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Live Sic Bo 1 LCPP by XProGaming

  • Game type — dices
  • The number of cubes — 3
  • Bonus — no
  • Progressive jackpot — no
  • Languages — English, Turkish
  • Game chat — yes
  • Number of bets — 6
  • The maximal payout — 150 to 1
  • Technology: HTML5, Flash

Live Sic Bo by XproGaming: A Brief Description of the Game

Sic Bo is a popular and quite simple game of Chinese origin. Today, this entertainment is steadily popular among a huge number of gamblers from around the world. It is believed that this is the second most popular game after baccarat. Its rules have reached our days almost unchanged. Just like the well-established myths about lucky and unlucky numbers. For example, the number 4 is considered to be unlucky, because, in Chinese, the word means “death”. And eight is cardinal contrary to it. The word literally translates as “happiness”.

Live Sic Bo from XproGaming is one of the brightest and most atmospheric live dealer games. A huge variety of bets combined with stunning visual design make you forget about the usual routine and plunge into the world of excitement and very decent winnings.

It is possible to buy or rent a Live Sic Bo game in 2WinPower. We are ready to offer the best conditions for order registration and provide detailed advice on all matters of gaming content selection.

Review of Live Sic Bo from XproGaming

In Live Sic Bo, the gameplay is based on the values of three dices. All that is required from the player is to bet on the result of the roll of the dice.


The following types of bets are available to gamblers:

  • Deposit for one number. The player determines the number that should fall on the dice (from 1 to 6);
  • Combined bet (two numbers for each dice);
  • Bet on three. An interesting feature of Live Sic Bo from XproGaming is that the bet is received for an indefinite number. The main condition for winning — the presence of the same values on three dices;
  • Total bet (amount for any value from 4 to 17);
  • Small bet. The deposit wins if the minimal values 4-10 fall;
  • Big bet. The player replenishes money for big results from 11 to 17.

The highest paid position is trips. This is a bet on a certain number that falls on three dice at once. In case of success, the user becomes the owner of the maximal reward that is calculated according to the scheme 150 to 1.

User Interface of Live Sic Bo by XproGaming

Visual design implementation, as always, is on top. The game takes place at a table of nice pink colour. The virtual layout is perfectly combined with the main design and allows always to be aware of the winnings coefficients and betting schemes (the screen displays the value of each possible combination).

In Live Sic Bo, there is an additional window broadcasting a magnified image of the glass cupola. The dice are in a compact transparent container and are withdrawn by the dealer only for the time of the roll. Further, only luck and chance affect the drop-down combination.

The dealers are pretty girls, and in the background, you can hear the pleasant noise of a large establishment. Also, the sound of falling dices is perfectly rendered — each detail makes the game as realistic as possible.

For registered users, is available a chat window, allowing to be engaged in dialogue with the dealer and other players. The Live Sic Bo game is broadcasted in two languages: English and Turkish. Recording studios are established in Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Live Sic Bo by XproGaming: Original Choice with 2WinPower

Live Sic Bo from XproGaming is considered to be one of the most popular and demanded variants of the dice game. Communication with a live dealer, a surprisingly bright image of falling dices and unobtrusive background noise create the illusion of visiting a real casino. From the first moment as the game starts, the gambler gets the impression of full immersion.

This game pleases with pretty simple rules and absolute clarity of the process — the luck and the winning amount are affected only by the Lady Fortune.

To make a purchase or rent a Live Sic Bo from XproGaming, you can always contact the managers of 2WinPower. Our catalogue contains the best solutions for gambling websites of any format: card games, fruit and themed slot machines, content for the live casino (roulette, cards, dice).

An additional advantage of cooperation is the opportunity to order exclusive products. We offer the serviceHTML5 games development. You just need to express your wishes and provide a sketch. The rest of the work falls on the shoulders of your professionals. The finished project from 2WinPower will be a great decoration for the premium-class online establishments.

To get acquainted with the terms of cooperation, clarifying prices and ordering, please contact:

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