Online Gambling in the UK: Performance of the Industry at the Beginning of 2020

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Updated: 10/04/2019

In early spring, the British Gambling Commission presented the results of a survey of country residents, a report on new trends and people’s attitude to the gambling industry. The document was 54 pages long. 2WinPower specialists have conducted an analysis and offer to get acquainted with the data.

Online casino in the United Kingdom: results of the survey on gambling

General Statistics and Key Aspects

The Commission’s report is publicly available. The results of the annual study can be used as a basis for sector analysis, development of a new system of actions by providers and regulators of third-party states.

Thus, about 46% of the respondents made at least one bet during the month before the survey. 52% of respondents use gambling sites on a weekly basis, and 18% of people visit online establishments at least once a month.

An interesting feature: more men than women took part in all gambling entertainments. In terms of figures, it looks like this: interest in the games was noted in 51% of the stronger sex, and among the ladies, this performance was 41%.

The distribution by the games was as follows:

  • video slots — 3.7% (compared to 2017, the share of the sector decreased by 0.7%);
  • table and card games — 1.6% (the indicator is stable);
  • bingo and entertainment with instant wins — 1.2%.

Variables of the used types of devices have also changed. When compared with 2017, for players who prefer mobile entertainment, the number increased by 5%, almost equal to the statistics of users accessing the casino from stationary devices (45%).

Against the background of online casinos, the positions of national lotteries look much more advantageous. According to experts, the upside of the draws depends on the following factors:

  • Direct profit for the state. Channels to promote the lottery draws are much convenient and cheaper, as these activities are often directly connected with government agencies and ministries.
  • While playing on online services, users are required to make certain decisions. The ticket purchase is much easier: fixed cost, no need for input/output of money, no customization to casino promotions, it is not necessary to independently determine bets.
  • Lotteries have a longer history than online services. The draws are almost perfectly integrated with the British centuries-old tradition.

Providers responded with the introduction of adapted lotteries, designed especially for Internet sites. In online establishments, ticket prices have turned into fixed bets or multiple deposits on certain slots.

As an example, the Play Fortuna establishment that cooperates with The NetEnt provider can be cited. In addition to the classic components, the prize pool of the lottery is calculated for more than 300 participants. There is also a drawing of additional prizes: the establishment offers VIP-trips to any sports tournaments at the choice of the winners. The system is based on the “Housing lottery”, in which the main prize is the countryside real estate.

Some More Interesting Facts From the Report:

  • More than 96% of bets are received from home devices. Accordingly, the vast majority of respondents prefers to spend time playing in a familiar home environment.
  • 4% of respondents make bets from mobile gadgets, directly attending sports events.
  • 12% of respondents admitted visiting casino websites while working.
  • About 53% of users paid attention to advertising games for money on television during the past week.

If we talk about the key factors of influence, television broadcasts remain in the first place (43%), the second position is for personal experience (about 28% of respondents), and newspapers are literally on the heels (27% of influence).

According to statistics, one of the four active Internet users monitors the events of the gambling world in social networks. The popularity rating of social networks is presented as follows:

  • Facebook — 19%;
  • YouTube — 9%;
  • Twitter — 8%.

Positive indicators of social networks are primarily associated with such a phenomenon as social gambling. This segment was occupied by connoisseurs of free entertainment. And yet, among the owners of Facebook pages, there is a massive reduction in the number of active players of the age category of 25-34 years (a decrease of 5% compared to the performance of 2017) and 35-44 years (a decrease of 5% compared to 2017 data).

Social networks have retained their role for users for whom the game does not go beyond the internal application of the service. About 66% of active players aged 18-24 years and less than 54% of users aged 25-34 years use entertainment platforms as information sites. Despite the relatively low rates of influence, pages and public of social networks, operators continue to use them as a way to maintain active, live communication with their customers.

The report also states that only one out of five users spends time to get acquainted with the terms of registration and rules of conduct in the online casino. But even despite this feature, the level of responsibility increased by 6% and reached a level of 47%.

As noted by users, the most useful feature on online marketplaces is a limit for money deposit. This service is used by almost 9% of players.

The preferences and desires of the players during a visit to the gambling sites:

  • game for fun — 29%;
  • the pursuit of the jackpot in order to radically change a life — 19%;
  • game for the sake of victory — 45% of users.

Almost one-third of the surveyed respondents (30%) said that they have no doubt in the honesty of the game and fully trust gambling services. There is a noticeable trend towards acceptance and loyalty to the gambling industry. This figure increased by 3% compared to the previous year. About 38% of respondents consider gambling as one of the types of criminal activity.

79% of respondents believe that gambling has become too widespread, and 62% of respondents believe that the right to access the games for money is part of the modern citizen’s freedoms.


Studying the report, we can say that online casinos are not for everyone. Web sites have not yet “adapted” to modern realities and are far less compelling then such types of entertainment as sports betting or lotteries. All previous successes of Internet establishments are beginning to converge and show more modest indicators.

Despite some hostility of respondents, the income of gambling companies is growing rapidly. Users’ awareness is also increasing, and people’s attitude towards money games are generally improving.

In the UK, many innovations have been loyally accepted, but lotteries and sports betting continue to occupy leading positions. Experts believe that a radical change in the current situation will not happen soon, as the average user will have to learn new rules and, accordingly, leave the comfort zone.

The positive increase is evident: gambling resources are steadily developing and, in the future, can become a worthy alternative to the usual entertainment of the British. You can take advantage of the situation and make money on it! Experts of 2WinPower will help to open your own online casino, quickly recoup costs and obtain a stable source of income. Contact us!

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