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Double Double Bonus Poker Card Game

  • Deck — 52 cards
  • Joker — no
  • Minimum bet — 25 cents
  • Maximum bet — $5
  • Hands — 1
  • Jackpot — no
  • Bonus — no
  • Double game — yes
  • Technology: HTML5, Flash

Double Double Bonus Poker by Microgaming: Card Game Review

The Microgaming company offers fans of gambling a lot of quite unusual and exciting variations of card games. One of the most popular among them is Double Double Bonus Poker. Video poker pleases not only impeccable visual design but pretty nice payouts. The game offers a series of innovations and additions that allow you to apply a variety of strategic schemes and try on the role of a very wealthy person.

To rent and purchase the card emulator Double Double Bonus Poker from Microgaming you can contact 2WinPower. We are ready to offer the best conditions for cooperation: attractive prices, a wide range of entertainment content and professional assistance in choosing solutions for online casinos of any format.

Description of Double Double Bonus Poker by Microgaming

To play Double Double Bonus Poker, a classic deck of 52 cards is used (there are no jokers among them).

The main goal is to make a paid combination with the possibility of a one-time replacement of any number of cards. The range of bets in Double Double Bonus Poker is from one to five game coins.

One of the distinctive features of the new video poker from Microgaming is the ability to play both classic combinations and make quite unusual and high-paying chains. For example, in contrast to other analogues, Double Double Bonus Poker presents five variations of the four of a kind:

  • Five-kings (pay-outs of 250 coins).
  • Twos, threes or fours (prize of 400 coins).
  • Aces (the reward of 800 credits).
  • Twos, threes or fours with an ace (800 coins).
  • Ace with two, three or four (win 2 thousand coins).

The most monetary combination is the royal flush. With the maximum rate, the card set is able to bring the player 4 thousand credits.

Double Double Bonus Poker has a standard game of chance, which can be found in most other card entertainment from Microgaming. The player should randomly choose from four closed cards face value that can beat the dealer’s open card.

The Interface of Emulator Double Double Bonus Poker by Microgaming

The game field is made in monochromatic blue colour. On a bright background there is a table with pay-out ratios: in the first column, there are combinations at the minimum rate, in the last — winning options at the highest deposit.

To interact with the cards just click on the selected item. Graphic design with excellent animation effects creates a feeling of full presence at the real poker table.

The user interface pleases with simplicity and compactness. The main keys to control the process:

  • Deal — the start of a hand;
  • Draw — replacement of card denominations;
  • Collect — transfer of winnings to personal gaming account;
  • Double — start the “double game” mode;
  • Help — to enter the reference section;
  • Exit — exit the game.

There is no separate bonus round or progressive jackpot in Double Double Bonus Poker.

Microgaming Double Double Bonus Poker: Benefits of Purchase With 2WinPower

Double Double Bonus Poker from Microgaming is an excellent solution that can attract a new audience and give visitors to your establishment a lot of unforgettable impressions. Each element of the card game is well-designed with great care, allowing you to enjoy the process with full dedication.

2WinPower managers will not only answer all your questions and help you with the choice of content, but also offer individual terms of cooperation for each client. We have the best prices and constant renewal of assortment. The card games, standard fruit and atmospheric themed slot machines, casino products in live-format are available.

There is a service for the development of exclusive game content. Dropping in on us, you can always order HTML5-games on your own sketches.

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