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Updated: 26/04/2021

With the development of IT technologies, the gambling business has received plenty of interesting opportunities. Chatbots are considered the trend of 2021, which has become one of the most convenient and effective tools for the improvement of gambling services and retention of the target audience.

Chatbots in the gambling business

The 2WinPower team offers you to find out how digital bots work, and what prospects are opened by launching an AI-based casino business.

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What Are Chatbots?

Artificial intelligence in gambling clubs is one of the main market trends in the coming years. According to PwC forecasts, by 2030, the contribution of neural networks to global GDP will reach 15 trillion dollars.

Chatbots are also considered AI technologies and are used in business as an interactive and self-learning intermediary between casino operators and users. It is an online assistant that performs programmed tasks.

No company wants to hire more staff because such a process requires significant internal costs and time expenditures. Moreover, it often happens that employees simply cannot cope with the increase in customers.

Launching an online casino with chatbots is a great alternative to hiring and training dozens of staff of the support service.

The program performs the same tasks as a human:

  • communicates with clients, consulting them on standard issues;
  • collects contact data on loyal users;
  • analyses and stirs up the audience, offering pleasant discounts and promotions;
  • makes personal offers (automated email newsletter);
  • writes up orders (the acceptance of bets), etc.

The robot is suitable for any automated activity.

Features of the Program Development

AI-based casino software: development

Casino software on the basis of AI can be visualised in 2 ways:

  • in the form of text messages (relevant for most modern instant messengers);
  • in the format of interface buttons (the visualised version is extremely popular with foreign gamblers).

The system can solve almost all the tasks associated with communication with customers, thus releasing operators from the need to attract the audience and deal with technical support issues.

Stages of the development of a gambling robot

Selection of the platform

Chatbots are a unique software service that can be integrated into any social network and instant messenger. The task of operators is to choose the platform on which the largest target audience is concentrated


At this stage, the structure of the software is chosen. It will determine the scenarios of interaction with users

Design of the dialogue-based flow

The gambling software contains the main key queries with the help of which the robot will analyse the incoming applications and give answers


You can set a minimum algorithm in the FAQ format for the robot or organise a full-scale interactive service based on various psychological techniques

System testing

Before launching the program, it is necessary to check its effectiveness: how the robot responds to the requests of real people

Integration and launch

The program is implemented into the basis of the gambling platform or the third-party resource (social network, messenger)

Statistics and debugging

With the increase in real customers, loose ends of the system may be revealed ― the program needs to be customised and trained from time to time

Advantages of Robotic Systems

Interesting statistics from Google: 65% of Internet users prefer to turn to the support service than to independently search for the necessary information on the website.

The decision to launch a mobile casino with a chatbot gives operators the following advantages:

  1. Maximum coverage of the target audience. The program can be adapted to work with any messengers and social networks. Moreover, the Telegram casino allows you to provide services even in those markets where gambling is strictly prohibited.
  2. Cross-platform interface. The system is multifunctional and interacts with any type of traffic, including the mobile audience.
  3. Minimum staff. Operators can save on hiring and training technical support staff: the robot can perform all the automated parts of the tasks.
  4. Round-the-clock response. The chatbot does not get tired and does not need lunch breaks. Moreover, the system guarantees stable communication with users even with a low-quality Internet connection.
  5. Anonymity. Communication channels with the program are encrypted, which guarantees customers security and protection against personal data leakage.
  6. Advanced analytics. The system can collect and analyse information in order to improve the quality of cooperation. For example, a robot can evaluate the popularity of specific games or determine the signs of ludomania demonstrated by gamblers.
  7. The maximum level of personalisation. Based on analytical summaries, the chatbot selects algorithms for interaction with each specific customer.
  8. Learning capability. Even after the system is launched, it can be optimised by adding new algorithms and commands.
  9. New marketing tools. The chatbot allows you to promote your gambling business by using email newsletters, push notifications, and other advertising services. Moreover, the probability of blocking the program is much lower than when you are working directly with social networks and search engines.

Chatbots in Poker Rooms

Chatbots in poker rooms: capabilities

The first bot that could play poker was created in the 1980s. Today, the technologies are light years away from that time.

Modern software represents a very large multiple of the capabilities of the first version since it is able to:

  • simulate the behaviour of a real person;
  • analyse the course of the game;
  • make decisions to win;
  • accept bets, etc.

In most cases, users do not even realise that they are playing with the machine. The system records all the actions and reactions of gamblers, continuously self-learning and reproducing new algorithms in the right situations.

In 2017, scientists from 3 universities have managed to create a program that could beat 33 professional poker players.

The Main Things about Chatbots in the Gambling Industry

Chatbots are an interesting and promising tool for online commerce. According to statistics from Statista, more than 80% of big Internet companies in the Netherlands, England, and France use automated messages to work with their target audience.

Advantages and prospects of working with chatbots:

  • New markets. You can buy a casino with an online assistant and work in any region. The system is most often used in instant messengers and social networks, allowing casino owners to receive traffic even from those countries where gambling is prohibited.
  • Adaptability. The program works on the basis of any desktop and mobile OS. This system can be integrated into any engine, and the robot remains in touch with users even if the quality of network connection is low.
  • Automation of business processes. The robot not only imitates the behavioural reactions of real people but also deals with all internal processes that can be automated ― from the solution of typical problems of users in the FAQ format to the maximisation of the personalisation of the system for a specific client.
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