The success of a business, especially in a highly competitive gambling niche, largely depends on the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The current level of technology has turned commercial promotion into a complex multi-tasking procedure.

If land-based casinos can still afford to remain conservative in terms of attracting players, online resources are forced to constantly look for and implement new creative methods of retaining customers.

Mobile marketing: general info

Mobile marketing is considered one of the leading promotion tools in 2022.

In this article, 2WinPower experts will tell you about the types of digital campaigns, their main tasks, and the most effective solutions in the niche.

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A Few Statistics

Mobile marketing is an advertising activity. It implies various online channels aimed at attracting and retaining owners of personal devices.

According to the GSMA association, the total number of mobile users in the world is 5.27 billion people, and in the next 4 years, this indicator will increase by another 700 million.

According to Statista research, already in 2018, more than 52.2% of online traffic was generated via smartphones. A modern user spends about 7 hours a day on the Internet (more than 40% of all waking time), and it is expected that this figure will grow every year.

Increasing the consumption of digital content is a great opportunity for the owners of virtual casinos to raise audience coverage and improve the quality of interaction with loyal customers.

Key facts in favour of mobile marketing:

  • users spend 89% of their time on the Web in applications, which makes personal gadgets the most important means of communication;
  • interaction with the target audience through a smartphone accelerates the time of buying the offered goods and services by 20%;
  • 50% of mobile users prefer to make instant purchases directly from their devices;
  • 91% of the digital audience is interested in ordering a certain product/service after viewing the relevant ad on their device;
  • 2/3 of customers choose providers that have an application or a mobile version of the site;
  • 40% of all transactions are made from portable devices;
  • 90.7% of digital traffic comes from the owners of smartphones.

According to statistics from DataReportal, if people feel uncomfortable interacting with a brand using a compact device, the likelihood of a conversion is reduced by 62%.

Tasks and Goals of Mobile Marketing

According to statistics from Stanley Morgan, the company that owns the largest brokerage business in the world, 91% of adult users always keep their gadgets within reach (at arm's length).

About 50% of survey respondents do not go to the bathroom or drink coffee immediately after they wake. First of all, they check their smartphone: e-mail, social networks, messages, and news.

Every year the level of attachment to personal gadgets increases, so mobile marketing is gradually becoming the most highly effective way to promote a business and retain customers.

Tasks of this type of advertising in the iGaming field:

  • raising brand awareness;
  • increase in consumer loyalty scores;
  • attraction of new users;
  • retention of active players;
  • improving the experience of customers from their first and subsequent visits to the gaming site;
  • increase confidence in the provider of gambling services;
  • audience segmentation and the subsequent personalisation of offers;
  • effective interaction with users based on geolocation data;
  • constant feedback from an active audience.

Types of Digital Promotion

There are many mobile advertising tactics applicable to the gambling industry. The choice of a strategy depends on the customer segment, niche specialisation, and the operator's budget.

The most effective mobile marketing solutions in 2022

Downloadable applications

The tool allows gambling operators to implement ads directly in the app design.

The most striking example is the popularisation of a downloadable Facebook product

In-game elements

These are all the advertisements that have appeared during the game on a mobile device since the moment the entertainment was first launched.

As a promotion tool, full-length videos, pop-up banners, and ads displayed during the loading of a new slot machine or between rounds can be used

QR codes

These are 2D pixel images that are scanned by the personal gadget's camera and redirect clients to a related site.

An external resource may contain additional information on the product, the rules of the game, the participant’s rating, etc.

Mobile banners

This is the analogue of desktop computers, reduced in size and adapted for comfortable viewing on the screen of a portable device

Bluetooth marketing

A tool for sending personalised ads and offers to the users’ smartphones.

As a rule, these are targeted actions aimed at a permanent, loyal audience

Voice advertising

This is a comprehensive solution that implies the use of automated call algorithms.

The peculiarity of the tool is the freedom of action of a potential client who decides whether to listen to the ad completely or interrupt the call

Another type of effective mobile promotion is mass text messaging and streaming advertising using free messengers.

According to statistics from SMS Comp, less than 7% of niche enterprises chose this option in January 2022. This means that thematic promotion in the format of SMS messages comes much less often than spam e-mails.

The results of the same study showed that users open 95% of messages in the first 3 minutes, and in general, smartphone owners view 98% of incoming signals.

