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American Roulette by Playtech

  • Number of wheels ― 1
  • Bigger/smaller bet ― yes
  • A bet on dozen ― yes
  • A bet on colour ― yes
  • Even/odd bet ― yes
  • Bonuses ― no
  • Zero ― doubled
  • Progressive jackpot ― no
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

American Roulette From Playtech: a Review of the Game

The developers of American Roulette are French expatriates. At first, this kind of entertainment was banned by American law. Later, the game was legalized but some changes were made. One of the main features of American Roulette is a doubled zero.

Today, many producers of the gambling content offer their own variations of roulette Playtech has always been and still remains the market leader. American Roulette almost instantly gained worldwide popularity, allowing each player to feel like a visitor to a real casino and become a wealthy person without leaving a familiar home environment.

You can order American Roulette and other games from Playtech at 2WinPower. Just leave an application, and our managers will find the most attractive terms for purchasing or renting the software. We also offer ready-made solutions for gaming sites of any format.

Description of American Roulette From Playtech

First of all, we recommend you to pay attention to the layout of the table. The panel consists of special sectors for bets, namely the internal and external zone. In the internal zone, you can place bets on the units of the wheel, and in the external zone, deposits are made on cells.

An interesting feature of the Playtech's American Roulette is that, in internal bets, there are both standard options and an ability to deposit on five numbers at once (0, 1, 2, 3, and a doubled zero).

In American Roulette, bets on a certain number are considered the riskiest and, at the same time, the most profitable ones. The game has 38 active numbers: 1-36 and a classic and a doubled zero. Each of these combinations is paid at a rate of 35 to 1. Bets on five numbers are also paid at an increased rate and are calculated according to the 6 to 1 scheme.

The presence of the second zero makes the game as exciting as possible. In American Roulette, tokens from one to ten euro are accepted. The record-breaking bet for the game session was five thousand euro.

The Interface of American Roulette From Playtech

This game takes place on what looks like a traditional table in a real casino. The central part is the dark blue cloth of the table with classic markings in black and red colours. The numbers on the wheel are also made in black and red. Zero and the doubled zero are designed in a rich green.

For the convenience of users, part of the wheel with numbers is displayed in a separate window at the top of the screen.

To fix the tokens on the table, you can click the mouse on the corresponding area of the panel. After the bet is determined, users are allowed to make use of additional functions: doubling of the size of the deposit, the launch of the spins, and such option as “Remove the token”. After pressing the “Start” button,  players can enjoy the role of a spectator and watch the throw-in of the ball and the movement of the wheel.

After the round is completed, you can use the options “Double and launch” or “Return and launch” or just clear the table and make a new deposit.

American Roulette From Playtech: an Interesting Choice With 2WinPower

This roulette is an original variation of the classic game. It pleases with the stunning realism and attention to the details. For example, the developers have perfectly laid emphasis on the main nuances, such as an additional sector on the wheel, a reduced number of bets, and a small size of the game table.

You order American Roulette at 2WinPower. We are ready to offer you relevant terms for the purchase or renting of software from Playtech, Novomatic, Microgaming, Xprogaming, and NetEnt. Our product range consists of slot machines, a huge number of variations of the roulette game, card games for every taste, and content for live casinos and mobile platforms.

2WinPower also offers the “HTML5 game development” service. Take advantage of the exclusive offer and bring to life the most original and unexpected ideas. Our experts will create a project according to your personal sketches.

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