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Video Slots for Online Casino Owners: Popular Trends of 2020

Gambling is one of the most promising and profitable areas for investment. According to statistics, only last year, the growth of the industry has reached three billion euro. The total return of virtual sites grew by 80%, while the share of the “white” market increased significantly (on average, by 60%).

Video slot for an online casino

Table of Contents:

1. The Main Reasons for the Popularity of Online Gambling Services

2. Brief Historical Digression

3. About the Principles of Slot Machines Operation

4. Classification of Modern Slot Machines

  4.1. Number of Reels

  4.2. The Number of Lines

  4.3. The Jackpot System

  4.4. Types of Bets

  4.5. Bonuses and Special Features

  4.6. 3D Games

5. The Top List of the Most Popular Gambling Software Vendors

6. Conclusion

The Main Reasons for the Popularity of Online Gambling Services

  1. The lack of geographical restrictions. To launch the product, it is enough to have a mobile device or a computer with access to the Network.
  2. Guarantee of confidentiality. Gambling no longer requires a long identification procedure. Anyone can discover a world of excitement and stay anonymous.
  3. Bonuses and rewards. No land-based gambling establishment can offer its clients such a choice of loyalty programs and monetary rewards for a set of elementary actions. If in an offline casino, visitors are required to pay for all the moves, then in virtual services, customers receive prizes just for entering, registering or making the first deposit on their game account (and this is without taking into account seasonal or thematic promotions).
  4. Multicurrency. You can use any convenient currency for online transactions, while the land-based platform can accept one or two types of currency.
  5. Unlimited selection of games. This is one of the most important criteria for evaluation of gambling establishments. Further, in this article, you will be able to find more information on the types of modern entertainment, features of the slot machines, and the most popular software vendors.

Brief Historical Digression

Gambling has been known to mankind for many centuries but the first slot machine was created only in the middle of the nineteenth century in the United States by Charles August Fey.

The name of the entertainment comes from the English term “slot” (literally, it means the “hole for coins”).

The first slot machines had standard images in the form of card suits. Later, the icons were modified. In order not to violate state prohibitions, the owners of casinos began to give prizes in the form of drinks and sweets. Accordingly, fruit mixes and the word “Bar” became the main theme of “one-armed bandits”.

Modern slots got a new lease of life in 1994 (the date of the foundation of the first online casino), and in 2001, a new part of history began: the Internet business started to develop rapidly and significantly influence the development of the world economy.

The situation in the modern market is the following:

The main areas of income of the online gambling industry
Name of the gambling entertainment Percentage of profit
Betting (bets on sports and raise events) 49,4%
Video slots in casinos 26%
Lottery draws 9,6%
Poker tournaments and other types of card entertainment 5,9%
Games for logic and skills 4,7%
Bingo 1,8%

If we are talking about the most popular casino games, the situation looks like this:

  • First place ― poker with a live dealer. Experienced players can achieve a one hundred per cent success.
  • Second place ― roulette. The game pleases with elementary rules and the minimum advantage of the casino, which is not more than 2.7%.
  • Third place ― slot machines. Depending on the manufacturer and the specifics of the internal settings, the winning percentage in “one-armed bandits” is 70-99%.

About the Principles of Slot Machines Operation

Answering the question of what a video slot is, remember that before the appearance of the Internet, slot machines were electromechanical devices. They were equipped with a built-in system of brake levers and sensors that analyse the combination of fallen symbols.

Devices with electric motors are the second generation of gambling entertainment. The lever became a button but the sensors still worked according to the standard scheme.

Online video slots are a new kind of games for money. It is a set of programs with a random number generator. RNG is a special code that works on the basis of a unique algorithm. The system is completely autonomous and excludes the possibility of any influence from the side of the casino itself, the user or the software vendor.

One of the unique features of the RNG is that the mechanism has no memory. The computer does not calculate how long the game session lasts, and the winning combinations are not tied to time intervals and are determined only by means of internal mathematical algorithms. The game does not have any pre-planned outcome. Theoretically, any user can win two jackpots in a row in just a few minutes of the game.

There is no logic in the work of modern video slots, so there is no chance to understand or calculate a successful combination.

Classification of Modern Slot Machines

Modern slot machines: classification

Video slots for business are represented by the widest variety of variations. There is no strict classification of models. All the differences between them are conditional, so there are several criteria that help operators and users to get the lay of the land.

