A Successful Business Model for Online Casinos

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Ten years ago, experts believed that if a company has a website, it will increase the number of customers. But it is unlikely that business owners suspected that all spheres of human activity would be broadcasted in the online space. Now, they say:

Connect the possibility of paying in Bitcoins, develop applications and chatbots in Telegram. And if you do not have developments in the field of artificial intelligence yet, then your business is doomed.

The good news is that not all products of modern technologies quickly pay for themselves and directly affect the number of visitors to gambling establishments. But it is time to move operators to the online space, and this should be done in a qualitative manner. If you care about customers and do not want players to run from your online casino, then this material will be very useful for you.


Gambling license for an online casino

Operators of land-based casinos have to obtain a license from the country where they are physically located. Each region has its own rules but it is impossible to do business without paying taxes and having a license.

Even if you own a land-based gambling establishment in a particular country, an online casino will require a separate license. This business is extremely profitable, which is very beneficial for the country. No one will poke sticks into spokes but you will have to pay for each step.

If you are only planning to launch an online casino, we would recommend you to carefully study the issue of licensing. It may be more profitable to obtain a permit in another country and conduct activities within its territory.

Jurisdiction The cost of the service Time period for issuing a license Tax levies (for non-residents of the country)
Malta 10 thousand dollars 3-6 months 0,5-5%
Curacao 35 thousand dollars Up to 1 month 5,5%
Costa Rica 10 thousand dollars Up to 1 month 0%
Great Britain 25 thousand pounds Up to 1 year 15%
The Isle of Man 35 thousand pounds 4 months 0-1,5%
Antigua and Barbuda Up to 200 thousand dollars 3 months 0%
Kahnawake 10 thousand dollars Up to 1 month 0%
Gibraltar From 2 thousand pounds 3-6 months 1%
Alderney 35 thousand pounds 3 months 0%
Belize 60 thousand dollars 2 months 0,75%
Panama Up to 100 thousand dollars 2 months 0%

Marketing and Digital Promotion

Your audience will be expanded significantly but how can you tell your target audience about your new online casino? There are three basic strategies that must be used to attract customers:

  1. Working with the client base. Those players who already know you will appreciate the new project. And if you provide them with bonuses and prizes, they will regularly visit not you’re your land-based location but also an online casino.
  2. SEO. You need an expert on search engine optimization (SEO). He will bring to your website only the right audience who is interested in gambling, looking for slots, casinos or sports betting options. It is better to turn to a professional because a poor-quality optimisation can only do harm to the gaming site.
  3. SMM. Social networks are a special platform where people share information with each other and communicate. There are three SMM pillars: the right content strategy, customisation of advertisements, and making the audience more active. Therefore, it is also worth inviting an expert on social networks.

Loyalty Programs and Bonuses

Imagine that a potential client has already appeared on your website and found what he was looking for. But it does not guarantee that he will return to it again. In this case, you have to use various bonuses, discounts, loyalty programs, free games, gifts, and prizes.

Loyalty programs in online gambling

Do not overdo it: you will only frighten users with excessive attention and push notifications.

Players must feel like they are special, just like in a real casino. In a land-based gambling establishment, clients are served with drinks and snacks, and that is usually enough. But in online casinos, you will have to fight with competitors for the attention and loyalty of gamblers.

Do not forget that a customer can leave your online casino in one click.

And always remember that one regular customer is better than ten new ones.

It is necessary to work with regular customers separately. To do this, you should keep them interested with the help of special loyalty programs and include them in the newsletter. Let the regular user feel like a premium class person.

Online casino players have higher requirements so do not be lazy to think about a reward system for regular customers.

The Design of an Online Casino Should be of the Highest Quality

No bonuses and free games will save your online gambling establishment if the website looks old-fashioned and of poor quality. Spend some money on web design. The first thing that players get is the visual scanning of the gaming site.

Also, try to make sure that all games in your casino have good and animated graphics. Add video slots, poker with bright animation, and virtual rooms. All this will help you to retain customers.

The Multipurposeness of Online Casinos: Sports Betting

The format of an online casino opens up new opportunities for profit earning. In order to start accepting bets on sports events, you do not need to search for premises for the betting shop and spend a lot of money. It is enough to create a landing page, order the good software, set up a cabinet for an operator, and you will be ready to accept the first bets.

Nowadays, there are many areas in sports betting, in addition to the classical disciplines: bets on eSports, fantasy sports, and even bets on the outcome of political events. Programmers have already developed for this industry its own software, applications, and programs for forecasting. This area is very profitable.

Following these tips, you will be able to launch a successful online casino, and your business will be profitable and prosperous.

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