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How to make a casino game: creative studios share their secrets

The content of the article

The slot machines have long been in demand among the gamblers, as their range and diversity is exciting for everyone. The history of the slots’ formation began in the XIX century. They became popular and interesting for the users from the very beginning.

Casino slot machines

The companies producing such games regularly please their customers with new and better products. However, few people really know the intricacies of the slots’ creation. If the question of how to make a casino game is relevant for you, this article offers some useful information on the subject.

Contact the 2WinPower company to order the development of slot games for your online platform or purchase software and get the experts’ advice.

Technologies of gaming slots’ production

The ordinary players have hardly ever imagined how the online slots are created. The game development can be compared with a car assembly. Models may have similar parts, while their appearance and functions present a set of differences features. To release a new product, the developer takes existing parts, connects them, and adds something unique.

It takes some time to create a competitive and successful slot. To make the process faster, the developers use their own templates. The same functions, symbols and mechanics can be found in different games made by the same developer.

Making a gambling product? Go step-by-step!

The step-by-step work in the gaming development industry involves the following stages:

  • The creation of a theme and a concept.
  • Working out an exciting storyline.
  • Making of a design and graphics.
  • The work on the software: the most important stage of the process.
  • Testing.
  • Promotion.

Let us focus on all these steps in some detail.

Game concept

Online slot game development

There should be an intrigue to capture the imagination of the players regardless of their gender and age. The plot has to involve the concepts related to the eternal human values described by the classic authors, e.g. love, friendship, and, preferably, family relationships.

However, even that gives no guarantee of the product’s success and profitability. An online game is by no means chess or checkers embodied in an interactive version. Those digital products require a careful approach at the stage of the development and are in demand by a very narrow circle of people.


Each user chooses a particular slot, which subject is the most attracting to him. The producers also try to create an interesting storyline that would lure the attention of a large audience of gamblers.

The slot’s theme is a first criterion for dividing games into certain types. The following themes are distinguished:

  • fruits;
  • history;
  • science fiction;
  • films;
  • travel;
  • nature;
  • fairy tales.

It should be noted that the fruity theme is used both in the classic and modern games, while the other topics listed above are applied mostly in the modern products.

Concept development

To start, the developers have to create the general idea which will then be repeatedly discussed, refined and complemented. Any similarities with the other slots shall be excluded, therefore, the slots’ themes are to be studied as well as the concepts of making the gameplay more memorable.

Gameplay concept development

For example, there is a huge number of games based on the theme of leprechauns. These products are all quite the same involving a small man wearing a green suit, pots of gold and Irish symbols of luck.

Classic and contemporary approaches

Since the slot machines have been produced for a very long time, it is quite logical that they can be divided into two types depending on the time of their creation. There are classic and modern video slots which have completely opposite functions.

Speaking about the classic games, they are represented by 3-reel slots with a simple theme (usually, fruits), understandable controls and the lack of bonuses or any additional features.

As for the modern products, all these features are neatly used in them, and the player can enjoy an exciting gameplay with bonuses, at least 5 reels and a large number of active lines.

The contemporary video slots attract users by their multifunctionality.


The first artwork images presenting a new game often appear long before the planned launch of the product. At the early stages of the development, the team is working hard to visualise the design: colours, symbols, characters, bonus rounds, etc.

The essential rule is to make an attractive design excluding inappropriate irritating bright elements.


The development of the new games is a full-fledged creative process, which involves technology, art, mathematics and intuition. A practical experience is also very important.

The team working on a piece of software should include at least the following specialists:

  • experienced programmers;
  • graphics and sound engineers;
  • experienced gaming psychologists.

The advanced technologies applied to the design and gameplay are combined with certain psychological tricks to provide a fruitful result.

The modern gaming formats are HTML5 and Flash. For highlighting some beneficial graphics solutions, Flash is used. HTML5 is a better option when you want the game to run fast and smoothly in an internet browser.

