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Alien Hunter HTML5 Game by Playtech

  • Reels — 5
  • Gaming lines — 25
  • The maximal bet is 1,250
  • The highest win is 10,000
  • Bonus game — yes
  • Wild symbol — yes
  • Scatter symbol — yes
  • Accumulative jackpot — yes
  • Technology: HTML5, Flash

Alien Hunter Slot Machine by Playtech: Overview

Humanity will ask for a long time whether there is life on other planets? How do aliens look like? Can you make friends with them or have to fight? Probably, each of us is concerned about these issues. And it is on this conversation are trying to bring us the developers of the Playtech company in one of the top slots called Alien Hunter.

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Alien Hunter by Playtech: Key Features

The slot, which name is Alien Hunter, will please not only fans of space-themed machines, but also all those who prefer colourful games. The guys from Playtech managed to make Alien Hunter modern and positive while laying the traditional algorithms and understandable mathematics.


This slot has 5 reels with 3 visible pictures on each, the total playing field consists of 15 positions to form winning combinations. Paylines can be involved up to 25, and the player activates the desired number at will.

In Alien Hunter, players bet with tokens that they buy at the beginning of the game. Moreover, the value of the token is also chosen by the player and can range from 1 cent to 5 dollars.

Range of Bets

The slot has a very flexible betting system. On each of the active lines can be bet from 1 to 10 tokens, and thus fine-tune expenses.

The minimum bet per spin is only 1 cent, for this option, players need to put 1 token on 1 active line.

The maximum bet is 1,250 dollars. This amount can be put when the player activates all 25 lines and per each of them bet 10 tokens with a value of 5 dollars.

The Winning Sequences

In the Alien Hunter game, in order to get a combination that will bring a cash payment, after the spin on the playing field should appear the same characters. The chain is considered to be winning if it starts on the leftmost reel and continues to the right.

The amount of payment is calculated based on:

  • what characters are included in the combination;
  • how long the chain is;
  • whether it involves special characters, and whether they appeared on the field in another place;
  • bets made by the player on the line;
  • a number of active paylines.

Alien Hunter by Playtech: Gaming Elements

In Alien Hunter, symbols are all designed in rich colours and some kind of extra-terrestrial theme. That is pretty much how artists of the 90s imagined the interior of interplanetary ships: a lot of metal, no ornate elements, bright neon colours.

As in many other games authored by Playtech, in Alien Hunters, there are three categories of characters:

  1. Nominal symbols are card denominations from ten to ace.
  2. Character elements are made in the form of funny aliens.
  3. Special symbols: wild, scatter and 2 bonus symbols.

Wild Symbol

Wild is depicted in the game as an evil alien with blue fur, who was caught in a cage. This hero can perform two things:

  1. To replace all other non-special characters, thus participating in the formation of a longer winning sequence.
  2. If it falls up to 5 times at once, it brings a good bonus to winning per spin: 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000 tokens for 2, 3, 4 or 5 symbols on the playing field, respectively.

Scatter Symbol

The Hunter’s ship ploughs space expenses and... brings a prize regardless of the place in which it appears on the playing field. The main thing that it would be a multi-falling: 3, 4 or 5 scatters on the field give 5, 10 or 25 additional spins, respectively.

The size of the bet remains the same as the last time the player has set, but the amount is debited from the casino account.

Bonus Symbols

One of the distinctive features of the Alien Hunter game is the presence of two bonus symbols. Apparently, the guys from Playtech really liked this slot, and they decided to make such a gift to future players.

The first bonus is an alien egg. When this icon appears on 1st and 5th reels at the same time, the bonus game is triggered. Players will collect blue eggs, each of which contains a cash bonus or a multiplier of winnings.

The second bonus symbol is none other than the Hunter himself. A moustachioed man in a spacesuit can also run a secret round in Alien Hunter if he appears on the active line more than 3 times simultaneously. In this mini-game, players will hunt for alien pests, but they can choose only 6 goals. The biggest bonuses are in red creatures, then in descending order of profitability are blue, and the simplest of them are green.

It is noteworthy that the Alien Hunter slot machine has a progressive jackpot called Dollar Ball. But participation in it is paid and is 1 dollar.

How to Integrate Alien Hunter Model Produced by Playtech?

Good slots always bring great profits, and many casino owners take a long time to find the perfect balance of games for their websites to please players and at the same time stay in the black. If you are looking for new products for your online casino, the Alien Hunter from Playtech is perfect for such purposes.

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