The Transition of a Casino Site to Betting: Key Aspects and Benefits

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Online gambling has become a vital component of life for a lot of people in terms of entertainment. Its 2 most popular niches (casino gaming and betting) are conquering new regions regularly, offering exhilarating amusement for punters and solid earnings for operators.

In recent years, more brands began offering both types of services on the same platform. At first, it may seem inconvenient since the verticals have distinct types of audiences, incomparable interfaces, versatile mechanics, and are not similar by dozens of more parameters. However, once implemented adequately, such fusion can generate incredible profits for the platform owners.

Transition of a casino site to betting: benefits

2WinPower experts have been experimenting with the transition from online casinos to betting portals for a long time. As the technology develops and people’s perception becomes prepared for the combination of entertainment, more clients ask about the possibility to elaborate combined platforms.

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Predisposition to the Fusion: Outlook on Acquisition

The current opportunity of moving from web gambling operation to betting depends a lot on the rising CPA of the players within the casino direction. Sportsbook sphere has much cheaper acquisition tools with better access to wider markets and fewer restrictions on advertising.

An average price for getting an established client:

  • a casino player in the modern market “costs” an operator around $1,000;
  • for acquiring a betting site user, it is necessary to spend $300–400.

This implies 3 or even 4 times more consumers for the same price at bookmakers’ portals.

Another advantage of player acquisition within betting is a prepared environment of incentives. In order to attract a punter, a casino manager has to offer different bonuses, loyalty programs, promotions, etc.

The sportsbook industry has such activities as Super Bowl, World Cup, Grand Prix, Champions League, and more that are already positioned as attractions for betters. This product sells itself.

By offering both gambling manifestations, operators create a more complete coverage of potential visitors. It allows expanding the inclusion of a bigger age range, more versatile social background, and wider solvency. That is why more casino brands begin to introduce bookmaker’s services and eSports solutions to be able to engage users on a regular basis.

Benefits from the Transition

In the contemporary world, betting is becoming a vertical that has more appeal than casino entertainment:

Wide embracement of society

Major wagering portals register an increase of female audience that is a considerable achievement in recent years.

Nowadays state of the online industry shows less social friction moving from casino amusement to a bigger orientation on betting

Possibility to wager on any event

If a user is not good at sports, he can pick any popular sphere of life and bet on anything. For example, the results of elections, Eurovision winner, celebrity’s baby gender, etc.

An operator needs to ensure such possibilities are created on the portal

Innovations of betting methods

Experimental bonuses and tournaments are organised in an attempt to advance the gambling direction.

As a result, such solutions make the interactive process more seamless to the point when there will be no separate casino or betting players but rather a single client that is engaged in both verticals

Necessary Changes to the User Interface

User interface: necessary changes

It will be irresponsible to take 2 different platforms and just combine them. For a stable functioning of a fused portal, it is necessary to make several updates. The user interface is one of the most impactful since punters’ convenience is decisive when it comes to popularity and profitability.

The opportunity of the transition should be shaped up from the design point of view by several aspects:

  • navigation;
  • live information;
  • promotion;
  • embedded second screen;
  • instant access to bets and slots.

Quick interaction with one vertical while being engaged in another can act as a facilitator of appeal to such a merged activity. It is essential to clear away all barriers that prevent clients from equally enjoying both manifestations for achieving maximum revenue.

Maximising User Experience

Considering how new this idea is, a lot of operators fail to assure frictionless UX. Several multiproduct offerings have already proven that it is possible to configure smooth transitions that have eventually led to satisfied clients and increased profit.

Aspects the operators should pay attention to during the restart of the working process:

  • how the new interaction will look like;
  • what the new ways of communication are;
  • which marketing methods can be added;
  • how to define clients from a legal perspective.

It is essential for administrators not to rush with the changes. Gathering enough information and conducting a thorough analysis will increase the chance for a successful transition. The more users are satisfied, the higher the eventual revenue will be.