Browser HTML5 slot games

Taking into account the specific requirements of the customers, a developer company works on the particular features which include:

  • original game concepts;
  • well-designed mathematical models;
  • excellent graphics and animations.

The operators of large-scaled institutions are very interested in the new and original games to enhance individuality and promote their brand, winning new positions in the competition on the market.

Some companies offer an exceptional opportunity: the development of a gaming concept and its implementation on a turnkey basis according to the customer’s task. The development team creates a concept model providing a certain playability, graphics and sounds, software testing and statistical analysis.

The complex work on turnkey projects includes programming for popular platforms, testing, certification, i.e. all that is needed to complete a product.

2WinPower provides turnkey solutions to its customers, integrating custom options into the projects.


The development process implies programming using the necessary algorithms setting the frequency of wins, activation of the bonuses, sums of the rewards and other figures.

Different levels of risk should be provided for the players to choose from. The developers must decide how risky the game is to be and set the relevant level of dispersion. The mathematics is determined by the estimation of the audience’s preferences.

There are various dispersion variants:

  • Many users prefer low dispersion that is paying often and little by little. Such slots usually have lower maximum payouts but better winning frequency.
  • Medium dispersion slots offer intermediate figures regarding the odds and sums.
  • High dispersion offers the maximum payouts. Such games often have generous multipliers. However, large prizes involve fewer odds to win. Even small payments appear much less often.

Thus, various dispersion options provide their own advantages and fit a particular group of gamers.


To ensure the random nature of each spin, the developers use random number generators (RNG) that operate based on the algorithms selecting numbers.

The independent organisations carry out verifications of these RNGs. However, the developer companies do not hide the details of their generators for security purposes.

In general, an RNG works this way: the program generates random numbers that correspond to certain symbols. Deciphered figures are presented on the monitor as the corresponding images.

Each spin is the result of the generator’s work: a computer program is regulating the spinning of the reels.

Thus, the gameplay becomes fair, and all the wins are random. Jackpots may appear at any time, but all the credits may be lost as well.

Therefore, RNG is basically an ordinary computer program based on the algorithms containing a large number of commands. These common commands are called cycles.

Some players believe that each slot machine somehow predetermines certain quantities regarding the chances of winning or losing. However, it provides a random selection without any pattern. As for the guessing the numerical combinations, it is not easy to do. Everything happens completely by accident.

Bonus games

Bonus games in slot machines

More modern slot machines offer bonus rounds. Nevertheless, there are also games where bonuses are not presented. The latter type of entertainment offers only a standard gameplay while the bonus slots are more attractive and functional.

Free spins or special rounds can be used as bonuses in the games. Such rounds provide both additional winnings and the gameplay’s versatility.

The players tend to welcome various bonuses because they are designed in accordance with the main storyline of the slot and offer extra tasks. Naturally, the users can win in such a round only when there is a successfully performed mission indicated by the game.


Sometimes, various new opportunities become available only upon a slot’s release. The developer faces a necessity to make changes, making adjustments according to marketing studies.
Besides, the players' feedback also produces a great effect. If a product is popular and played regularly, this indicates a success. Spending much time playing a particular slot and repeated playing afterwards is the best response from the users.

Unfortunately, you never know what will be in demand tomorrow, as the players’ tastes tend to differ significantly. Therefore, simple yet advanced solutions are “doomed” to succeed.

How to make a casino game? 2WinPower knows!

Online casino game development

Thus, the process starts with the development of a theme concept. The best ideas are being carefully worked out by 2WinPower’s specialists together with the customer to build a customised solution and integrate the important preferences and requests.

The key is to develop a software product where all winning combinations are programmed and RNG and other algorithms are introduced.

The slots’ customisation is a highly beneficial option. Making a slot unique, a casino owner may also make it branded, thus attracting more target audience as the gamblers appreciate new and exclusive products.

Date of publication: 17/09/2018
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