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The iGaming industry is a beneficial sphere, yet it is also quite complex to navigate. The development of a profitable platform comprises multiple stages that have to be elaborated smoothly to ensure the creation of a competitive gambling environment.

Even though novice participants in the market may lack the necessary experience to maximise the efficiency of development, aggregator companies are always ready to help.

Online casino aggregator: expert assistance

2WinPower is an acclaimed representative of the iGaming sphere, offering quality turnkey elaboration and unique services.

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Beneficial Solutions from an Aggregator

During the individual development of the project, an entrepreneur spends a lot of time on informational comprehension. Due to the lack of understanding of the industry, the creation process can be extended for numerous months or even years. Aggregator companies have it all covered. As soon as an operator concludes a collaboration agreement, it takes only a few weeks to set up a viable gambling environment.

Aggregator’s responsibilities include:

  1. Market analysis and business plan development. The company’s specialists negotiate operational preferences with the client. With the analysis of favourable destinations, the best working area is selected, and the corresponding business plan is elaborated to match the place’s peculiarities.
  2. Site structure and design. After the understanding of the development strategy is clear, a dedicated department takes care of the portal’s creation. Designers consider the peculiarities of the region, the needs of the target audience, and trends in the iGaming industry.
  3. Entertainment and administrative software. Aggregators work as intermediaries between operators and providers. Instead of contacting each supplier individually, an entrepreneur specifies the preferred content. After the market analysis, the aggregator integrates the best games and instruments into the platform.
  4. Registration of the brand and licensing. Dealing with documents and all tedious red tape can take months for an unprepared operator. With the assistance of an aggregator (due to the presence of a dedicated juridical department), all legal procedures are conducted without any delays or complications.
  5. Integration of payment systems and security instruments. Players are willing to select how to replenish the account and cash out their winnings. An aggregator company studies the presence of top payment gateways, solidifies them with proper safety measures, and refines the data storage for secured interaction.
  6. Brand promotion and site popularisation. Even though the development of an advertising campaign is not a part of a turnkey solution, aggregators offer marketing services additionally. The dedicated promotional department is responsible for maximising player acquisition and retention for achieving high profitability levels.

Working with an aggregator is like having a reliable mentor always there for you. No mistakes during the elaboration process will be made, and a lucrative operation is guaranteed at the end of the advancement. Moreover, such reliable partner organisations as 2WinPower continue working with its clients even after the launch and supply the necessary upgrades according to the changing trends.

Reasons to Opt for an Aggregator-Based Model

Casino aggregators: reasons for cooperation

The key task of such an assistant company is to provide quality entertainment software. However, modern aggregators can benefit the project elaboration in other ways as well due to the understanding of the sphere and the presence of different professional teams.

Cooperation with a mentor firm guarantees:

  1. Huge timesaving. An individual elaboration of the iGaming project can take years to refine to perfection. With the aggregator’s help, a ready-made platform can be launched in 8–10 weeks.
  2. Technical excellence. Proven guide companies work only with certified software and hardware. Furthermore, all team members of an aggregator firm are also experts in their field with corresponding proofs of excellence.
  3. Mentoring services. Top-rated guide companies do not just assemble the project. Their main task is to turn a novice operator into a knowledgeable market participant while a gambling site is just a tool for achieving success.
  4. Fast payoff. Entrepreneurs are always looking for the fastest way to return their invested resources. With the development of a gaming platform from a professional aggregator, it takes just 3–6 months for a full payoff.
  5. The flexibility of platforms. Considering the advancement of mobile technologies, a lot of punters are eager to access online casinos and betting portals from their smartphones. The desktop browser versions remain popular, so cooperation with an aggregator considers it all.

The platform developed by a professional company guarantees wide market recognition and easy cooperation with other partners. This includes investors, affiliate webmasters, software suppliers, and other industry members. As a result, novice managers can quickly become respected participants in the market with their newly-created portals.

Casino Entertainment Versatility

The launch of a gambling platform does not only imply the creation of a regular web-based slot-oriented site. A high-ranked aggregator can make any available idea come true using innovative technologies and software possibilities.

Variety of services during cooperation with an aggregator:

Type of assistance


Upon agreeing on the contract, an entrepreneur receives a complete package of services starting with idea development and ending up with regular updates after the launch

White Label

This rent-based cooperation type is focused on leasing two major and most expensive components (software and licensing) while the rest of the elements are developed individually


Another lease option that implies leasing almost everything and deducting up to 70% of all profits to the company-supplier of services


The possibility to purchase an online casino in a form of a template code and adjust it to the desired condition is also viable, yet requires an understanding of the sphere

Type of payments


The development of a gambling site that utilises regular money and offers players standard payment methods: bank and wire transfers, e-wallets, mobile-based transactions, etc.


The creation of a portal with only digital payment possibilities that works on Blockchain technology and accepts deposits in the form of Bitcoin, MANA, Ethereum, and more tokens


The combination of fiat and crypto payment methods attracts the most players due to the possibility to wager with regular and digital money

Type of interaction


A regular casino environment with a wide variety of entertainment, including slots, card games, tabletops, and wagering possibilities can be accessed in a browser or an app


A gambling platform features a real dealer whose actions are broadcast live to all users that participate in a session


A virtual casino utilises digitally created reality and simulates wagering entertainment through the interaction of an avatar

The developing possibilities are extremely flexible with an aggregator company. Not only does such cooperation make managers’ lives easier. It is also much faster and cheaper in comparison to individual elaboration.

The Main Things about Resorting to Professional Assistance

Turnkey casino business from an aggregator

The start of a gambling business is a responsible task that requires much concentration and sphere knowledge. An initial boost that an aggregator provides is invaluable for a beginning operator.

Collaboration with a guide company ensures:

  • a transfer of all agreed responsibilities to the experts, including business plan development, site creation, software integration, application for a licence, and more;
  • huge timesaving, technical excellence, mentoring services, fast payoff, and flexibility of platforms as the main advantages of working with an aggregator besides obtaining top-class software from the best providers;
  • the possibility of moving in different directions based on the type of assistance, payments, or interaction, opening numerous prospects for a novice market participant.
Order a turnkey casino project at the 2WinPower aggregator or inquire about the possibility to get individual services from certified experts of an acclaimed guide company.

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More information about joint work formats can be found upon contacting the studio’s support team.

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