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Joker Poker: Profitable Card Game from EGT

  • Number of decks — 1
  • Deck format —- standard (52 values)
  • Joker — present
  • Prize combinations — 11 options
  • Betting range — from 10 to 100 coins
  • Maximum winning — 95,000 credits
  • Doubling round — available
  • Progressive jackpot — available
  • Technology: HTML5, Flash

1. Description of the Game 

2. Design of Joker Poker 

3. Gameplay Characteristics 

4. Card Combinations and Rewards

5. Bonus Opportunities of Joker Poker

6. User Interface and Technical Specifics

7. Where to Buy Joker Poker from EGT 

Description of the Game 

This is one of the oldest real money card games. Thanks to the global virtualization, this gambling format was not forgotten. Moreover, it gained its unique colouring. Surprisingly, modified versions of the card combinations can compete with both slot machines and other famous casino games today. The undoubted confirmation of the active interest in video poker is the popularity of Joker Poker from EGT. The developer offered the perfect combination of elegance and laconism that is noticeable in every detail of the gaming solution, allowing users not to be distracted from the session by bright accents and colourful decor.

Sooner or later, traditional fruit slots and plot content may become boring even to the most devoted fans, while this exciting and straightforward card game will never lose its attractiveness. We offer to buy Joker Poker and other products of Euro Games Technology on the most pleasant terms. We propose the best prices on the market, only certified gaming solutions, and a guarantee of absolute confidentiality.

Design of Joker Poker 

The first thing that may catch your eye when launching the product is the complete absence of unnecessary elements. You will not meet a single detail that could distract your attention from the main process on the screen. Minimal graphic effects are represented by the unobtrusive highlighting of winning positions.

The playing field is implemented in the traditional casino palette (a green background without plot compositions). The upper part of the screen demonstrates a table of odds with the calculation of all available combinations and the amounts of prizes with any bet limit.

The lower half of the playing field is occupied by cards (five large elements with big numbers and the traditional card suits).

Sound accompaniment corresponds to the strict laconism of the game. The playing process is accompanied only by the rustle of cards and the sounds of victorious fanfare in case of a win.

Gameplay Characteristics 

The purpose of the session is to collect the most cash combination from the available dealing. A single deck consisting of standard 52 cards is used in Joker Poker. The joker is an additional position.

The gameplay can be described by the following sequence of actions:

  1. Bet selection. To set the session limit, use the keys at the bottom of the screen (Bet 10, Bet 20, and so on), the user activates the dealing with the help of these buttons.
  2. Card holding. If the proposed set contains decent combinations, the Hold key appears above the elements. Besides, the user can “hold” positions that can play when changing cards. You can click on the current position with the mouse for manual change of elements.
  3. Change of unstayed cards. The function is launched automatically when you click on the buttons from any of the bets (at this stage, the amount is not charged since the initial bet is active until the session ends).
  4. Evaluation of the result. When winning, the size of the award is displayed in the "Last Victory" window (lower right corner of the playing field).

An interesting feature of Joker Poker is the option of a one-time free replacement of all five cards.

Card Combinations and Rewards

The winning combinations are represented by eleven combinations. Each of them can bring a really worthy reward.

Basic cash positions in Joker Poker

Card combination

Payouts at the minimum and maximum limits

Kings and higher (in addition, king-joker and ace-joker combinations) or two jokers

From 10 to 100 coins

Two pairs

From10 to 100 tokens

Three suits of the same value (three deuces, three nines, etc.)

From 20 to 200 credits

Straight (five consecutive elements, regardless of their suits)

From 30 to 300 credits

Flush (five values of the same suit)

From 50 to 500 coins

Full House (a pair and a three: two jacks and three kings, or another identical combination)

From 70 to 700 tokens

Four of a kind (four positions of the same rank)

From 180 to 1,800 credits

Straight Flush (five consecutive elements of the same suit)

From 500 to 5,000 coins

“Wild” Royal Flush (four high cards of the same suit and the joker)

From 1 000 to 10 000 coins

Four cards of the same value and the joker

From 2,000 to 20,000 credits

Royal Flush (five high cards of the same suit)

From 5 to 95 thousand coins

The presence of the joker in the deck allows you to create the maximum number of prize combinations. This additional element is intended to replace any missing cards. The only exception is the highest-paid combination (Royal Flash).

Bonus Opportunities of Joker Poker

Joker Poker fixed rewards can be increased with the help of the following options:


A doubling round is available after each successful combination. When this game starts, one closed card appears on the screen. The goal of the gambler is to guess its colour. In case of success, the reward amount of the last session is doubled automatically. You can try your luck five times in a row. The first mistake will lead to voiding your winnings.

Bonus Jackpot

The EGT game pleases users with the presence of four cumulative jackpots at once. The amount is drawn randomly after any round of the main session.

The drawing is taking place in an additional location in the gaming field. There are 12 closed cards on the screen that can be opened in any order before collecting three elements of the same suit. Each position has a certain amount, the size of which is displayed in the appropriate fields at the top of the display (on both sides of the game logo).

The club is the lowest-paid combination. Three diamonds go after it. The hearts are in third place. Cards with spades occupy the highest position.

User Interface and Technical Specifics

All elements of the video poker game are characterised by simplicity and user-friendly interface. If the rules of the game cause some difficulties, the gambler can always use the demo version. In this case, you can enjoy the process and gain experience without mandatory registration and the risk of loss of your funds.

Another advantage of the product is the HTML5 format. Joker Poker runs in a browser window and does not require the installation of additional software components. The interface is aimed to maximize the ease of management from devices of any format (desktop computers or mobile gadgets).

The following options are displayed on the game panel:

  • betting keys;
  • game speed;
  • mute sound;
  • help menu call-button;
  • launching in full-screen mode.

A ticker bar with prompts is provided for additional convenience (between the control panel and the card dealing section).

If you hover over any of the figures indicating the progressive jackpot, a window with information about the total number of draws and the last lucky winner will pop up.

Where to Buy Joker Poker from EGT 

Joker Poker is a creative interpretation of one of the most popular card games. An excellent graphics and convenient navigation combined with a high percentage of returns (the theoretical limit reaches 99.31%) and huge jackpots make the EGT development a real work of art in the gambling world.

You can order Joker Poker by making a couple of clicks. All that is required of you is to leave a request to the 2WinPower manager and describe your wishes in detail. The other stuff is the work of our specialists. We will choose the best ready-made software or prepare some exclusive solutions for you. We can propose the latest gambling market novelties to our users (live content, card, and board games, products for sweepstakes and bookmakers, solutions for social casinos and much more).

Are you still hesitating? The test version of the gaming platform is exactly what will dispel your last doubts. Become the owner of the most profitable start-up of our time with the help of 2WinPower team today:

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