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line 2 ways royal 16920285630334 image
line 2 ways royal 1692028562973 image
line 2 ways royal 16920285628864 image
line 2 ways royal 16920285628658 image
line 2 ways royal 16920285627755 image
line 2 ways royal 16920285626724 image
line 2 ways royal 16920285626415 image
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  • Min bet €0.05
  • Max bet €25
  • Maximum prize x800
  • RTP 97.56% and 99.8%
  • Wild no
  • Scatter no
  • Risk round no
  • Free spins no
  • Technology HTML5
This is a branded video poker game from the European provider Playtech.

The solution is characterised by an additional Low Royal Flush hand. It increases the chances of getting super prizes. In addition, the product has two distribution modes with different RTP levels (return percentage).

The installation of the software will attract new solvent traffic to the online casino. The audience likes generous payouts, the impeccable graphics of the royal video poker title, and the user-friendly interface.

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Simple and Clear Rules

Line 2 Ways Royal is based on Texas Hold'em, the most popular card game in the world. It is well-known to gamblers from different countries. Therefore, even a beginner can figure out the nuances of accepting bets.

How to play the video poker title from Playtech:

  1. The choice of move cost. The gamer needs to bet on each of the 5 hole cards. The total stake value is determined as the sum of all five wagers.
  2. Dealing. Line 2 Ways Royal uses a 52-card French deck. There are no jokers and other additional elements.
  3. Hand analysis. The gambler decides what to fold and which variants to keep. The program automatically makes the replacement. The client can discard only three options.
  4. Counting results. The system determines the highest-paying combination that can be made from five cards. The gamer receives the prize.

Payouts in Line 2 Ways Royal

A distinctive feature of the product is the presence of two flash royales at once. It brings the maximum reward to the participant. The prize amount is calculated as the base bet multiplied by x800.

Let us consider the pay table in more detail:


Reward (coefficient / conditional credits)

Hi Royal Flush

AKQJT of the same suit

х800 / 4 000

Lo Royal Flush

23456 in the corresponding colour

х800 / 4 000

Straight Flush

5 consecutive cards of the same suit

х50 / 250

Four of a Kind

4 options of the same denomination

х40 / 200

Full House

3 cards of one rank plus 2 more variants of another

х6 / 30


5 cards of the same suit

х5 / 25


5 options of consecutive ranks

х4 / 20

Three of a Kind

3 cards of the same denomination

х3 / 15

Two Pair

2 options of the matching rank

х2 / 10

Jacks or Better

A couple of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces

х1 / 5

Prizes are awarded for a variety of combinations. However, the highest payout can be obtained for royal flush. The money is instantly credited to the gamer’s account, depending on the chosen fiat currency.

Technical Parameters of the Branded Video Poker Title

Consider the product’s key features.

Floating RTP

The provider offers two solutions with different return percentages:

  1. Improved version. The RTP is set at 99.8%, which makes Line 2 Ways Royal one of the highest-paying video poker titles in the world. The operator’s margin is 0.2%.
  2. Standard variant. The return percentage is 97.56%. The house edge is 2.44%.

Low Volatility

The largest payouts (up to x800 to the base bet) are provided for only two combinations — Hi Royal Flush and Lo Royal Flush. The frequency of their dropping out is relatively low (according to the theory of probability).

Other varieties (Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and Jacks or Better) do not bring mega payouts. However, they appear on the virtual table much more often.

Two Modes

Line 2 Ways Royal is a one-on-one solution where the player’s opponent is a system with a certified RNG. The product is marked with the Gaming Labs International (GLI) seal of quality.

Users can place bets in two versions:

  1. Demo mode. At the start, clients are provided with 5,000 conditional credits. They have the right to spend the funds on testing and studying the rules. Then, the gamblers can easily switch to the real money game.
  2. Traditional variation. Wagers are accepted in over 30 fiat units. These are US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Polish zlotys, Swedish krona, and other local currencies.

Cross-Platform Support

The solution was created using HTML5 technology. It can be easily launched on all browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

Entrepreneurs can add Line 2 Ways Royal to their online casino catalogues or integrate the product into mobile applications. Due to the minimum size of the video poker title (4.2 MB), gamers can bet through popular social messengers — Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp.

The cross-platform branded solution from Playtech provides good coverage of the audience. The operator can attract PC and mobile device users, as well as gamblers who prefer to play through social media.

Wide Range of Bets

The minimum rate is €0.05. The maximum wager is €25.

The entertainment title suits beginners and professionals who prefer risky play at high limits.

The Benefits of Connecting Line 2 Ways Royal

Consider the main advantages of the solution.

Good Audience Response

Gamblers are happy to bet thanks to:

  • appealing design;
  • the possibility of using different gaming strategies;
  • the presence of several dealing modes;
  • multicurrency support;
  • high multipliers (the maximum coefficient is x800);
  • excellent musical accompaniment, etc.

The Playtech studio has created a genuinely royal product. Rich blue and burgundy shades dominate the design. White text looks great on this background. A beautiful gold frame with chiselled elements outlines the playing field.

The game logo with two crowns is highlighted at the top of the screen. The inscription Line 2 Ways Royal is also displayed on the backs of cards shown to the gambler before the start of each round.

One of the critical reasons for the popularity of a branded solution from Playtech is the ability to apply different gaming strategies.

Unlike slot machines, where the outcome of the sessions depends entirely on luck, in video poker, users can make plans for several moves ahead. These are an increase in the bet size, the replacement of cards, the ranking of hands, and other actions.

At the beginning of each round, the gambler analyses the deck, weighs the chances of making a winning combination, and then applies the chosen strategy.

Global Coverage

The branded software is approved in the following prestigious jurisdictions:

In 2015, the company entered the Finnish market by signing an exclusive cooperation agreement with a local state monopoly. In addition, the provider was one of the first to introduce a branded video poker line in New Jersey (USA).

The installation of Line 2 Ways Royal will allow the operator to work without problems in the cost-effective European market since the premium software is approved in most EU countries.

Easy Connection

Software integration is carried out based on secure API channels. The company has created a user-friendly application programming interface with automatic information exchange and instant updating of the game to the latest version.

The provider pays great attention to the protection of confidential information, as well as its fast and secure migration between processing centres.

You can install Line 2 Ways Royal together with the BetBuddy software package — an easily scalable and ready-to-use RG toolbox. It has been developed following industry requirements and the peculiarities of the regulatory framework in leading international jurisdictions.

Multilingual Support

The user lobby has been translated into over 30 languages, including:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Romanian;
  • Italian;
  • Swedish, and others.

The entrepreneur will have no problems entering prestigious gambling markets and adapting content to the local audience’s needs.

The Main Things about the Branded Video Poker Title

Line 2 Ways Royal is a premium entertainment product from the European studio Playtech.

  1. The company offers a classic poker game. The solution is characterised by a well-thought-out design, a wide range of bets, excellent sound, and a user-friendly interface.
  2. Line 2 Ways Royal’s calling card is the presence of two hands with an increased chance of winning. Such combinations as Hi Royal Flush and Lo Royal Flush bring the highest payouts. The maximum multiplier is x800.
  3. The provider has created two versions with different RTP levels — 97.56% and 99.8%. The product has low volatility and 2 dealing modes (test and real money).
  4. It is worth connecting this video poker title due to its cross-platform support, the availability of licences from prestigious jurisdictions, and independent RNG certification. The company has implemented a secure data transfer system called BetBuddy.
  5. Line 2 Ways Royal has a huge response from the audience. Punters like the excellent design of the product, the ability to apply different gaming strategies, a wide range of wagers, as well as a multilingual and multicurrency interface.
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