At the same time, according to the Statista agency, classic electronic letters are viewed less and less, although their number per person is constantly increasing and it is about 150 messages per day.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Mobile casino promotion: advantages

A smart digital promotion strategy guarantees casino operators and sports betting providers the following benefits:

  1. Improved relevance indicators. Mobile advertising tools allow entrepreneurs to maximally adjust the range of offers to the preferences of their target audience. To form the strategy, highly effective feedback channels and advanced algorithms are used. They evaluate the history of previous purchases and the behavioural reactions of gamblers.
  2. Convenient interaction at any time. This type of marketing makes it possible to be in touch with clients 24/7 and anywhere in the world: at work, at home, or while travelling. Moreover, the interactivity of personal devices, combined with the global expansion of internet coverage, allows operators to quickly respond to every appearance of a player on the Web.
  3. Profitability of the program. Most often, mobile promotion is several times cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. For example, according to SMS DAR, the price for a WhatsApp message starts at just 0.03 euros.
  4. Increased coverage. The number of smartphone owners is growing every year, which means more customers with whom you can effectively interact using digital services.
  5. Potential of capabilities. Mobile marketing is already showing record efficiency rates but by combining different methods, entrepreneurs can achieve even greater success and not only significantly expand the pool of loyal gamblers but also quickly promote their services in new markets.
  6. Virality. There are 3.78 million users of social networks in the world. This is 48% of the total population of the planet. And mobile content is easiest to share on such platforms. Along with the standard attraction of the audience, casino owners automatically gain the effect of “word-of-mouth”, which contributes not only to the registration of new gamblers but also the increase in brand recognition.

How to Raise the Effectiveness of Mobile Casino Advertising

The 2WinPower team has prepared several tips that will help operators improve the promotion results many times over:

Do Not Neglect Analytics

To track the progress of the campaign, special platforms should be used. Their tasks are to:

  • study the reactions of customers;
  • predict the behaviour of clients;
  • improve the methods of attracting new users;
  • analyse the requests and preferences of the active core of the audience.

When businessmen choose to neglect analytical tools, it leads to a distortion of the overall picture of the advertising campaign’s progress, as well as a large-scale loss of conversion.

Use Gamification Tools

According to the results of various studies, in recent years, the attention span of people has decreased by 33% — from 12 to 8 seconds. The growth in the saturation of the digital space makes the process of retaining the target audience more and more difficult.

To increase engagement rates, we recommend that operators use non-standard solutions with different interaction mechanics.

According to GameLoft, 90% of gamblers remember interactive ads within the next 2 days after seeing them.

The most popular types of gamified advertising are:

  • commercials with a reward for viewing;
  • interactive banners that react to finger-pointing;
  • advertising that allows people to test the game without the need to install it.

Make a Mobile-Friendly Site

Since most of the digital traffic comes from gadgets and the time for the initial assessment of the resource has been reduced to 3 seconds, the adaptation of a gaming site for portable devices is an unchanging key to the success of the entire project.

It is also worth remembering that the availability of a mobile version of the site or downloadable application not only improves the quality of interaction with the audience but also increases the indexing of pages in search engines.

Back in 2019, Google announced the priority of indexation for mobile content.

One of the most practical and convenient ways to adapt a gambling platform to the needs of smartphone owners is to use Progressive Web Apps technologies.

The tool allows you to download a virtual resource to a personal device in one click. In fact, the technology “lightens up” the traditional portal and provides it with a full set of functions that are typical for a downloadable application.

Work with Push Notifications

These are short messages that are sent to subscribers, that is if clients voluntarily agree to view such a newsletter.

The services are designed to return users to the site that they have already visited, and these solutions can perform this task much more effectively than any other type of mass mailing.

For the achievement of even better indicators, we recommend that operators combine the push notification program with traditional e-mail and SMS marketing.

The Main Things about Mobile Promotion in the Online Casino Niche

Mobile casino marketing: key notions

With the development of digital technologies, those commercial brands that have decided to work with the mobile audience have scored the greatest success.
  • Marketing oriented on portable device consumers allows entrepreneurs to cover a huge pool of clients. According to statistics, 5.27 billion people own smartphones, and the average user spends more than 7 hours a day on the Internet (it is more than 40% of waking time).
  • Digital advertising is highly profitable. Mobile casino promotion is several times cheaper than the organisation of a traditional campaign. The starting price of a WhatsApp bulk mailing is only 0.03 cents.
  • Gaming sites focused on mobile traffic have such an advantage as indexation by search engines. Google introduced this policy back in 2018. Now, the share of requests via portable gadgets is more than 52.2%.
You can learn more about the most effective strategies for promoting gaming projects from the 2WinPower studio.

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