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Buy Dragon Roulette by XProGaming

  • Traditional segments — 37
  • Additional sections — 37
  • Side bets — yes
  • Bonus game — yes
  • Minimal bet — 1 dollar
  • Maximal bet — 500 dollars
  • Languages — English, Turkish
  • Game chat — yes
  • Technology: HTML5, Flash

Dragon Roulette by XProGaming: A Brief Description of the Game with a Live Dealer

Dragon Roulette has long been considered the most popular gambling game in the UK. Gradually, interest in entertainment began to grow and covered Europe first, and then the whole world.

Dragon Roulette from XProGaming is a very atmospheric European roulette with interesting exotic features. The game combines classic rules and the opportunity to try your luck in the bonus game. Moreover, the original visual presentation is worth to pay attention to, but more about it is further in the article.

For placing an order for Dragon Roulette and other solutions from XProGaming, just contact the managers of 2WinPower. We strive to offer the best conditions and guarantee an individual approach as well as the widest range of content and loyal prices.

A Detailed Overview of the Dragon Roulette by XProGaming

Wheel of Dragon Roulette is equipped with 37 traditional segments. Also, the design is represented by an internal cone with a support track, which rotates in the opposite direction.


The additional ring has the following elements:

  • 37 sections;
  • 6 pictures of a silver dragon;
  • 2 pieces of a golden dragon.

In addition to usual bets, Dragon Roulette accepts side deposits. The function is automatically activated after the main bet is determined.

An additional advantage of Dragon Roulette from XProGaming is the opportunity to try your hand in the bonus game without the main bets. Before the rotation starts, the player can buy game chips with a value from 1 to 500 dollars.

Interface Features of the Dragon Roulette Game by XProGaming

The developers of this product have created a rather interesting visual design. One of the main differences between Dragon Roulette and its classic counterparts is the colour of the playing field. The betting chart displayed on the table and the wheel itself are pleasing to the eye because of combinations of saturated red and blue colours (in contrast to the standard European roulette where the red/black combinations are used in).

The visual implementation of the screen is also worth mentioning. Unlike in other games with a live dealer, the player does not see the representative of the establishment. The gaming process is very similar to the rotation of the virtual roulette, but here the dealer’s voice is heard in the background. Such a change is aimed at full immersion in the gameplay without having to be distracted from the issue of placing bets by unnecessary effects.

The roulette wheel is located at the top of the screen and has a zoom function. Additional panels with game chat and winning history are located on both sides of the central zone with a paytable and a wheel.

Using the “Chat” function, the player can be engaged in a dialogue with the dealer and other fans of exotic entertainment. Dragon Roulette from XProGaming is available in two language versions: English and Turkish.

Dragon Roulette by XProGaming: Interesting Purchase with 2WinPower

Dragon Roulette is an ideal opportunity to play according to the standard rules of European roulette and at the same time enjoy additional bonuses and a great variety of side bets. A touch of exotic flair makes the game from XProGaming especially attractive and atmospheric.

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