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French Roulette Gold Series

  • Number of wheels ― 1
  • Zero ― 1
  • External bets ― yes
  • Internal bets ― yes
  • Additional bets ― yes
  • Rule La Partage ― yes
  • Bonuses ― no
  • Automatic start ― yes
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

French Roulette Gold Series From Microgaming: a Brief Review of the Game

The first mention of such entertainment as roulette was back in the mid-eighteenth century. And if earlier, this fascinating board game was available only to visitors of land-based gambling establishments, then today, anyone can enjoy the rhythmic spinning of the wheel.

French Roulette Gold Series is an updated version of the classic game, which is supplemented by many interesting solutions and a wide range of winning combinations. An excellent bonus to a large set of bets is the visual design of the product. The Microgaming development team has shown the atmosphere of real casinos with their luxuriance, a pleasant noise of gambling halls, and glitter of multicoloured tokens.

To purchase or rent French Roulette Gold Series from Microgaming, it is enough to contact managers from 2WinPower. Our experts will strike the right note and offer the best conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation. We are constantly expanding our product range and are ready to help you with the selection of the gambling software for resources of any format.

Description of French Roulette Gold Series From Microgaming

The rules of the game in French Roulette Gold Series are similar to the rules of the classic European roulette. For placing bets, a wheel with thirty-seven cells (numbers from one to thirty-six and zero) and a table with a standard marking are used.

In the French Roulette Gold Series, there is a basic set of internal/external bets and additional combinations. Users can set the deposits according to the following schemes:

  • pair: an option with even numbers;
  • violation: the choice of odd numbers;
  • a low bet: a deposit on numbers from one to eighteen;
  • a high bet: the selection of numbers from nineteen to thirty-six;
  • a central dozen: the round with a bet on numbers from thirteen to twenty-four;
  • the last dozen: a game with numbers from twenty-five to thirty-six.

An additional advantage of French Roulette Gold Series is that the game has the La Partage rule. Every time users start a spin with the bet of the even number, and the ball stops at zero, only half of the size of the bet is charged off.

French Roulette Gold Series does not have additional bonus levels or a progressive jackpot.

Features of the Interface in French Roulette Gold Series From Microgaming

The game attracts the attention from the first moments with an interesting accent in the design: all game combinations are written in French. This unusual solution adds colour and charm to the game but it can confuse users. That is why all available combinations on the panel are automatically highlighted.

The panel of French Roulette Gold Series is a table with traditional white markings on the green cloth and a spinning wheel in black and red colours. The colour of zero is green. The main image is made with the use of three-dimensional effects and creates the illusion of visiting a real gambling establishment.

For even more convenience of users, the position of the ball on the wheel is transmitted in a separate window in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Next to it, there is a table with winning combinations and payout rates.

An interesting feature of French Roulette Gold Series from Microgaming is the possibility of individual settings. Eight models are available to each user to maintain the optimal game schemes. A set of options allows you to perform the following actions:

  • selection of the number of automatic starts;
  • determination the size of bets on the spin;
  • determination of winning positions on the wheel and beyond;
  • correction of the intervals between automatic starts.

You can interact with each element on the panel by using the mouse. With the help of clicks, you can choose the value of tokens, determine their position on the screen, clear the table, and look through the payout table.

The information on the last winnings, the balance of the game account, and the active bet is displayed in special windows above the control panel (the lower part of the screen).

French Roulette Gold Series From Microgaming: a Successful Purchase With 2WinPower

French Roulette Gold Series is an atmospheric and spectacular gambling solution that can give players a lot of unforgettable impressions. The game is created with the attention to details and creates the illusion of the presence in the most luxurious land-based casino from the very first minutes after the launch.

You can always place an order for French Roulette Gold Series from Microgaming at 2WinPower. Leave an application to our managers, and we will find for you the best conditions for buying or renting the content. We offer board games for every taste (cards, various types of roulettes, dice, and much more), the widest range of slot machines with both fruit themes and unusual storylines, as well as gambling solutions for live casinos and mobile services.

We cooperate with the world’s leading suppliers: Microgaming, Novomatic, Xprogaming, Igrosoft, and Playtech.

For those who want to become the owner of exclusive content, there is such a service as the development of HTML5 games. Provide your own sketches, and we will bring any idea to life.

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