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Nixterida Game by Spin Fun

  • Reels ― 3
  • Paylines ― 8
  • Maximal bet ― 0.08
  • Maximal jackpot ― x200
  • Progressive jackpot ― no
  • Bonus games ― no
  • Wild symbol ― no
  • Scatter symbol ― yes
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

A Slot Machine From the Spin Fun Developer ― Nixterida

Every owner of an online casino sooner or later faces a situation where the major part of his visitors are beginners who place cautious and low bets and disappear from sight after a few days. And as you know, to build a stable business, it is important to create a database of regular customers.

One of the most effective ways to do it is to regularly update the product range, or even better, to upload to the casino website unique slots that are difficult to find on the Internet. Today, we will tell you about one of the rare finds that spark the interest of the gambling antiquaries: Nixterida from Spin Fun.

What is so special about this slot? The provider Spin Fun has long gone out of the business, that is, since the release of Nixterida and other slots of this line, there were no updates, and the games still look the same. It is thanks to them that fans of online gambling can find out how the slot machines looked like at the beginning of online gambling entertainment.

Slots like Nixterida always cause nostalgia. They are radically different from modern 3D games but still do not lose their special charm. As practice shows, gaming sites are often visited by players of the VIP level who are searching for unique game content. That is why we recommend you to order the installation of this slot right now with the help of a specialist from 2WinPower.

Nixterida From Spin Fun: Features of the Game

The first thing that distinguishes the Nixterida slot from modern HTML5 solutions is the panel. Today’s games with their standard five reels and fifteen cells provide much more opportunities for the formation of winning combinations, while products from Spin Fun have only nine cells.

However, the developers still put a lot of effort into the creation of Nixterida. The problem of a small panel is more than compensated by the non-standard paylines. They are eight of them in game, and they move in a totally random way: from up to down, from left to right, and even diagonally!

You must admit that none of the modern manufacturers has created such slots, and this is another reason why Nixterida must be integrated into your gaming site.

Nixterida From Spin Fun: Controls

The next important feature of this game is its controls. Nixterida does not have a flexible setup process but it already has basic options.

Thus, at the bottom of the screen, in the Nixterida game, there are such buttons:

  • Help ― shows a window with the help content with the information on all combinations and coefficients, the size of bonuses for each symbol that appeared on the panel several times during one spin of the reels;
  • Auto ― launches an automatic game mode;
  • Start ― launches the game in a manual mode (with its help, users can launch and stop the reels whenever they want).

Also, players can customise the relevant number of paylines by using “+” and “-” at the bottom of the screen. The corresponding value varies from sixty-four to three hundred twenty lines.

And the size of the bet, unfortunately, cannot be changed. In the original version of the Nixterida slot, there is a fixed bet of 0.01 in the selected currency.

Nixterida From Spin Fun: Design and Symbols

The term “Nixterida” is used for the specification of a squad of bats. This game is dedicated to them. Although it is worth noting that the artist used a variety of images in the slot: there is a lion, a dragonfly, an elephant, and even a flower, as well as several fairytale characters.

Despite the fact that the images are very colourful, they are drawn on pure white background in a simple graphic manner and look a bit like characters of a cartoon. The same can be applied to the background of the game, which is more like a screensaver for a desktop in the style of Halloween.

The music in the Nixterida slot is traditional: with special sounds, the slot machine tells gamblers about such key moments of the game as the launch of the reels, formation of payouts, and so on. Sounds are dynamic, positive, and keep players on their toes.

Nixterida From Spin Fun: Jackpots

The developers from Spin Fun have decided to integrate several unexpected mechanics into the Nixterida slot:

  1. If in new games, users need to collect a combination of three or more identical symbols on the panel, then, in slots from Spin Fun, not chains of symbols are taken into account but the entire panel simultaneously. We remind you that it consists of nine cells. Payouts for two, three, four or more identical images are counted towards but the jackpot can be won only when nine symbols appear on nine cells.
  2. The size of a prize depends not only on how many identical icons appear on the screen but also on their value. However, in Nixterida, not all symbols have value. In general, they are divided into two groups: Maxi Jackpot (more expensive) and Mini Jackpot (it is cheaper).
  3. If gamblers are lucky and there are nine symbols from the Mini Jackpot category on the panel, the payout will be x40 from the original bet. And nine Maxi Jackpot icons guarantee that a bet will be multiplied by sixty or one hundred times!

The highest payout in the game is x200, and it takes place if players manage to collect nine symbols of bats. You must admit that such game mechanics can be found not in any slot!

The Nixterida Slot From Spin Fun: How to Install It

This slot machine is still popular nowadays exactly because of its unusual scheme for calculating bonuses and payouts. At the same time, ascetic graphics do not make it less interesting for true fans of online gambling since they can be attracted to your website with rare slot games.

That is why we recommend you to order and install this particular slot on your website, as well as other games from Spin Fun ― even though the studio does not release new products and does not plan to update the old ones.

It is very easy to order the installation of Nixterida on your gambling website: you just need to send a request to the team of specialists of the 2WinPower studio. Your personal manager will tell you in detail how to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively upgrade the entire arsenal of games in your online casino.

And do not forget to ask him about the two superpowers that 2WinPower offers to all partners:

  1. Packaged installation of games that allows you to update slots at one fell swoop and download the latest versions. Another advantage of this option is that it costs less.
  2. Individual development of HTML5 games. We can create a slot that will meet all the requirements of your audience and significantly increase revenues.

We are waiting for your message! Do not wait for tomorrow ― contact us right now:

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