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Jacks Or Better Online Slot Machine by Amatic

  • Rules: Jacks or Better
  • Minimum combination: two jacks
  • Deck — 52 cards
  • Hand — 5 cards
  • Replacement — once (up to 5 cards)
  • Risk-game — yes
  • Bonus round — no
  • Jackpot — no
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

Review of the Jacks Or Better video poker from Amatic

The Jacks Or Better video poker is the most famous and clear version of poker, which makes the game incredibly popular in all corners of the world. Jacks Or Better became one of the first versions of the original game, so it has a very few differences. The version from Amatic was designed to make poker affordable for everyone.

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The Jacks Or Better video poker from Amatic: the description of the gameplay

The essence of the game is to collect as high combination as possible. How can it be done? First, players get five cards. After analysing the situation, they decide which cards should be laid down and which of them to keep.

Gamblers have the right to replace all five cards they have received, or they can refuse to replace them if they realise that they already have a good combination. However, it can be done only once. In general, the Jacks Or Better video poker is based on classical rules of an original card game, so players will not have any problems.

It all starts with the fact that users choose how many credits to place on one hand. Then they will need to press just one button and get five cards. After they make a choice, which ones to discard and which cards to keep, players have to press the same button again and look what happens. That is all.

In short, Amatic made everything in such a way that for being able to play it is enough just to know what combinations look like. If gamblers decided to try themselves in poker for the first time — it does not matter. It is always possible to use the help topic, which provides detailed information on the available combinations.

Any successful combo allows players to take part in the round for doubling where they are offered to multiply the size of a prize by taking a gamble on it. All they will need to do is to guess the colour of a turned-over card or also try to name its suit correctly. However, it will significantly prejudice chances of success. In general, it is a kind of a standard risk-game for Amatic. An exclusive option is an opportunity to take a gamble on only a certain part of winnings, not the total prize, is also presented.

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