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Historians note that card games appeared a long time ago, even before the creation of a paper. Chinese emperors liked to play cards, or as they were called “leaves”, because it was what they were made of, and in the 12th century leaves-cards were removed by those made of paper. Card games came to Europe in the 14th century and initially only grandees played them. The UK saw cards in the 16th century an after that this game came to the New World. 

In the course of time card game has become very popular, and it is so nowadays.

Card games in online casinos

Card games can be divided into three categories: 

  • Games of chance on any bonuses — interest, money, things and so on. These card games are played in gaming clubs and casinos, and players can win only "by chance", it doesn’t depend on their skills. Among such casino games we can name blackjack, point, baccarat and others. 
  • Commercial games that can be called intellectual ones. These games are preference, bridge and so on. To win them players will need to have some experience and know a lot of subtleties.
  • National games — completely harmless, usually family games, which are played in the company without any consequences for the wallet. 

It is also needed to be mentioned that the pack of cards today usually consists of 52 cards and 4 suits. 

Casino Games

Paradoxically, it is a fact: although there is still no strategy that would allow us to constantly win in gambling establishments using honest methods, the casino business is growing rapidly. Why does it happen?

There are several reasons:

  1. Fight against boredom. Each of us sometimes wants to get new experience. So any person who visits a gambling club when he is bored can become a gambler.
  2. Excitement. The beauty of casinos is that visitors feel like winners as soon as they receive the first cash prizes. The enthusiastic drive that they will feel after this will make people play again.
  3. A special character formation of compulsive gamblers. There is a category of people for whom adrenaline is essential. They become regular visitors to gambling establishments and may even get hooked.

The casino always wins but it does not mean that users will not get what they came for. They enjoy the “harmless” risk and feel strong emotions. Thus, both visitors to casinos and owners of the gambling business get what they want.

The most popular card games in casinos are poker, blackjack and baccarat, which today are played in land-based gambling establishments and on the Internet. Thus, poker tournaments have a huge audience of about thousands of people, where professional gamblers can get huge winnings. Today, card games online are a worthy alternative to real games in land-based casinos.


It is believed that the game of poker was created about 500 years ago in Europe, but poker, which is played today, appeared in the 30s of the 19th century. It got the biggest popularity in the USA where it is played by professional gamers from Las Vegas for money and also it can be played by ordinary people for interest. 

To win at poker it is necessary to know many specific nuances, special terms and psychological techniques to be able to guess positions of the opponents. 

Rules of this game are to collect the best possible combination of cards and to force opponents out of the game, thus becoming a winner. There are several types of poker, but winning combinations are the same, so as betting and bluffing, which is so typical for this game. 

Psychology is considered to be an important factor in poker, since it is often necessary to guess the players’ cards and not to show your own situation with your behavior. However, a lot depends on luck, so you can’t say that in this game there is any concrete strategy that will help you to win. 


Blackjack means “black jack” or “black knight” as a range in cards. The presence of this card, as well as a black ace, is giving players a right for bonuses. 

The appearance of the game belongs to the early 17th century, when it was associated with the Spanish writer Cervantes, later it moved to America, where casinos were trying to foster interest in it by offering players different kinds of bonuses. One of such bonuses gave its name to the game of blackjack. 

Rules of the game are very simple: a player needs to collect the combination with the value of 21 points, where points are similar to those pictured in cards. To beat live dealer casino provides with it is necessary to get exactly 21 points or a maximum of points without exceeding this barrier. 


This game is also quite simple, however, you should know its rules in order to place bets properly. In land-based casinos it is played at the big table, and next to it there are three dealers standing. Cards are shuffled and bets are made. 

There are three types of bets in baccarat that can lead to the victory, and one of them is called a bet on the dealer, which means that the player thinks that dealer is going to win. The second bet can be made on the player, and the third one is fifty-fifty, when there is a draw. 

