors to your casino will certainly be interested to get to know more about the life and features of the “work” of the sorceress, as well as to see the witcher who is very handsome. Provide gamblers with this opportunity by installing a high-quality Microgaming slot machine.

It has everything for the long and exciting gameplay: symbols with additional options, free spins, and a bonus round.


To successfully develop the gambling business, you just need to monitor the market and follow the trends. The celebration of Halloween can be very beneficial for you: install slots in the horror genre and make money on the desire of gamblers to tickle their nerves.

Experts from 2WinPower recommend you to choose only high-quality products from the world-famous brands with a good reputation. We offer original and licensed slots. Our technical specialists will take care of the integration of new entertainment into your website and monitor the timely updates of the content.

If you are not ready to invest in the purchase of the gambling software or you are having doubts about its profitability, you will be able to rent your favourite products or install their demo versions. We support a mutually beneficial partnership and will be glad to provide you with such an opportunity.

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