What is the Price Per Head Online Casino Software?

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Updated: 22/10/2018

Recently, the information on the Price Per Head Online Casino Software has received wide coverage. What is it and how does it work? And most importantly, is it worth choosing this model?

Price Per Head online casino software

An online gaming sphere is growing rapidly all over the world, so it is not surprising that every year there are new products for both gamblers and business owners. Moreover, each innovation can significantly reduce costs and increase revenues, if you will use it correctly.

You must admit that it is logical to do your best to save money. So, the Price Per Head Online Casino Software model was created only for the optimization of costs. Such casino solution was created to enable a gambling establishment to entrust customer service to its provider and pays each time when users ask for assistance.

In case you need such software and want to find a reliable vendor, we offer you to contact 2WinPower. Specialists from this company will make sure that you get the most high-quality product that meets your requirements.

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Substance of a PPH Model

PPH is an English abbreviation, which means Price Per Head – payments for customers. This model is similar to others and consists of six stages.

Steps for the creation of a PPH casino solution:

  1. Obtain a license. Its price depends on the country that provides a permit and is usually no less than fifteen thousand dollars. Businessmen prefer to receive this document in offshore jurisdictions or EU countries.
  2. Create a casino website. Its development is a big and separate project that includes the work of a designer, SEO-optimiser, layout designer, programmers, and content managers. Most often, the creation of a web resource is entrusted to third-party contractors who have all these specialists on the staff.
  3. Purchase and install an online gaming system. The casino platform is the special software that helps owners to create and manage their business properly. Then goes the installation of additional programs, which are very important for the activity of casinos.
  4. Select the software. At this stage, casino games, payment processors (including such an option as bitcoin payments), and other elements are selected.
  5. Provide technical support. An idea to launch a gambling club by yourself means that you will have to deal with issues related to the support of clients– connection of a live chat, organisation of a call centre, and most importantly, training of employees to teach them how to solve problems of gamblers quickly and effectively. In case you decide to open a PPH casino, the software vendor will deal with all the support!
  6. Develop a marketing strategy. It is quite difficult to promote online casinos. And it is not only about the creative component of any advertisement but also about legal restrictions that do not allow anyone to speak about the advantages of casinos and bookmaker’s offices. Therefore, before you start the promotion of your gambling website, carefully study all marketing tools and laws of the country where you received a license and are planning to conduct activities related to a casino business.

Marketing tools development

So, you have serious work to do. You should understand that independent creation of an online casino is very time-consuming. Just to obtain a permit will take from six to eight months.

It is much more economical (in every sense) to purchase a casino on a turnkey basis, which will have all necessary programs, payment systems, and customer service on the PPH model as a bonus.

Advantages of PPH

We have identified three main reasons for buying such software and create your own gambling project on its basis.

The first reason: it saves your time

By purchasing the Price Per Head Online Casino Software, you do not have to spend time on:

  • acquisition of license;
  • an independent software development;
  • negotiating with payment operators;
  • selection of casino games;
  • customer service;
  • thousands of small tasks that you must accomplish.

It is important that you get a reliable partner in the person of a software vendor who will support, guide, consult, and deal with some issues by himself. It is one of the best ways to start your business.

Moreover, when you transfer some part of the tasks to the contractor, you get more time to solve other problems. You can concentrate on advertising, improve an existing customer service, and start creating the second and the third website.

The second reason: it saves your money

You pay the software vendor only for existing customers, no matter if they played one slot game or many or how many deposits they made. Such a scheme is more successful compared to the same franchise when operators pay 7–15% commission monthly.

In addition, if you count the price of each stage of the creation of a casino in cash, in general, your expenses will be from twenty thousand dollars or more, depending on the country. It will be much cheaper to buy a packaged offer that already has all the necessary elements.

The third reason: happy customers

The PPH model can really make your clients happy for several reasons:

  • 24/7 technical support service;
  • the staff of the call centre and a technical support chat are desperate to solve users’ problems;
  • gamblers receive the assistance of professionals who have many years of working experience.

As a bonus, satisfied customers become regular visitors, and what is more – free advertising agents since good service increases the popularity of brands and makes their profit grow rapidly.

Where to Buy the PPH Software

Where to buy a casino solution

This is quite difficult to find a reliable software vendor. However, if you have found our website – your problem is solved! 2WinPower is a cross-sectional and successful firm with the vast experience in the described field. Here you can get various kinds of software and slot machines, order the development of a gaming site, and make use of promotion services.

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