The V8 Poker studio is an ambitious iGaming company that is already extremely popular with thousands of gamblers in Asia and is actively conquering European markets.

The manufacturer produces a limited line of products (board and card games only) and has achieved significant results in this field.

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In this article, specialists of 2WinPower will tell you about the most interesting developments of the brand and ways to launch a casino by the V8 Poker provider to attract more visitors.

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About the Company

The studio was founded in Singapore in 2016. Having established the goal of developing the range of high-quality gambling products, the company has successfully achieved it and today, its customer database and the number of partners are growing rapidly.

One of the turning points in the brand's history was in 2020. Despite the restrictions related to the pandemic, the V8 Poker online casino provider continued to improve its platform and announced the successful conquest of the gambling industry in Vietnam.

The next goal is to enter the European market. For this purpose, the developer modified some elements of the system by adding an English-language interface and multi-currency payment instruments.

The Product Range of the Supplier

V8 Poker gambling software: product range

The V8 Poker casino software is represented only by table and card games, and most of them are focused on the oriental markets and look very exotic for European users.

The manufacturer’s catalogue includes:


This is an interesting card game from China. In a traditional session, from 4 to 6 people can participate but in the product of the Singaporean provider, the number of users is not limited.

Gamblers get cards from a standard poker deck (52 denominations) without jokers. The distribution is carried out until the dealer has no cards left.

The task of users is to collect the most profitable combination on the table, and each omission of a move means the necessity to place a mandatory additional bet. Thus, by the end of the round, an impressive prize pool is formed.

The Colour of the Dice

The product was developed by the provider specifically for the Vietnamese market. The game has very simple rules: the croupier throws 3 dice into the bowl (their shape looks like checkers and their sides are painted in different colours, usually red and white).

As soon as the turned-over bowl with dice is placed on the table, participants place bets on the colour of the tokens. After all the bets are accepted, the bowl that hides the dice is removed. The winner is the gambler who guessed the colour of all the elements.

In addition to the main outcome, you can side bets on:

  • the colour of one token;
  • the colour of 2 dice;
  • the victory of a specific player, etc.

Bull Bull

This is an oriental version of Texas Hold'em. The game uses one deck of cards without jokers. The task of users is to collect the strongest combination.

The V8 Poker casino software is a premium solution, and that is why it is available only in the paid version. Moreover, with each move, gamblers should place another bet. Thus, by the end of the session, the size of the prize fund looks very impressive.


On the platform, users can find a standard version of this entertainment. It includes 8 card decks and allows 7 users to play the game simultaneously. The task of casino visitors is to form a combination less than or equal to 21 points.

The product has a very interesting system of bets. Participants independently set the limits but if users do not make a deposit before the end of the specified time, the gambling software by V8 Poker will automatically generate a bet (its size is set randomly).

Sic Bo

An unusual modification of the famous dice game where the odds for each of the outcomes are set depending on the number of participants and can reach 100 to 1.

A Fish, a Shrimp, and a Crab

This is another interesting oriental dice game. Thanks to the elementary rules, drawings are held almost instantly. This contributes not only to the retention of the audience but also to a multiple increase in the average check per session.

All that users need to do is to guess the image that will appear on the sides of the dice.

Ways to Launch a Casino by the V8 Poker Provider

V8 Poker turnkey casino: how to launch

The V8 Poker turnkey casino is a premium gambling platform, so the developer is focused on the maintenance of a high level of visualisation and technical characteristics of the product.

The studio also offers the B2B segment several types of cooperation. Business packages have different sets of basic administrative functions and a number of related services.

You can launch a casino by the V8 Poker provider by choosing one of the following models:

The Autonomous Gambling Service

The company offers tools, with the help of which entrepreneurs can launch individual projects, adapt them to specific sales markets, and provide after-sales services.

Components of the V8 Poker turnkey casino

The catalogue of games

For the integration of proprietary solutions, advanced API technologies are used.

The V8 Poker casino software is connected in one session, which reduces the time that is usually spent on the project launch.

