Today, an online casino business is available for anyone who wants to make profits. For this, you should have motivation and knowledge. 

Online casino business solutions

However, even having experience in the gambling business is not a condition for a successful start. How to choose a company that would provide the relevant support?

2WinPower provides consultancy on the key issues related to the gambling business. Turnkey solutions for platform development or gaming software purchase options are offered to the company customers.

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What Company can Help me Build my own Online Casino?

When opening an online casino, an owner has to implement a number of some particular actions, which include purchasing an online platform, registering the trademark, obtaining a license, ordering software etc.

A lot of providers operate on the market offering various products and services. It is important to choose the most effective and cheapest solutions to achieve the highest quality and save funds.

Moving to the Internet

Many countries have imposed a ban on gambling, which, however, does not effect the popularity of this kind of gaming. The casino has remained one of the most widespread entertainment organizations.

Besides, its online version is particularly in demand. Players do not leave their homes spending extra time to make bets or spin the reels, they just sit at the computer and play.
Moreover, the online casino has a number of other advantages over the land-based ones.

Online casino advantages are the following:

  1. Significantly fewer costs to open: no rent or purchase of premises, equipment, employee hiring, etc.
  2. Availability: 24/7 from anywhere in the world if having access to the Internet.
  3. Wide audience coverage: all users over 18 years old are potential casino clients.
  4. Cryptocurrency solutions (bitcoin payment): you can play using virtual or real money and make bets with the bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency solutions (bitcoin payment)

Thus, when searching the gambling business company to get support for your business opening, highlight those which offer and implement the best solutions regarding the above-mentioned online casino advantages.

Basic Stages of the Casino Opening

Online casino opening presupposes undergoing certain stages. Let us consider some of them to make clear what to do and pay attention to the most crucial issues.

Area selection

The Internet opens huge opportunities, and potentially any user can be your client. However, when starting, identify the initial region for work and focus on its audience.

This choice determines the selection of content and currencies used for payments. In the future, you would be able to expand the areas and modify these tools and components.

Internet platform

When choosing, pay attention to the release date of the platform, the upgrading options, compatibility with the software and the payment systems. Functional characteristics of the platform and management features also effect on the potential success.


Do you want to work legally? You would have to undergo the procedure of registering in the offshore areas, in the countries where the gambling activities are permitted by law.

The registration procedure, the amount of money spent on taxes, rules and laws depend on a particular country.

Gaming software

Two options are possible. A user installs the program by downloading it from the website to the computer and then plays a slot game. The second option presupposes playing via a special interface right on the website.

As practice shows, the second option is more preferable. Many users, even those interested in playing in the casino, will simply be lazy to pre-install the program.

Your website shall provide a wide number of different features for casino games so that the players would be able to choose from this range. Do not neglect the quality of graphics and usability. A pleasant, high-quality website, which is understandable and easy to use, will earn much more user confidence.

Casino software solution

2WinPower offers the casino software corresponding to all these features. Do not lose your chance to engage the best gaming solutions developed by the professionals.

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Pay attention to the options of replenishment and regular updating of the gaming software. The leading developers provide automatic updates for their products.


Promotion is not a single action but a long-term process, and your website would have a negligible amount of users if not engaging marketing tools.

To promote the website, you need SEO-specialist and SMM-specialist. The task of the first one is to ensure that your resource has the highest possible positions in the ratings of the search engines for targeted requests of the users, while the second would promote the website in the social media.


As for the cost of a license, some offshore companies offer it for several thousand dollars, the other ones sell for the hundreds of thousands. You can buy a ready script for an online casino on the Internet for peanuts, however, this casino would be unstable, being at permanent risk of different failures.

Buy good software from the specialized companies and legally open your business. The internationally famous brands demand hundreds of thousands of dollars, even a million, for their developments. The other business offers the associated programming products for tens of thousands of dollars.

Cheap Options

The actual question is how to spent minimum costs. Such a query is completely justified.

In order to open an online casino with a minimum of costs, the experts recommend to use one of the following methods:

  • Download or purchase a casino script

The casino script is a ready-made gambling script that can be seamlessly integrated into your website and becomes ready to work. The weakness of the free scripts is the poor quality, thus they often need significant modifications.

  • Purchase a casino franchise

This is a quick and effective way to start your own gambling business. When buying a franchise of a well-known brand, you immediately get a high-quality resource, ensuring a great inflow of players. This method provides a quick start and a high payback period.

  • Purchase a turnkey casino

Today, providers offer to buy the turnkey solutions, this is a high-quality, ready-to-run software, with a wide range of the gaming content and professional technical support. You can also create your own unique design and start the active promotion in the network.

  • Purchase a white-label casino

This is a unique gambling facility operating with the real money, while the whole online gaming process takes place in a three-dimensional image format with the highest HD quality.

  • Order a casino

This is rather expensive but high-quality way to start your business. The resource is created according to the customer customized requirements. With properly developed promotion strategy, such an online casino would quickly become popular among the players.

Properly estimate your funds and order the relevant casino solution. Cooperate with the professional specialists, and achieve the upgraded and successful result.

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What Company can Help me Build my own Online Casino? 2WinPower Support is Available for Everyone

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2WinPower is the diversified and established company in the area of the gambling business. The company's experience allows providing different professional developments using modern casino technologies for business and considering customer feedback for further improvements.

The relevant gaming platform and other services are available for the online gaming projects. In order to purchase a casino software or ask on any other type of developments, contact

2WinPower specialists by making a request on the Feedback page or filling in the corresponding form on the Turnkey casino webpage.

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