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Demo game
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  • Reels ― 3
  • Paylines ― 8
  • Maximum bet ― 0.08
  • Jackpot ― x200
  • Progressive jackpot ― no
  • Bonus games ― no
  • Wild symbol ― no
  • Scatter symbol ― yes
  • Technologies HTML5, Flash

Each gambler who plays not occasionally but stably eventually begins to recognise the manufacturer of the slot just by looking at the screen of the slot machine. That is why experienced players often start looking for unique games that are different from the offer of the mass market.

In order to attract such an audience to your website, you need to constantly update the game content. And today, we offer you a special slot that is not so easy to find on the Internet ― Aero from the Spin Fun studio.

This company no longer exists but its products still “live” on the Web and even attract gamblers. The whole line remained in its original form so that real fans of online gambling culture can see how the slots looked at the beginning of the creation of this type of entertainment.

We are sure that with the installation of these slots, VIP-level players will start coming to your gaming site, ready to place high bets for an opportunity to play unique slot machines. It is very easy to order such slots: fill in the feedback form and wait for the 2WinPower manager to contact you.

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Below, we will tell you about the features of the Aero game, its interface, symbols, and bonuses.

It is obvious from the title that the Aero slot is dedicated to air transport. Here, you will find some lightness and simplicity, which, first of all, can be seen in the design of the game. The panel of this solution from Spin Fun has nine cells (3x3), that is, only nine positions for the formation of winning combinations ― unlike in the modern 3D games, which usually have five reels and fifteen cells.

Paylines are one of the key features of this series of slots: there are eight of them, and combinations can be formed from top to bottom, from left to right, and also diagonally! None of the modern manufacturers put such mechanics in their products, and therefore, Aero is a real gem in the world of online slots.

By the way, by using the “+” and “-” buttons that are located at the bottom of the screen, users can customise the number of lines. The indicator will change in the progression from sixty-four to three hundred twenty.

Aero From Spin Fun: Controls

Since the slot was created quite a long time ago, there are no flexible options for customising the game. And yet, the developers have implemented several key functions that can be activated by the buttons which can be found at the bottom of the screen:

  • Help ― allows you to display a window with the information on the winning coefficients and their correspondences;
  • Auto ― this button activates the automatic game mode, which extremely loved by players who are waiting for the loyalty of the Lady Luck;
  • Start ― controls the reels (with its help, you can launch the reels and stop them at the right moment).

There are no more control functions in the Aero game. Surprisingly, here, players cannot even customise the size of bets ― it is always 0.01.

Aero From Spin Fun: the Design and Symbols

Of course, today, it is difficult for us to compare simple games like Aero with modern HTML5 slots. Yes, the first ones do not have such a fascinating design and graphics but they become even more valuable because they have never been updated.

The slot's panel itself is made in the white colour, although on the background, there is an image of an aeroplane shed and a part of the aeroplane. All symbols in Aero are drawn in a simple graphic manner on a white background. We think that it simplifies their perception and allows you to quickly calculate, which combinations have appeared on the screen.

All icons of the game look very simple. There are many types of air transport: an aeroplane, a dirigible, a hang glider, and a parachute. The logic of developers from Spin Fun, who also have added symbols with the images of a gondola of different colours and a sailboat, is not completely clear. Perhaps, it happened because they are also driven by the power of the wind?

Whatever it was, it is impossible not to note that all symbols are very bright and colourful, which adds a cheerful atmosphere to the game.

As for the sound, the developers have decided to make it in a traditional way. The slot machine responds with special sounds to the launch of the reels, informs players about the appearance of the combination, and attracts their attention if a big prize has been won. The music in the Aero game is dynamic and keeps gamblers in anticipation.

Aero From Spin Fun: the Jackpots

Speaking about the mechanics of the Aero slot, here, Spin Fun have decided to use an unexpected algorithm. All symbols are divided into two categories: Maxi Jackpot and Mini Jackpot.

Each image of the game can bring a nice bonus. To do it, this icon must appear on the screen in several places during one spin. At the same time, the symbols from the Mini Jackpot category can bring a jackpot of x40 if they fill all nine cells. And the images from the Maxi Jackpot group, in the same situation, multiply the size of a bet by x60 or x100 times!

In this game, a scatter symbol ― a yellow-green dirigible with the inscription SPIN ― performs a special function. It appears more often and brings various payments: from x2 to x200! The latter is the largest payout available in the slot but to receive it, you need to collect nine dirigibles on the panel. You can find out about more details by clicking the Help button.

Aero From Spin Fun: How to Install It

Thanks to the non-standard mechanics, the Aero game remains interesting for users even today ― in the era of bonus levels and various payment systems. Although the slot does not have outstanding graphics and exciting gameplay, its value is in its archaism. Such rare games allow operators to attract the attention of true fans of gambling.

For some visitors to online casinos, it is more important to play something unique, different from other slots. And in this sense, the Aero slot machine is a great finding. We recommend the installation of Spin Fun slots to those casinos that are focused on the elite category of gamblers. It is a good way to expand the audience and increase the revenues of a gaming site.

To order the Aero slot, choose a convenient method of communication at the bottom of the page, and leave an application to the manager of the 2WinPower studio. With us, you can not only update the range of slots with “antique” games but also develop individual HTML5 slots based on your personal requirements and created for the needs of your audience.

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