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Pirate 2 Slot by Igrosoft

  • Reels — 5
  • Paylines — 9
  • Automatic game mode — yes
  • Risk game — yes
  • Wild — yes
  • Scatter — no
  • Bonus round — yes
  • Free spins — no
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

Pirate 2 slot machine: a review

A video slot Pirate 2 is an updated version of a popular game Pirate, which received improved graphics and gameplay, a modern version of the control panel, and a new type of the round for doubling. Gambling has become even more pleasant with the Pirate 2 slot machine from the Igrosoft company. Developers did their best and, as a result, they put a new life into the legend.

If you want to buy Igrosoft slot games, we would recommend you to contact 2WinPower.

The company provides operators with a wide range of services for the development of the gambling business and comprehensive support from the launch of the project to the moment when it becomes popular. Clients of 2WinPower are successful operators that confidently hold their positions and steadily increase the gambling traffic.

General information on the Pirate 2 slot machine from Igrosoft

The video slot looks just the same as its original version. Only here developers have worked on verbosity and smoothness of the gameplay. As a result of the painstaking work, the appearance of the game became more realistic and colourful. Igrosoft took this leap to keep pace with other manufacturers, and they successfully achieved this goal.

The updated Pirate 2 slot machine has attracted the attention of a new generation of the audience, which prefers to play only modern and beautiful slot games. In all other respects, it is good old Pirate with five reels, nine paylines, and three rows of symbols.

Players can set the size of a bet and the number of active lines independently. However, they have no opportunity to change the nominal value of the in-game coin since it is within the competence of casino operators.

The new version has also changed the round for doubling. Now, instead of throwing a dice, users will have to beat the dealer's card, choosing from the four offered options. The point is that gamblers do not see which card they choose, while the dealer does not hide the nominal value of his card. By the way, users have the right to refuse the drawing if it seems to them that they will not be able to beat the dealer’s card.

Pirate 2 slot machine: bonus games from Igrosoft

In the presented video slot, there are two bonus rounds:

  • Chests — players must choose chests, relying only on their intuition. There are five chests on the screen. Four of them are filled with gold, and one of them contains a skeleton. If you find the skeleton before its due time, the round will end.
  • Barrels — barrels lined up in a circle appear on the screen. In two windows there will be spinning dice. Gamblers will have to launch them to determine the number of moves. For all opened barrels users get a reward. The game ends after the loss of the already used object.

The described video slot is the impersonation of piracy. A charismatic character at the bottom of the screen is watching the process and adding atmosphere to the Pirate 2 slot machine. If you want to purchase this incredibly colourful and exciting game for your gambling establishment, we would recommend you to contact 2WinPower.

The company not only provides its clients with a wide range of services for the gambling business but also develops slot machines on the basis of unique projects.

So if you are planning to get something special for your casino, 2WinPower will be glad to help you.

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