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  • Number of card decks ― 6-8
  • The type of the deck ― 52 denominations
  • Joker ― no
  • Number of participants that can play at the same time ― up to 14
  • Bet on a dealer ― yes
  • Bet on a player ― yes
  • Bet on a draw ― yes
  • Extra bets ― no
  • Technologies HTML5, Flash

Originally, baccarat was considered to be the kind of entertainment only for the aristocracy, and even today, it is often possible to find solutions at fairly high bets. At the same time, this card game has gained huge popularity all over the world. Even the legendary James Bond tried his luck at the baccarat table in a cultic film.

The origin of entertainment is still a mystery. Most often, Italy is considered to be the country where baccarat first appeared. According to one of the most famous versions, the game was created by Felix Falguere. The Italian used the ancient ritual of the Etruscans as a basis, in which the value of the nine-sided dice determined the further fate of the sacrificial virgin. It is interesting that the scheme with the calculation of values ​​up to nine has remained unchanged until now.

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Online Baccarat: Description of the Gameplay

Initially, the participants of the game were competing among themselves but with the development of virtual gambling, baccarat began to be played against the dealer. In most modern casinos, there is a classic version, which is called “American baccarat”. The game is played on the table with special marking lines. In baccarat, there are from six to eight card decks without jokers (fifty-two denominations).

Each participant is given two opened cards. It is also possible to take the third card (if the total number of points is less than five). Players need to place the bet on a special field and watch for further drawing. The task is to try and guess the winner of the round.

Accordingly, there are only three types of bets in baccarat:

  1. Winning of the dealer (this is the most popular option). The calculation is carried out according to the 1:1 scheme, minus 5% on the account of the casino.
  2. Winning of the player. The award is calculated by a rate of 1:1.
  3. Draw (the most expensive and unlikely outcome) ― the 8:1 scheme.

The winner of the round is determined by the number of the scored points. The maximum value is nine or eight.

Values ​​of card denominations in live baccarat:

  • ace ― one point;
  • cards with figures ― zero points;
  • a dozen ― zero points;
  • elements from two to nine ― the value of their denominations.

Classical baccarat does not provide any bonuses and additional bets.

Baccarat in Online Casinos: Interface of the Game

A standard set of game elements somewhat limits the variability of the design solutions. In most cases, developers experiment with the colours of the interface. For example, the cloth on the table can be green, blue, grey, and other colours, while the marking lines always remain the same. It is also possible to change the design of cards and gambling chips.

Also, providers have an opportunity to modernise the appearance of the payout table, although the coefficients in classic baccarat are always fixed.

Among the standard set of options for live baccarat, we can name an ability to turn off the sound, launch the full-size format, and chat with the dealer in the chat window.

Live Baccarat: a Stellar Choice With 2WinPower

Intuitive rules, laconic design, and good chances of winning ― all this makes baccarat one of the most popular and in-demand gambling entertainments of our time.

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