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At all times, since its creation (which was on the 19th century) roulette was very successful and attracted players to the casino. Previously, the famous "wheel" (the term “roulette” is French) spun in most land-based casinos all over the world, from Europe to America, and all gamblers were very much interested in it. 

Roulette for an online casino

Today there are many online casino websites on the Internet were you can find software for roulette online, and it is still very exciting for players and profitable for gambling establishments, because it doesn’t require huge equipment, luxury furniture and bar with strong drinks. The same can’t be said about land-based casinos. 

Besides, the fact that gambling became illegal in many countries has no affect on online roulette casinos, because they are virtual, and owners of the gambling business are still paying taxes as it should be done. This is why we can say that online casino games and casino roulette software in particular are the most appropriate and successful way to make money on the Internet

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Roulette as a Process 

Everyone knows that roulette is a wheel with numbered cells of black and red colors, except for the green cell "zero". The whole game is about placing bets and the wheel spinning when the croupier launches the ball. The wheel must do three turns, and after that the ball will fall into one of the cells and if the player makes bet on the right colour, he wins. 

Rules are simple, you only need to bet. It is impossible to guess where the ball is going to fall, so nothing here depends on players.

However, if Fortune loves someone and he has a strong intuition, it will be possible for him to win. 

It is worth noting that the player can’t calculate the result and he will never succeed in beating the casino, otherwise it would not have launched online casino roulette software. But small winnings can happen quite often, and of course there can be significant ones, so you will be able to win, although, you won’t be able to earn money on a regular basis this way. 

Roulette online is different from the traditional one in the fact that it is played on the Internet, although rules of the game are almost the same. For example, in European roulette there are 37 numbers (36+zero), the American one there are 38 numbers (36+two zeros). Also there are such types of this game as the French roulette and Russian roulette. 

When you start playing the game you can bet on the number of the cell, on a combination of numbers, on the color (black or red), on parity (even number or odd). Thus, one can make multiple bets on various parameters. 

The European Roulette online has 37 cells, 36 of which are red and black, and one is green, which means the zero number. All bets can be divided into 10 different types, however, as it has been proved, the biggest amount of money can be won, if you place a bet on a single number. 

There are also bets that can double the amount of money you’ve been put in — these are so-called outside bets, which were made not on the number, but on the colour or the sector. 

It should be noted that if you bet on the red colour you will win more often (the probability is up to 48.6%), but the winning sum in this case will be much lower. 

Among the casino games we also need to mention a Premier Roulette, which is very similar to the European, but it has a Turbo mode, which significantly speeds up the game. This acceleration gives players the opportunity to ignore the spinning of the wheel, and the result of the game will be shown very quickly. Besides, any player can come up with his own scheme, and he has a right to change it. 

There is also a French Roulette, which is considered to be the ancestor of both European and American roulettes. The difference is that it has so-called "rule of the prison", which means that if you have a zero on the wheel, your bet is still in the game and a part of it can be used for further games. So the player can get half of his bets on chance back. In this case the casino reduces its advantage to 1.35 percent. 

Is it possible to beat online roulette?

You shouldn’t believe information on the Internet offered by “experts” who say that you can buy “winning methods” from them. Their only wish is to get money from such naive players. 

In any case casino will have an advantage of players. Whatever they think, players will never beat a casino because his whole system is built on making money, and this system was developed by very smart people. 

Do not trust those who offer supposedly winning strategies and do not be too naive when choosing a gambling establishment. Deposit funds only in online casinos with a good reputation. You must be sure that the business owner is honest with you, and keep a grip on yourself during the game session.

Follow some of the most important rules:

  1. Try not to place all-in bets.
  2. Choose a suitable system of playing a casino game and stick to it.
  3. Do not place bets on five numbers since, in this case, the casino has the maximum advantage.

Gambling always promises strong emotions but do not let them cloud your judgement. Keep a cool head and big winnings will be yours.

Is there a winning strategy?

There are many such strategies on the Internet and mostly they are useless, as it was already mentioned above. But still there are a few effective ways, which help if not to win, but not to lose money. Unfortunately, as in all casino games of chance, roulette will often be the winner, and you should always remember it. 

Among the most popular one we can name a Martingale system, which is based on the fact that the player will double his bet with each stroke. For example, when he places bet on the "black" it means that in some time he will finally win, which will bring him a huge amount of money. 

Professional players recommend some rules to be followed when you visit online roulette casinos:

  • Take a certain amount of money with you and don’t spend more than you planned;
  • Before you visit any casino you should find out about its reputation first;
  • Do not put all in and don’t get too involved in the game or you will lose all your money;
  • Adhere to a particular system, which can be worked out by yourself, and watch the game carefully.

At first glance, these rules are quite simple, but be sure that not everyone can avoid risking. Splashed adrenaline and strong emotions can cause the fact that players stops controlling himself and makes grave mistakes while playing. Players shouldn’t forget that there is also a chat roulette in a casino, where it is possible to ask for a piece of advice when it is needed. 

The Best Casino Roulette

Among all games offered by online casinos the most modern and popular is probably the live casino roulette with live dealers. This game is possible because of the presence of the operator in his own studio and a broadcast. 

Live casino roulette

Casino with live dealers is different from the traditional one in such aspect that the player enters the virtual reality. He is watching dealers’ actions on the screen, and he can see every gesture in detail: how the dealer spins roulette or laying chips. Live dealers casino is where you can see all aspects of the game and everything that happens in the studio. 

A role of the dealer is often played by lovely girls with beautiful body with whom it is nice to chat. This aspect of live roulette software is integral for creating the right atmosphere. Also you can chat with other players. Chat Roulette operates 24/7 and it gives the opportunity to get answers on any arising questions. Buy online roulette software at 2WinPower to receive the finest solutions from experienced specialists.

Today, the most popular and qualitative casino with live dealers can be found from such well-known roulette software developers like XProGaming, Microgaming and Playtech

It is possible to buy or rent games and online casino software for roulette at 2WinPower.

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