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Butterfly Video Slot by Spin Fun

  • Number of reels ― 3
  • Number of paylines ― 8
  • Maximum bet ― 0.08
  • Maximum win ― x200
  • Progressive jackpot ― no
  • Bonus game ― no
  • Wild ― no
  • Scatter ― yes
  • Technologies: HTML5, Flash

Review of the Spin Fun Studio Slot ― Butterfly

Probably, there is no person in the world who has not tried to gamble at least once in his life, and with the worldwide popularity of the Internet, this kind of entertainment has penetrated even deeper into the people’s everyday life. However, there is a special category of VIP-clients who prefer not just to spend a couple of hours playing a colourful slot but who are looking for unique slot machines ― such as Butterfly.

If you are planning to attract this category of gamblers, who are ready to spend a rather big sum of money on the original slots, then you should definitely install slots from Spin Fun.

This is a special line of slot machines that were released several years ago and today are no longer supported by the manufacturer, remaining in the same form, in which they were presented to the community of gamblers. The same archaic graphics, mechanics, coefficients... This is a real gem in the world of slots!

It is very easy to install slot machines from this provider on your gaming site: leave an application to the manager from 2WinPower in the feedback form, and we will help you to fill your online casino with rare games that will bring you more profit.

Butterfly From Spin Fun: Special Features of the Game

The first thing that fundamentally distinguishes the Butterfly slot from other online slot machines is a panel with nine cells (3x3), unlike modern games, which usually have fifteen cells to form winning combinations.

Paylines seem to be something of a fantasy: they can start at the top of the screen and move down, from left to right, and even diagonally! Where else can you find such a model of the game?

There are eight paylines in total but their number can be changed by using the “+” and “-” buttons. Gamblers have an opportunity to choose as many lines as they want, and the number on the screen will vary from sixty-four to three hundred twenty.

As for the other control functions in the Butterfly slot, the choice is rather poor:

  • the Help button opens a window with the help information where you can find a detailed description of the coefficients and their correspondences;
  • by clicking the Auto button, you activate the automatic game, which is mostly preferred by fans of a passive mode when success or failure depends only on the Lady Luck;
  • the Start button, on the contrary, inserts control in your hands and launches the reels. It can also stop them at the right moment.

And that is all... Butterfly has no advanced control functions. Even the size of a bet cannot be changed ― it is always 0.01.

But it is the special feature of this slot. It is exactly what the slot machines looked like at the dawn of online gambling, and it is still worth playing them for your own pleasure.

Butterfly From Spin Fun: the Design and Symbols

Due to the fact that the Butterfly game was created a rather long time ago, there is no such outstanding design as in modern HTML5 slots. Nevertheless, the developers from the Spin Fun team tried to make the game enjoyable and interesting.

The panel is a photo of a butterfly in its natural environment, and the symbols are stylised images of various insects on the white background. A window with the accompanying information is also located on the white background. Everything here is very simple.

As for the sounds, in this game, they are absolutely standard. The slot machine notifies players about the launch of the reels, the creation of a combination, and the formation of a winning chain of symbols. The soundtrack is dynamic, funny, and makes players think that they are going to win soon.

In Butterfly, the symbols themselves are typical inhabitants of a flower bed or a garden of flowers: grasshopper, dragonfly, beetles, beautiful and colourful flowers, and, of course, a butterfly, which acts as a scatter symbol and can bring the greatest payoff with the multiplier of x200.

Butterfly From Spin Fun: the Jackpots

As for the game mechanics, Spin Fun has chosen an unexpected approach. All the characters in the Butterfly game are divided into two groups: Maxi Jackpot and Mini Jackpot. The secret is that each symbol can bring a large bonus if it appears on the screen several times during one spin. And the size of this bonus is determined by which group the icon belongs to. More detailed information can be found in the Help section.

Thanks to this solution, the Butterfly slot remains interesting even today, although it does not have bonus levels, various payouts, and so on.

The Butterfly Slot From Spin Fun: How to Install It

Summing up, we can say that Butterfly is a special slot game. It cannot be called beautiful or interesting in terms of bonuses but it can give you an idea of ​​how slot machines looked like before. Indeed, for some players, it is more valuable than many modern bells and whistles. In this way, the Butterfly slot from Spin Fun is a real gem in the online gambling world.

You should install this game if you would like to attract gamblers who want to spend a generous amount of money on the opportunity to get unique gaming experience. It is a great way to expand your audience and increase your income.

To order the Butterfly slot, you need to contact the manager of the 2WinPower studio, who will help you to choose a good game content and tell you what steps you need to take to integrate the software. Be sure to ask what games you can install as a part of the packaged offer and how to order the development of HTML5 slots on the basis of your individual requirements!

We will help you to update your gambling website, just contact us:

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