Novomatic is a company, which is known by casino owners from all over the world. This is a supplier of gaming equipment of the highest class. The company has appeared on the gambling market for more than 30 years ago and by now it has gained a huge experience, constantly updating and promoting its products. Nowadays especially high is a demand for slot machines Novomatic Deluxe has created. 

Novomatic gambling provider

About the reasons for the mass popularity of Novomatic BTD software

The brand’s reputation

Impeccable quality of products is confirmed by numerous studies of independent laboratories and prestigious awards received on many thematic events

Impregnable honesty

All manipulations with the original software are completely excluded. This fact is confirmed by scientific research and the actions of gamblers.

Slot machines of this developer are installed in the largest land-based gambling establishments of Monaco, Las Vegas, and Monte Carlo

Free game

For each product of the company, a free demo version is created, which can be used as training material or a pleasant way to carry out leisure activities without the slightest risk of losing money

Unique bonus program

The developer has provided for the smallest details — even in case of loss, users do not lose interest in the casino

The unique composition of storylines

Each new product of the company is a combination of bright colours and unstoppable imagination. Even traditional fruit-themed mixes of this brand have completely new accents

RTP percentage

In addition to traditional versions with 95-97%, the brand’s portfolio includes a series of slot machines with the RTP percentage up to 98.6%

At the end of the 20th century very few people knew about the Internet, neither players nor developers themselves. Two things influenced the future popularity of Novomatic: appearance and development of the Internet and illegality of gambling in many jurisdictions. 

The next step for the company was learning everything about online casinos where it was impossible to use land-based slot machines Novomatic has done before. And then came online slots the same "one-armed bandits", but advanced and with more features. 

Gambling equipment developed by specialists from Novomatic and slots are extremely popular among players. Nowadays in 80 countries in the world we can find more than 1200 virtual casinos with 250 games. Because of such popularity partners are glad to buy online casino software from Novomatic

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Gambling Software From Novomatic 

Novomatic software for online casinos

Let’s look through several main characteristics of gambling software for sale created by such experienced and successful company: 

  • 01

    Experts say that this software is innovative and has a high quality.

  • 02

    The casino gaming system functions and operates the online slots with unique winning opportunities, because of such great software.

  • 03

    Novomatic slot games were developed in a Flash format, you do not need to download it to your computer.

  • 04

    You can play games in any browser by simply opening them in a website of the online casino.

  • 05

    Software enables you to install unique mathematical programs to games, making it difficult for users to tear away from the game.

  • 06

    Design, graphics and sound were created by professionals and attract users.

  • 07

    All slot machines Novomatic has developed have a simple and accessible interface, and there is no difficulty in understanding it.

  • 08

    Software delivers the reliability and security of payment systems and ensures the security of transactions.

  • 09

    Technical support is provided by highly qualified specialists, it is possible to contact them at any time.

  • 10

    Partners of the company can be advised on how to use software after they buy it.

Slot machines from this developer meet the strictest requirements of players and the demand of partners. They are original, beneficial, profitable and, according to experts, can be paid off in a very short time (6 months maximum) and attract huge audiences of gamblers. 

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Novomatic Deluxe Slot Games

This series is considered to be a product of new technology with many innovative features added. Slots Deluxe from Novomatic are already known as the best on the market, their features were improved and winning abilities are considered to be very high. 

It is worth noting some characteristics that put these slots in the first place in the rankings:

Guarantee of

Flash format and vivid 3D animation.

Great design and improved graphics.

High-quality sound.

Increased number of variable pay lines.

Increased number of bonus opportunities (prizes, free spins, promos).

Increased winning opportunities (up to 98.6%).

In case of a disconnect, the user is transferred to the same stage of the game he had been before it was interrupted.

In case of a breach of a connection with the Internet users can return to the same stage of the game which they were passing before the interruption. 

Due to all these factors Novomatic Deluxe slots are similar to the bright fascinating histories. Players love them and owners of casino are wishing to buy them, because these products increase the profitability of their gambling establishments. Furthermore, all slots are available in a mobile version of the casino, where it is an easy process to deposit the account and to withdraw funds. 

The most famous Novomatic Deluxe slots are: The Magic Flute, Gryphon's Gold, Hot Target, Sizzling Hot, and many others.



Risky Game in Deluxe Slots (Novomatic BTD) 

This is how they call the ability to play on doubling, which is available in all qualitative slots. It is also known as a “risky game” and “Beat the dealer” (actually, his card). All these concepts mean one thing — a chance for a big win, but with a risk of losing everything. 

Very long time ago, in the early days of online gambling, this “doubling” game have also brought joy to players in the form of various prizes when they played slot machine called "Five Lines", where the outcome has depended only on chance. 

All Novomatic games from Deluxe series have excellent bonus features: special rounds, promos, prizes, scatters and free spins. Among all these factors a “risky game” is available for those who got a certain combination of symbols, which means you can take a chance and play again. In case of winning the player will double his winning (or triple, depending on the slot), but if lose — he will lose it all. 

Gamblers often take a risk – it is likely that a gaming process is more important for them than actual winnings. The adrenaline rush, the pleasure of the possibility to win or lose — these are thing they care about. 

However, experienced players recommend those who are not endowed with a small percentage of intuition not to play this game at all. Also playing Novomatic BTD it is necessary to make small bets and do not get too carried away — remember that you are playing with the RNG (random number generator). 

BTD 50/50

All you need to do is simply to guess a card when you are given the opportunity to guess one of the two or two of the four cards (face-down). In some cases you may be offered to choose four from eight. Depending on a game it is possible to guess the color, suit and standard of cards. Experts say that in this game, users can somehow use their intuition and even win. 

Against the dealer

A BTD game where player is offered to choose one card from four while the dealers’ card is already open is a very interesting opportunity. If the player’s card is of higher rank, it is not for nothing that he risked. In other case the dealer wins. 

Any owner of the gambling business will receive additional opportunities to increase revenues from his online casino, if he buys slot machines by Novomatic Deluxe.

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The Developer is Proud of the Following Achievements

  • subsidiaries and representative offices of the company can be found in many countries of the world;
  • the average annual revenue of the concern exceeds several billion dollars;
  • the provider’s team includes tens of thousands of qualified professionals;
  • more than one thousand eight hundred gambling locations from all over the world work with the equipment and software components of the described developer.

You can buy or rent Novomatic BTD games from 2WinPower. Specialists of this company will explain how to work with this casino gaming system. 

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