The value of cards is not equal to their real one. From 2-9 the value is usual, two means two, three means three and so on, but from 10 things start go differently: one number is not taken into account — 10 means zero, ace means one point and so on. The winner in baccarat is the one who has more points.

Experts say that the best one is a bet on the dealer, because he often wins. There are also quite a lot of features in the game, so it is better for players to read them on the website of the online live dealer casino. 

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New Formats

Card games software for live casinos

All of the abovementioned card games online are available in websites of casinos on the Internet. Today the most famous one is such kind of gambling establishment as a live casino where users can see the dealer almost personally and watch his hands shuffling cards during the whole gaming process. 

Live casino

This format is already not new, but each casino has its own characteristics and solutions. Some of the owners prefer to contact mediators to organize a live-casino, while others prefer to invest in their own studio (and, by the way, it is usually a very good decision). 

Having features of such a format makes operator more popular and helps him to increase revenues. Card games deserved to be successfully practiced in various live-casinos and they attract huge audiences. And having a huge amount of clients means that the owner of a business has already won, purchasing the product of excellent quality. 

We can name providers that are known for high qualitative products they make, this is why they have achieved great success:


This brand has an excellent reputation and its own huge customer database, players of which have successfully began to spend their free time on websites, including live dealer casino ones. 

And since experts of the company advocate for an increase of the amount of players, this casino is equipped in accordance with the latest technologies, and customers come here with great pleasure. And this is the most important thing for success — to receive recognition from players. 

The developers’ famous collection of card games includes online baccarat and blackjack. Everything is built so that players can feel as they are in the real gambling establishment. Games are broadcasted as in the real casino too: dealer shuffles and hands out cards, and players need only to place bets and to start playing. 


Live casino software from Microgaming provides players with all the nuances of for a successful game, starting from the notification about a vacant place near the gaming table to the opportunity to participate in other games at the same time. Notably, it is possible to bet even before the player has found a vacant place. 

Also Microgaming has a live roulette with the effects of laser technology, and in this game, too, everything is happening like in the reality. The most popular one is Hold'em Casino. 

The company has recently launched its own brand of live casino with live dealers called «Playboy», where you can participate in any game and even in a few games simultaneously.  


This well-known company is the first places in the rankings of casino operators. Its activity began in the late nineties and up to the present moment the company has reached unprecedented results in the process of organization of gambling. Among the gaming products offered by the brand there are roulette, baccarat, blackjack, casino Hold'em and, of course, slots, which are so popular and well-liked by many players. 


Playtech also offer to its users a live dealer casino that meets the most stringent requirements of gamblers. VIP-players are most respected by the casino, and they are provided with an opportunity to make higher bets in all games. The company has its own studios in Europe and Asia. 



This operator began to practice live casino with live dealer since 2005, and there are some really interesting projects in his collection. Among such casino card games as roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat, the brand offers games called “Brotherhood of the tiger and the dragon”, “Caribbean Poker”, “Sic Bo” and “Texas Hold'em”, which are also very popular with players. 


Today, the company has studios in several countries (including Bulgaria and Moldova). Besides, 45 gambling operators of European casinos choose its live casino. Three games — poker, baccarat and blackjack — Xprogaming has even launched on the Android mobile platform. 

Live casinos of three the abovementioned companies have a very high quality and great characteristics: 

  • Casinos support multiple languages;
  • These games of chance can be downloaded to your computer and opened in the browser;
  • There is a chat in which you can contact your dealer, as well as other players;
  • There are audio and video settings;
  • It is possible to track the history of bets and payments;
  • A possibility to play on different screens at the same time.

It is clear that the availability of such products as card games online especially in the format of a live casino will become an excellent opportunity for the owners of the gambling business to increase their revenues. 

Today there is not difficulty in buying software and online casino card games. It is offered by several companies and can also be rented.

2WinPower, an experienced and trustworthy company, offer these products to everyone who wants to use them to develop their business. Contact specialists of this company and they will help you to reach your goal! 

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