Number of Reels

  • Three elements. The traditional version, which is gradually losing its relevance. The presence of three spinning sectors is a constant element of the very first “one-armed bandits”.
  • Five reels. One of the most popular solutions of our time. This product pleases not only with a variety of storylines but also a large number of game lines (their number can reach one hundred).
  • Seven sectors. As a rule, devices are not equipped with bonus rounds and have a limited number of winning lines. Users have repeatedly noted that it is much easier to win in such a slot than in any other game.
  • Nine elements. Innovative trend: in slots, there are both standard horizontal lines and diagonal chains, which significantly increase the chances of winning.

The Number of Lines

The payline in a slot machine is a line, on which winning combinations are formed. The number of these elements directly affects the chances of getting a big jackpot. Gambling software vendors offer the widest variety of options: a modern device can have from one to one hundred lines. They can have a different location: a standard vertical line or combinations of horizontal and diagonal elements.

The Jackpot System

On the market, there are models with fixed (straight) and progressive jackpots. In the first case, the slot machine is provided with a payout table with constant indicators.

If we are talking about the storage system, then it uses part of the money from the burned-down bets from one or several devices to form the prize fund. In this case, the prize does not depend on the time of the game session or the amount of the bet and can be obtained on any device of the network.

Types of Bets

Another criterion for evaluation is the sum of the available minimum and maximum deposits. As a rule, most models accept coins from a few cents to five dollars.

We should also mention products for VIP-players who prefer to risk large sums of money (from twenty-five to one hundred dollars per round).

Bonuses and Special Features

All modern products can be divided into two types: those that are equipped with bonus rounds and those that have no additional programs.

Bonus is a powerful motivation for gamblers. Additional subplots or a separate round perfectly whet the appetite of users, make them play longer and provide additional chances of winning.

If we are talking about special gaming features, then in modern solutions, the following symbols and options can be found:

Symbols with special features in online slot machines
Name of the element Brief description
Wild symbol The element replaces any other images and helps to collect winning combinations with minimal costs
Scatter symbol The icon brings money regardless of where on the panel it is located. Also, it helps players to form combinations that bring jackpot and serves as a “key” for opening bonus levels
Multiplier Regardless of the payline, on which it appeared, this icon allows gamblers to increase the bet by several times (the size of the additional reward depends on the number of the appeared elements)

3D Games

The main feature of this entertainment is the amazing quality of graphics, which creates the effect of complete immersion into the game.

The Top List of the Most Popular Gambling Software Vendors

The most popular game providers

We offer you the top five developers of gambling products for online platforms:

  1. Microgaming. This brand created the world's first virtual casino. Today, the developer's portfolio consists of about eight hundred solutions and more than five hundred additional modifications.
  2. Playtech. It is one of the world's largest providers that started developing casino solutions back in 1999. Its product range includes not only slot machines and studios for online broadcasts but also programs for stock trading and binary options trading.
  3. NetEnt. The company was founded in 1996. Throughout its existence, the brand has repeatedly changed the approaches to the development of products. Today, distinctive features of its solutions are original mechanics, smooth animation, and unique software visualisation techniques.
  4. Novomatic. Founded in 1980, the Austrian company makes slots with unique game dynamics, a high winning percentage, and a wide variety of storylines.
  5. Mega Jack. This is a Bulgarian brand, which was established in 1999. The company's products have simple navigation, convenient and easy control system, and simple design.


Reliable video slots are the key to the success of the gambling business. Beginning operators need to study the topic in detail to understand something about the basic classification of software, the audience rating, and the offers of the most well-known suppliers.

We do not recommend you to save money on the purchase of the game content since the traffic and, accordingly, the level of income of the gambling establishment directly depend on the quality of the software.

It is worth noting that respected and in-demand suppliers prefer not to cooperate with beginners and unknown brands. The best opportunity to buy the proven software is to enter into an agreement with the intermediary.

Leave the application to the managers from 2WinPower, and we will select for you the best set of software solutions that can satisfy even the most sophisticated visitors. We have slot games that suit any taste, card games, roulette, and software for live broadcasts.

An additional advantage is the ability to order the development of exclusive solutions in the HTML5 format. Our team of specialists will bring to life the most unusual and creative ideas.

Start a promising and profitable business with 2WinPower already today!

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