Why Do We Need Online Casino Analytics Software?

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Today, a modern casino will not be satisfied just by choosing a game platform and downloading colourful slots. Online casino software has reached a new development level and allows online gaming sites on the Internet to provide excellent services, tracking the interests and behaviour of users.

Online casino analytics software

Below, we are going to find out how casino analytics software can increase your income and why it is necessary to install it. For more information and setup instructions, contact managers from 2WinPower.

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Features of the Casino Analytics Software

Programs that track the behaviour of visitors of the gaming site do not just provide analytical data. They do not just attract the audience and talk about its interests.

The software of this kind can:

  • how you the most in-demand slots;
  • calculate the average bet and loss, which will make you understand what slots bring more profit;
  • analyse behavioural patterns of gamblers at different times of the day;
  • the segment registered users according to certain parameters to provide them with special promotional offers;
  • optimise the marketing budget and increase your income.

Most gaming platforms from good developers have basic functions for checking the efficiency of a casino. But they are not enough if we remember how strong the competition is.

On other websites, players will be offered exactly what they want – they will be given a bonus or a discount or they will get an e-mail with a solution to their problems. If you want to be among the best gambling clubs, you will definitely need casino analytics software.

Benefits of Casino Analytics Software

Casino analytics software benefits

The 2WinPower team has developed the unique online casino software that meets the needs of modern owners of gambling establishments. We are constantly updating its capabilities so that you can better understand your audience and provide it with new services.

Key advantages of casino analytics software:

  1. Can be installed on almost any gambling platform very easily. In rare cases, two or three more specialists will be involved in the integration process, and they will deal with all inaccuracies in the software.
  2. It allows you to get a quick overview of the state of your business at any time.
  3. The program does not overload the system and in no way affects the gameplay on the website.
  4. Once time in a period that can be chosen by you yourself (day, week or month), the program prepares a detailed report on income, expenses, trends, and problems that have arisen.
  5. Tracks the effectiveness of games (bet/earnings ratio), making the casino game development for your project more stable and precise.
  6. Analyses the behaviour of players who are not registered on the website. This feature helps you to understand why visitors do not become your regular customers.
  7. The system also reports on the deviant behaviour of gamblers, and thanks to this option, you can track and block accounts of fraudsters and other suspicious users.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to segment the received data. Simply put, you can make a separate list of gamblers who prefer the roulette, and a separate list of those who like to spend time playing slots.

Then, with the help of a marketer, a special offer for each of these groups of people can be prepared:

  • those users who deposit funds in the form of bitcoins can be offered a bonus for the transfer of a big amount of money;
  • those who like to gamble at night will enjoy the increased coefficient;
  • those who have no preferences can get reviews of new slot machines that can be found in a casino.

And so on. It all depends on your imagination. You just need to have a tool, which allows you to do segmentation and find out about the interests of each group of people.

Such software can be purchased separately from the manager from 2WinPower or you can order a turnkey online casino, which will already have all programs that are necessary for a profitable operation.

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How to Install Casino Analytics Software?

Casino analytics software installation

It can be done very quickly – just in thirty minutes. But it will require some technical skills even if the whole process is not so difficult. Therefore, we recommend you to contact specialists from 2WinPower, who can install the software quickly and qualitatively.

You can also buy reliable gaming platforms, the slot machine software, various payment modules, and security systems. It is even possible to purchase a casino, which is ready to be launched.

Also, we offer to rent gambling projects to see the amount of daily work, a potential for the growth of a casino in a modern Internet space, and just feel like a business owner. This option is perfect for those who are thinking to create their own profitable casino but are not sure yet.

You can contact your personal manager in 2WinPower and ask him anything about the land-based gambling business, virtual clubs, and even where to obtain a permit. We know everything about gambling.

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