Differences in the Appetite of Betting and Casino Customers

While there are distinct types of punters, wagering on different events is more socially acceptable and natural to discuss. The appetite for entertainment is seen to attract a younger audience. Such people are more excited to acquire new skills of understanding what they wager on. Pushing a button and expecting a random outcome are not among their preferences.

The transition from casino entertainment is not performed instantly. It is a matter of a few months or even more. In this case, betting will be considered a secondary activity since it is added to an already established environment.

An integral task here is to find the balance of how to:

  • capture the attention of new visitors;
  • retain the identity as a casino brand;
  • preserve the main source of income.

Results from Entering the Betting Vertical from a Team Perspective

Entering betting from a team perspective

When taking up a new branch of business, usually it comes down to embracing all inside-outs individually. Ensuring the existing team understands all its peculiarities will benefit the brand’s entrance to the new vertical. Alternatively, it is possible to hire new experts.

It depends on whether the brand is a third-party or an independent platform:

  1. The expansion based on franchising or White Label. Usually, it implies increasing the number of experts thanks to the staff of the parent company.
  2. The build-up of an individual brand. It is beneficial to have your team understand how to segment players and get the most value out of them.

If a casino operator conducts a transition, the major task he aims to resolve is how to make the existing users place bets. A similarly integral assignment is to attract punters who are already engaged in wagering in visiting the exact portal and spending money on the platform. A dedicated team must be present to understand how to do this.

The way the organisation is structured should reflect the intention of service provision. The challenge with this is that the industry is currently developing towards a regional type of operation. Apart from having staff be aware solely of the vertical itself, it is essential to ensure they understand how this manifestation is perceived in the operational zone.

There is an enormous benefit of having a specialist that is into the complexity of betting peculiarities. Every manager has a particular target audience (by region, experience level, etc.).

Matching the preferences of the public with the best layout of the services on the platform is integral for a brand’s success. If an operator launches a sportsbook, he needs a dedicated CRM expert to re-engage and keep users playing.

Potential Issues of the Transition

While the majority of experts consider it an excellent opportunity, transition from one vertical to another should also be perceived as a risk:

  1. Poor implementation can result in losing the major audience. Besides, a quick transition can be confusing to clients that have used to visit the portal as one manifestation of the entertainment.
  2. Lack of analysis can result in neglected needs of the audience. From the user experience, it is exciting to have the opportunity of integrated customer focus. But, it is essential to conduct the transition carefully. The consideration of the public’s peculiarities helps understand the focal points of the demand.
  3. Another challenge during the fusion of the 2 verticals is the configuration of promotions. At the start of the operation, it is essential to find a golden medium between an appealing proposition and a sensible offer. Making an overly generous bonus will result in a loss of revenue.
  4. Since the fusion trend has been introduced quite recently, the technology of the implementation may not be the most suitable for this. Some providers are simply not ready to propose the necessary software while others are not certified in the region.

The Main Things about Transitioning from Online Casinos to Betting

The change of the project vertical is a responsible step in the modern iGaming industry. It requires a lot of resources and thorough preparation. An informational rundown is the first minimum aspect to take care of.

What an operator should be prepared for during the fusion:

  • The current opportunity of moving from an online gambling operation to betting depends a lot on the rising CPA of the players within the casino direction.
  • By offering both gambling manifestations, operators create a more complete coverage of potential visitors.
  • The cherished result of the transition is to make the interactive process seamless to the point when there will be no separate casino or betting players but rather a single client that is engaged in both verticals.
  • For a stable functioning of a fused portal, it is necessary to update the user interface since punters’ convenience is decisive when it comes to popularity and profitability.
  • In many ways, owners of future fused portals are restarting their working process in finding new interactions, investigating resulted communication, critical marketing methods, defining clients from a legal perspective.
  • Ensuring the existing team understands all the peculiarities of the new vertical will benefit the brand’s transition. Alternatively, it is possible to hire new experts.
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