The product line is compatible with the content of other providers

Administration panel

We have a full range of services to control business processes:

  • customization of verification systems;
  • analytical modules with built-in risk management programs;
  • financial reporting tools;
  • a set of services for managing the user interface

Automatic update

The provider takes responsibility for the technical support and guarantees regular free updates of all basic services

Customer support

V8 Poker casino software is equipped with several feedback channels, including accounts in such popular messengers as Whatsapp, Telegram, and Skype

A Sales Representative

This complex and multitasking project is designed to work with beginning entrepreneurs and already existing enterprises.

From the studio, it is possible to order separate categories of goods for the integration into different types of engines or buy a special version of the platform with the maintenance of the brand name of the supplier (a special modification of the franchise agreement).

Working as a sales representative of the studio, operators receive:

  • access to all products of the developer;
  • the ability to work using the supplier’s servers;
  • assistance with setting up the platform for specific sales regions;
  • customisable payment module;
  • the ability to form their customer base.

Advantages of Buying Casino Solutions from the Provider

V8 Poker online casino solutions: advantages

Despite the limited product line, the gambling software by V8 Poker stands out against the background of competitors due to the following characteristics and features:


The interface of the V8 platform is made in a strict minimalistic style, which is very popular in Europe and America.

The user profile instantly attracts attention with its laconicism and the lack of too bright visual effects. At the same time, the atmosphere of the solution is the most amazing.

Among the features of the interface, we can name the following:

  1. The choice of a character. Registered users have access to a special menu with profile pictures. In addition to those offered by the developer, customers can choose their options by downloading the desired photo from a PC or a mobile device.
  2. Language bar. The V8 Poker software is presented in 2 language versions: Vietnamese and English. The language button switch is located in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Game lobby. All products are located on the home screen. To launch the selected service, just click on its icon. A menu with settings includes an ability to adjust limits, an autoplay function, a history of previous sessions, and the ratings of gamblers.
  4. Animation and 3D effects. There is no live content in the provider's catalogue but the images of dealers can be found on every menu and in most of the games. These are animated elements with a different motion repertoire that is chosen depending on the user's actions.

Payment Instruments

The supplier offers several types of payment instruments for different markets. There is a large selection of services developed for gamblers from Vietnam and other Asian regions.

To work with European consumers, operators can order the integration of additional components, including:

  • programs that provide bank transfers;
  • electronic multicurrency systems;
  • local services with a certain type of currency.

Retention of Customers

All developments of the company are aimed at working with the VIP segment. There are no standard bonuses in the form of free spins or cashback programs on the platform.

The main way to attract and retain the audience is the use of multi-level prize pools and extended betting limits. Moreover, casino visitors can independently select the maximum/minimum sum of money they are ready to spend in each game.

Multilingual Support

The interface of the platform guarantees the most comfortable gameplay when there is no need to waste time studying the menu, adjusting the controls, etc.

All basic services are intuitive but, if necessary, users can contact customer support that works round-the-clock. For this, several communication channels are provided, including popular mobile messengers.

If necessary, operators can outsource the task to the supplying company. It is also worth noting that the service is provided in 2 languages: English and Vietnamese.

Cross-Platform Environment

The studio's catalogue contains the latest gambling releases based on HTML5 technology. Thanks to the features of the interface, the navigation on the casino website remains intuitive, regardless of the size of the screen or playback mode (landscape or portrait).

The system is automatically adjusted to the technical parameters of the user's device, provides fast data streaming, and supports HD picture quality.

The Main Things about V8 Poker Solutions

The Singaporean company produces premium-quality content and is popular with oriental gamers and participants of other markets.

  • The provider's product line includes only table and card games. The brand is not obsessed with quantity and is focused on the creation of premium entertainment. All proprietary solutions attract users with excellent picture quality, intuitive controls, and impressive prize pools.
  • The interface of the V8 Poker system will definitely appeal to the European audience. The developer’s platform is laconic. Special attention is also paid to detailing the game components and the creation of the effect of presence in the VIP gambling hall of a real casino.
  • Software from the vendor accepts all types of traffic. The components of the gaming system are developed using HTML5 technologies and can be launched on any OS.
To learn more about the characteristics of V8 Poker gaming systems and choose the most convenient way to connect them, please contact the 2WinPower studio. We offer effective solutions for working in local and international markets.

From us, you can order the following gambling products of the latest generation:

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