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European Roulette Game for Sale

  • Wheel ― 1
  • Pockets ― 37
  • Zero ― 1
  • Internal bets ― yes
  • External bets ― yes
  • Side bets ― no
  • Bonuses ― no
  • En Prison rule ― yes
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

European Roulette: a Review of the Game

The first mention of European roulette is dated by the seventeenth century. Legend has it that the game was created on the basis of the calculations of a French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal but over the years, the story has undergone some changes. For example, the decision to remove one of the zeros from the classic French roulette was made by Francois Blanc, the owner of the largest network of gambling establishments in Monaco. Oddly enough, it was done in order to increase the players’ chances of winning. The result was not slow to arrive ― the number of visitors to Blanc’s gambling clubs was doubled, and the profit increased almost tenfold.

After the classic French roulette was “grown poor” without one zero, it was transformed into the European one. However, the rest of the rules were kept untouched. Today, this game is the true queen of gambling that can give players a lot of vivid impressions and pleasant rewards.

You can always purchase or rent the European roulette from 2WinPower. Leave a request to the managers, and we will find a perfect solution for your gaming site. We have a large selection of live games and software that is based on the principle of a random number generator.

Description of the European Roulette Online

The set of components in the game was and remains unchanged: in European roulette, there is a wheel, a ball, and a table for external bets.

The main differences between French and European roulette are:

  • Deposit Fields

Deposits in the game are divided into two categories: external and internal. In comparison with the French version, in the European roulette, there are no so-called “oral” bets.

  • The En Prison Rule

The French type has the rule of La Partage: if the ball stops in the pocket of zero, when there is a bet on equal chances, the client can get back 50% of the played deposit. In European roulette, in a similar situation, the played bet remains on the field and is transferred to the next spin, after which the money is returned to the game account at no extra charge. The sum burns down only when the ball stops in the pocket of zero one more time.

The Main Types of Bets in the European Roulette

The game offers fans of gambling a huge set of winning options with different payout rates:

Internal Deposits

  1. One number. This is the riskiest option that can bring a reward with a coefficient of x37. Deposits on zero are allowed.
  2. Two numbers. Pay-outs are made according to the rate of x17. Game chips are placed on the border between two numbers.
  3. Three sectors. The size of a prize is calculated according to the “eleven to one” scheme. The tokens are arranged vertically, which simultaneously covers several numbers on the right or on the left side of zero.
  4. Four cells. Pay-outs are made according to the rate of x8.
  5. Six numbers. The reward is calculated on the basis of the “five to one” scheme.

External Bets

It is worth noting that external deposits are more popular with gamblers because in this case, the risk is minimal. At the same time, the payout rate is much lower than in internal bets.

Standard options for external deposits:

  • a column or a dozen (calculated by the rate of x2);
  • even/odd (“one to one” pay-outs);
  • red/black (“one to one” pay-outs);
  • more/less (a “one to one” rate).

Bets are placed before the round is started, and the played pay-outs are calculated immediately after the full stop of the ball. The European roulette pleases gamblers with quite simple rules and is also characterised by the absence of additional bonuses or special modes. It is an exciting game, the management process of which can be understood already during the first spin of the wheel.

European Roulette: Special Features of the Interface of Online Games

If we are talking about visual design, it will always completely depend upon the will of the developers. The only fixed parameters are a wheel with thirty-seven pockets and marking off for external bets. In other matters, the appearance of this kind of entertainment can take the most unusual forms.

As a rule, for live games, the standard design, which is typical for most land-based gambling establishments, is used. The colour gamma of the gaming table is the one that is subjected to experiments most often: it can be combinations of ebony and mahogany, cloth of different colours (from classic green to blue, violet, and beige). The colour of the fields for external rates almost never changes. For example, some gambling establishments offer the marking off not with traditional black and red sectors but with zones in red-blue or green-blue tones (there are also other options).

Whichever design gamblers choose, the duplication of the marking off into a virtual format and the availability of pay tables with a detailed description of all possible odds remain unchanged. And the presence of tutorial pop-ups makes the game even more convenient and easy.

How to Purchase the European Roulette from 2WinPower

In the past, gambling was the entertainment only for kings and rich aristocrats, and today, after it has moved to the virtual world, it is available for everyone. And the presence of many types of European roulette is a clear confirmation of this fact. By launching an online game, you forget about the daily routine for a long time while watching the slow spinning of the wheel and the verified movements of dealers.

European roulette is a great way to spend your leisure time and significantly improve your financial situation.

It is always possible to order the European roulette and other entertainment content from 2WinPower. The product range of the company consists of creative variations of fruit-themed “one-armed bandits”, slot machines with exciting storylines, card games for every taste, and the content for live broadcasts. We are ready to offer you the best solutions from Playtech, Igrosoft, Microgaming, Xprogaming, Realtime Gaming, and Novomatic.

It is difficult to choose? Ask our specialists for assistance and order the development of HTML5 slots on the basis of your own sketches. Describe all your wishes, and we will bring to life a gambling project of any level of complexity.

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