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Single Player Poker Live LCPP by XProGaming

  • Number of card decks ― 1
  • Type of the deck ― 52 denominations
  • Joker ― no
  • Number of hands - 1
  • Additional bet ― yes
  • Progressive jackpot ― no
  • Bonus ― no
  • Chat ― yes
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

Single Player Poker by XproGaming: a Short Review of the Live Game

It is a fascinating gambling solution with atmospheric and intuitive rules. The original product from XproGaming takes users to the gambling hall of the best casinos in the world and allows them to take on the role of VIP guests. By running this live game, you will be able to enjoy gambling leisure in the most peaceful and relaxing environment: you will not have to wait for your turn with stress or waste your time until one of the participants understands the rules.

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The Description of Single Player Poker From XproGaming

A nice feature of the live poker is the intuitive gameplay combined with the classic rulebook. Single Player Poker has standard rules of Texas Hold'em. This game has one card deck with classic denominations ​​of fifty-two elements (according to the rules, there are no jokers).

The main difference that Single Player Poker has is the only active hand. Player’s communication is reduced only to conversations with the dealer ― there are no other participants in the game. Before the session begins, users receive two open cards and three more turned-over elements. The distribution procedure is divided into three separate stages (after each of them the card deck is mixed).

Single Player Poker has a classic set of bets, as well as an additional opportunity to increase your winnings. Everyone can try their luck and place a side bet, which is estimated as follows:

  • for two cards with face values ​from two to ten, a reward will be calculated according to the 3:1 scheme;
  • a pair of aces increases the active deposit by thirty times.

There are no separate bonus rounds or progressive jackpot draws in this game.

The Interface of Single Player Poker From XproGaming

The developers paid close attention to the visual design of the game. From the very first moments of launch, gamblers are transferred to the luxurious gambling hall, where they meet an attractive dealer-girl in a seductive black dress.

For broadcasting, two cameras are used (side and centre one), providing maximum view and perfectly complementing the effect of the presence at the table.

The Single Player Poker distribution field has a nice rounded shape. The table cloth pleases gamblers with a rich blue gamma and the presence of classical marking lines (the latter are additionally duplicated in electronic format).

The control panel is traditionally situated at the bottom of the screen. Fans of gambling are offered the following set of functions:

  • deposit limits;
  • the history of sessions (statistics on the last ten distributions);
  • the game chat (a multi-user mode is not provided).

Visual effects and nice soundtrack deserve special attention. The location of the cameras creates the illusion of presence, and the background sounds only make this effect stronger. In Single Player Poker, there are no musical fill-ins ― the whole set of sounds is represented by the almost imperceptible noise of a land-based casino: the rustle of cards ​​and the ringing of gambling chips. You can turn off the sound by using the corresponding option in the upper right corner of the screen. It is also possible to launch the game in full-scale mode.

The chat supports Turkish and English languages.

Single Player Poker From XproGaming: a Good Buy with 2WinPower

Live poker has gained a lot of fans all over the world. The product is popular with both professional players who have decided to distract themselves from the endless noise of the casino and beginning gamblers who are in a quandary and feel embarrassed.

Single Player Poker is the best choice for lovers of slow games. This solution allows you to enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of real casinos without the need to communicate with other users and be distracted by the actions of opponents. It is an exciting battle between a player and a dealer, which can give you a lot of vivid impressions.

It is always possible to rent or purchase Single Player Poker from 2WinPower. We provide professional advice and assistance with the choice of the content for gambling resources of any format. Our product range includes popular “one-armed bandits”, a large selection of branded slots (games created on the basis of the themes from world-famous books, movies, sports or music events), software for mobile services, and bitcoin casinos. Our company cooperates with the world’s leading suppliers and is ready to offer high-quality solutions from Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Igrosoft, Microgaming, and Novomatic.

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