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Andrew Price
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Bartolo Esposito, head of Sirplay, explains how AI influences the development of the gambling industry on the Internet.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that allows simulating human mental activity and finding logical ways to solve certain issues. AI developers have challenged a complex mission: the introduction of the machine’s ability to self-learning and self-development. At the same time, the algorithm for solving the problem remains unknown even for researchers.

Bartolo Esposito, head of Sirplay

Nowadays, we can observe the widespread use of artificial intelligence in various spheres. This is particularly true for computer and Internet technologies, although people usually do not even notice what they are dealing with. AI has reached the level where it can be used almost anywhere.

Each of us certainly cannot imagine our life without smartphones and the Internet. Modern search engines (Google, Yandex) have been using self-learning AI for several years, which constantly analyses terabytes of information and independently improves the quality of ranking.

Voice assistants are another good example of machine intelligence: Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby, Alice. It also should be mentioned the recognizer of the images, filters, targeting... the list is endless.

If to speak about such an industry as sports betting, which is based on the theory of probability, expressed in coefficients, statistical reports, it is difficult not to notice the use of complex mathematical models. Anyway, artificial intelligence works on the basis of mathematical algorithms. Consequently, online gambling is an ideal place for its integration and widespread use. AI analyses the data and based on this generates a solution to the problem.

Before proceeding to the review of the advantages that these systems have provided and would bring to the gambling business, it should be noted that AI can belong to one of two varieties:

  • "static" — based on the semiotic approach;
  • "natural" — based on the biological approach based on the principle of an evolutionary algorithm.

Let us cut to the chase and find out how AI can be used and help the gaming industry in real time.

There are obvious advantages in the use of artificial intelligence in the field of gambling and betting business:

Observation and Prediction of Players’ Actions in Order to Retain Audience

Taking into consideration the characteristics of behaviour, preferences, selected tactics and habits of bettors, AI is able to analyse and predict the potential choice of bets. In fact, artificial intelligence simulates the customers thinking and, on this basis, selects the optimal loyalty program.

Advantages in the use of artificial intelligence in gambling

A Powerful Marketing Tool at Your Disposal

The ability to process information millions of times faster than a human, allows AI to automatically create marketing campaigns and offers that are addressed to groups of bettors with similar behaviour, in each situation using the most appropriate triggers.

Prevention of Gambling Addiction

Legislators regularly impose legal restrictions on gambling. Artificial intelligence may alert the operator about the vulnerable groups, even to make own decision to block the “problem” of customers or on the imposition of certain restrictive measures.

The Best Virtual Dealers

Due to its ability to simulate human behaviour, artificial intelligence creates realistic dealers that not only support the gameplay but also interact with the player.

The Use of AI to Combat Fraud

A properly trained artificial intelligence is able to recognize fraudulent bets and record abnormal account behaviour. Based on the analysis, which will take a few days performing by a human, AI automatically blocks potentially dangerous bets that carry possible threats to the operator. It ensures complete safety.


Even a superficial glance is enough to understand how useful AI can be in the gambling industry. It helps to improve the interaction and retention of customers, which has a positive effect on the profit from the project. Sirplay began to use their achievements in the development of algorithms to recognize and limit the dangerous bets, so the operator can minimize the risks. In current times, the company prefers to work with emerging markets, where with the help of AI people can safely be engaged in betting business, without having the necessary knowledge to combat potential threats.

Considering all the above, the question that has to be answered is the future role of human. If to take into consideration the technical aspect, the management of the platform may be well undertaken by one employee. The machine will decide which bet to accept and which to reject, which player may have problems, and which player may not. In the era of the Internet, with an endless stream of games and bets, it is almost impossible to manage all the processes manually, without resorting to technological assistance.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to manage all transactions that take place on the platform without the help of AI. At least, operators are forced to use automated software. But this fact does not make a person superfluous in this system. In fact, artificial intelligence needs maintenance, updates, management, and solution of emerging issues that can be undertaken only by an experienced trader. Only his knowledge will help to choose the right strategy.

Therefore, in the future, traders will not disappear but will turn into technical experts engaged in AI management and its improvement. AI will learn to focus on positive and negative feedback.

But the most interesting thing is that the AI has already surrounded us. All we see on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg. We are constantly in contact with machine intelligence, not even thinking about the fact that the future is here now.

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