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Blackjack Live Casino Game

  • Number of decks — 1-8
  • Joker — no
  • The number of values on hand — 2
  • Standard rates — yes
  • Side bets — yes
  • Insurance — yes
  • Double bet — yes
  • Free game — yes
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

Blackjack: Card Game Review

Blackjack is one of the most exciting, recognizable and popular gambling games. This entertainment has earned worldwide recognition due to its elementary rules, high speed of gaming process and a simple strategy of counting denominations.

The prototype of modern blackjack was the French game Vingt-un, which appeared in the 18th century. Later, the rules of the game were modified in order to raise the popularity of this game among the American audience. It was in the United States in the early 20th century when the entertainment got its modern name. It has happened thanks to one of the promotions to attract customers: the user was given a bonus for a set of winning points with the participation of the ace of spades and Jack of black suit, which in English sounds like “black jack”.

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About Types of Blackjack

As mentioned above, traditional blackjack has evolved for a long period of time. At the same time, the developers of gambling software decided not to stop at the achieved result and offered a number of unusual variations.

Among the most popular types of blackjack are the following:

  • American version. Here is a distinctive feature: the user has to collect a winning combination during the first hand. At the same time, the standard deck and the ability to bet on any of the active boxes are preserved.
  • Blackjack Exposure. There are the interesting features: the denominations of the dealer are handed in the open, the draw is counted in favour of the establishment, the payout ratio is 1 to 1. There is no insurance and no possibility to abandon the game.
  • Spanish 21. Despite the name, this entertainment was originated in the United States but not Spain. The deck has only 48 denominations: there are no jokers and tens. In this case, the main goal is saved — you have to score maximum points, but not more than 21.
  • Game with six decks. The feature of this entertainment is completely disclosed in its title. The rest of the rules remain as in the classic version, and the winnings are paid according to the scheme 3 to 2.
  • Double exposure. The values of the dealer during the handing remain open.
  • Switch. The cards are dealt in two hands at once, the dealer draws only two standard value. As a result, the player gets additional chances to win due to the ability to throw cards to the other hand and make the most profitable combination.

About Rules and the Course of the Game

The main purpose of this entertainment is to beat the dealer, collecting the maximum number of points. The total amount of denominations should not exceed 21 points. In this game from one to eight decks without jokers (52 cards) can be used. Each participant is given two denominations.

Blackjack bets are received only before the start of the hand. Then the betting stops automatically — it is prohibited to touch the chips until the outcome of a round.

Cards in the traditional version of blackjack:

  • numeric (from two to ten) — correspond to the specified values;
  • senior (Jack, Queen and King) — each of the denominations brings 10 points;
  • ace — 11 points, but in case of exceeding 21 points, the card is valued to one.

Side Bets

In most cases, additional deposits do not depend on the outcome of the main bet round.

Among the most popular side bets can be distinguished:

  • the ideal pair — the first two denominations of the user fall out with the same cards;
  • bet on the jackpot — on four cards (the denominations of the dealer and the user), fall two or more aces (the jackpot will be hit if all four aces fell in the same colour);
  • bet on the bonus — winnings will be credited in case the falling of two suited face values;
  • high-low 13 — the bet of the first two denominations of the player is equal to 13 points.

Additional Game Features

Entertainment offers a number of options to save your bet in case of loss or even to increase your winnings:

  • Double (double bet). This is an option to increase the deposit after the hand is completed. It is recommended to use it when receiving the nominal value of at least nine, ten or ace.
  • Split (split of cards). Cards are divided into two hands in case of falling of the same numerical elements or two senior cards (except an ace).
  • Surrender (compensation or refusal of the game). If the received combination does not suit the user, he can withdraw half of the deposit and end the session.
  • Insurance. The option is available if the dealer has an ace. The insurance is returned when the dealer sets 21 points and is calculated by a ratio of 2 to 1.


After centuries of changes, the game has gained the status of one of the most popular and demanded card entertainments of our age.

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