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Baccarat Simple by Playtech

  • Number of decks ― 8
  • The type of a deck ― 52 elements
  • Joker ― no
  • Bonuses ― no
  • Progressive jackpot ― no
  • Minimum bet ― 1 cent
  • Maximum bet ― 100 dollars
  • Types of bets ― standard
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

Baccarat From Playtech: a Review of the Game

Baccarat is a relatively simple card game with a very rich history. Initially, this entertainment was popular with aristocrats, impressing players by truly huge sizes of bets. Also, in some primary sources, it is mentioned that it had also a ritualistic character.

Today, this game is accessible to the public. You can try your luck and significantly replenish your wallet without leaving your familiar home environment. By launching Baccarat from Playtech, anyone can instantly plunge into an atmosphere of luxury and wealth.

It is very easy to order Baccarat and other content from Playtech: just contact the managers from 2WinPower. The company's product range includes the best solutions for gaming sites of any format.

Description of Baccarat From Playtech

The first thing that instantly attracts attention in Baccarat is the elementary rules, to study which it is enough to spend just a couple of minutes.

There are eight decks in the game with a standard set of denominations (except for jokers). The goal of the process is to collect the winning combination and correctly determine the winner of the round. The distribution of cards takes place in two rounds: first, cards are issued to the player, and then to the dealer.

The game has classic betting options:

  • the victory of the player (the deposit is paid at a rate of 2 to 1);
  • the victory of the dealer (the rate is calculated according to the 2 to 1 scheme, plus a fee of 5% of the winnings is taken from users);
  • draw (the riskiest and the most well-paid option with a 9 to 1 rate).

A distinctive feature of Baccarat is the absence of various “bells and whistles”. The game does not provide bonuses or an option that allows gamblers to double the size of a prize. It is perfect for both beginners and connoisseurs of elegant classic casino solutions.

Symbols of Baccarat From Playtech

The winner is the one who has managed to collect nine points. Each of the card denominations brings a certain number of them:

  • elements from two to nine correspond to their nominal values;
  • an ace is equal to one;
  • ten, jack, queen, and king are equal to zero.

Jokers in this game are not provided.

The Interface of Baccarat From Playtech

On the screen, players can see a table with a traditional marking. Tokens are located on a massive wooden rim. The cloth is made in three colours: classic green, purple, and peach. All functions are performed directly on the table ― users have just to click on a specific zone.

Despite the simplicity of the process, gamblers are recommended to previously familiarise themselves with the nuances of controls. The rules of the game and payout rates can be seen in the information section.

The soundtrack in Baccarat deserves special attention: the noise of a real casino acts as the background of the game. Users hear soft music, the sound of falling tokens, and the rustle of the handed cards.

Baccarat From Playtech: a Successful Purchase With 2WinPower

This exciting card entertainment caught fancy of gamblers all over the world. Atmospheric and interesting game pleases with excellent graphics and quite high chances of winning.

To order Baccarat from Playtech, leave an application to the managers of 2WinPower. Here, you can both purchase the software and rent the game content. We guarantee an individual approach and loyal prices.

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