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Purchasing a license for an online casino is the only way to conduct gambling activities on a legal basis. Most types of gambling commerce are subject to the legalization procedure. The presence of an appropriate permit defines a gambling business project as a reliable and approved market participant with a positive reputation.

legalization procedure with casino license

2WinPower team has collected comprehensive information about the licensing of gambling resources, the main nuances of choosing the department and the cost of documents in the largest foreign jurisdictions. We are ready to provide not only comprehensive consulting services but also to help start your own turnkey business. But first things first.

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Advantages of Having a License

The gambling industry is one of the biggest factors influencing the world economy. In today’s market, there is not only a rapid increase in the turnover of the industry but also the tremendous pace of development of the “white” segment. According to statistics, by 2023 the “shadow market” will account for no more than 10% of existing services.

Considering this situation, the license is an integral attribute of a reliable establishment and gives the operator the following advantages:

  • ability to interact with proven banking institutions;
  • integration of the most popular payment services with the support of currency signs of the entire world;
  • purchase of software components from major suppliers with an impeccable reputation;
  • increase audience confidence;
  • expanded range of opportunities to work in the international market;
  • ability to enter into contracts with major well-known partners;
  • automatic status of an international brand.

Current Situation on the Gambling Market

Nowadays, it is possible to legalize online business on the territory of 80 countries.

The operator should consider the following factors:

Countries’ attitude to the gambling industry in 2019

Evaluation criteria

Number of countries

A complete prohibition on the organization and participation in gambling of any format

39 states

Strict restrictions on the work of local operators in the complete or partial absence of protocols regulating the activities of foreign entrepreneurs

32 states

Availability of virtual resources under the control of local enterprises exclusively

61 states

There are no direct prohibitions on the organization of gambling projects in the absence of an internal system of legalization of operators

93 states

Criminal prosecution for participation in the games for money

25 states

Administrative penalties for participation in a gambling event of any format

15 states

Complete freedom in the use of gaming services

92 states

This information is provided by independent information agency Keytocasino. Exclusively open sources were used for the analytical summary: regional media and information portals of local government agencies. To compile the report, a study of legislative norms was conducted in more than 225 countries. Statistical coverage is about 95% of countries and over 98% of the population.

The Peculiarities of Jurisdiction Choice

Considering the above situation, the best option is to buy an online casino with a license of a foreign offshore.

When choosing a jurisdiction, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • geography of the potential audience;
  • reasonableness and loyalty of the taxation system in the territory of the state of interest;
  • the amount of capital allocated for registration and renewal of the document.

Before defining an offshore company and applying for legalization, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a proven and competent lawyer.

Licensed gambling content

Another attractive alternative is to purchase an online casino with a turnkey license. Comprehensive development of the project with full legal guidance will help to avoid a number of pitfalls and enter the world gambling arena in record time.

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The Most Promising Jurisdictions of 2019

We offer you a list of the most popular and recognized offshore territories that provide a full range of services for legalization and support of gambling projects of any category or format:

  1. Costa Rica. The average cost of the service is about 2850 euros, plus the implementation of the ligament with any European brand (the price of the service is 1350 dollars). The time of consideration of the application takes about 2 months.
  2. The Antilles. One of the advantages is the complete absence of registration fees. The amount of tax is fixed and is 2% of the operator’s profit. The basic cost of the document is 35 thousand dollars.
  3. Antigua and Barbuda Islands. The operator is obliged to pay a non-refundable fee — 10 thousand dollars, as well as 15 thousand dollars for the consideration of the application. The permit itself will cost 100 thousand dollars, plus annual commission deductions of 60 thousand dollars.
  4. Panama. The minimal price of gambling legalization is 40 thousand dollars. The renewal of the document will cost 20 thousand dollars. The payment of charges and taxes takes about 10% of the gross revenue of the establishment.
  5. Gibraltar. The registration of the website will take about 2 months and about 30 thousand euros. The annual renewal of the document costs 2 thousand euros.
  6. Curacao. There are no registration fees in the jurisdiction and there is a fixed tax of 1% of the profits. Cost of issuance is within the range of 10-20 thousand dollars.


Self-registration of documents on the territory of a foreign offshore is a long and painstaking process that requires significant experience and knowledge base in various fields of law. A practical and convenient alternative is to buy an online casino with a license from 2WinPower.

We are ready to offer a full range of services for the organization of gambling projects of any category or format. Looking to us, you can purchase a casino script, rent the most popular slot machines, order the development of mobile applications, use the services of the marketing department or personally test the system by downloading a free demo of the gaming platform.


With the help of 2WinPower team, your Internet business will be easy to conquer new heights. Do not miss your chance to enter the international arena even today!

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