What Payment Gateway Supports Gambling Websites?

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Whereas nowadays the online casinos are gaining a great popularity as a way of making money, their future owners should pay attention during the creation of their own gambling platforms, especially to choosing a reliable way to make payments. 

What payment gateway supports gambling websites?

This factor is even more important than the marketing tools used for advertising promotions because it concerns the reliability of your website. So, below we will try to give you an answer to the question: what payment gateway supports gambling websites?

How do the Payment Gateways Work and Why Should I not Choose a Bank to Accept Payments?

Unlike the banks, other ways of accepting payments are not attached to any specific country. Customers can make deposits in casino games from any corner of the world, which makes online gaming easier while travelling. Besides, a payment gateway provides the support of all the world’s currencies. This function gives casino entrepreneurs the ability to install even a bitcoin payment system. 

Bitcoin payment system

Over and above, we all are aware of the gambling business's reputation; banks (if chosen instead of payment gateways) may have suspicions about the user's bank card data theft because of an unusually high amount of transactions made via the customer's account. That gives a huge advantage to the payment gateways.

Is it Safe to Use Payment Gateways in My Online Casino?

As long as all the payment websites have an access to the customers’ personal data and operate with an enormous amount of electronic money, the high level of security level is of vital importance. 

Payment technologies are using the newest methods of cybersecurity. In most payment gateways, all traffic goes through a protected HTTP protocol, which is safer and more reliable than the usual HTTP.

Which Payment Gateways Support Gambling Websites?

Here is a list of the world’s most popular payment gateways that support online casinos:

  1. Click2Pay;
  2. Neteller;
  3. Webmoney;
  4. Skrill;
  5. Visa;
  6. MasterCard.

Now, let us go through every gateway and its features.


Click2Pay payment gateway

Nowadays, Click2Pay is widely used in online gaming throughout the world. In order to proceed in making a transaction in a slot game, players do not need to go through separate steps. Instead, the platform narrows all the process to just one step. In addition, a user will get an opportunity to establish a personal maximum of funds that can be withdrawn. However, this operator's services are not available in some countries. Players from the USA, Cuba, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Djibouti, Iran, Syria, Ghana, North Korea, and Afghanistan cannot create a Click2Pay account.

Click2Pay’s advantages:

  • quickly and easily performed transactions;
  • the money for gaming is taken precisely from the payment card;
  • the currencies are switched automatically;
  • the availability of all the casino platforms of foreign countries.

Click2Pay’s disadvantages:

  • the gateway is not available in some countries;
  • no Russian language version.


Neteller payment system for online gaming

Neteller is a popular payment gateway made by the Optimal Payments Limited company. Neteller supports all the world’s currencies and is available in 160 countries. The user is able to transfer money from a deposit straight his account. As one of the security measurements, the player will have a six-digit ID code which needs to be entered during transactions.

Neteller’s advantages:

  • a quick and easy registration based on three steps;
  • no need to reveal any financial or personal information;
  • instantaneous transactions.

Neteller’s disadvantages:

  • fees for transactions;
  • money withdrawal limits.


Webmoney payment gateway for casino

Webmoney is an electronic calculations system owned by WM Transfer Ltd. It also serves as a payment gateway for gambling websites. To ensure safe payments with electronic money, the gateway provides authentication methods, such as personal digital certificates, data sets with secret keys and a two-factor authorisation.

Webmoney’s advantages:

  • English and Russian interfaces;
  • a strict and safe authentication mechanism.

Webmoney’s disadvantages:

  • separate wallets for different currencies;
  • not available in the USA.


Skrill (Moneybookers) payment gateway

Skrill (Moneybookers) is a payment gateway which is known for its simplicity. Skrill is a perfect casino solution: to make transactions, the user needs only an email address. The platform is available in 185 countries. A Skrill account can collect money directly from credit cards or bank accounts.

Skrill’s advantages:

  • the support of 33 currencies;
  • no fees for card processing;
  • nearly limitless services;
  • low transaction fees.

Skrill’s disadvantages:

  • not available for the US users;
  • no financial backing by any banks.


Visa payment gateway for online casino

Visa is popular all over the world and trusted among the cardholders. The system is open to 200 countries of the world. Visa specialises in making transactions in the US dollars. The payment gateway is connected to the majority of online casinos. The platform's security system is of the highest quality. Visa is protected by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Secure Sockets Layer, and 3D Secure Verified by Visa" (VbV) protocols to ensure your safety.

Visa’s advantages:

  • transactions are available 24/7;
  • to make a deposit, only a card is needed;
  • high-level security.

Visa’s disadvantages:

  • a lot of certifications and licence fees.


MasterCard is a highly reputed payment gateway

MasterCard is a highly reputed payment gateway used by countless shops all over the world and millions of websites. It is available in 210 countries. MasterCard allows customers to deposit and withdraw money smoothly. The company has n perfect customer service that helps people in case something goes wrong.

MasterCard’s advantages:

  • depositing of enormous amounts of cash is allowed;
  • a supportive customer service;
  • the “zero liability policy” for preventing unauthorised transactions.

MasterCard’s disadvantages:

  • many certifications and licence fees.

Where Can I Get Help with Choosing and Buying a Payment Gateway?

Buying a payment gateway for gambling websites

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