Unicum: Slot Game Developer

The Unicum company was founded in Russia in 1991 (with head office in Moscow), but only in 11 years it started to produce online slots. However during last few years the company has achieved popularity and recognition. 

Gambling software of this company is very popular among many operators, because of Unicum slot machines some of which have brought awareness to the brand. 

Unicum online casino software 

This software is quite well-developed and has many excellent characteristics. Unicum slot machines have good functionality and a high return to player percent. 

Online casino gaming system from Unicum is working mainly in a SIA format, which allows users to play on a website without downloading special programs, directly in their browser. The owner of an online casino may not worry about the fact that visitors may not wish to stay on the website because of the difficulties in downloading software. 

Besides, any of the slots can be tried in a special test mode where it is possible to make virtual bets, which will be returned when user will be downloading the next game. These Unicum slots are called mini-games. 

The main advantages of Unicum online slots 

  • A simple interface which is easy to manage;
  • Interesting storylines and graphics;
  • An excellent sound;
  • A profitable bonus system;
  • A good winning percentage;
  • Slots are created for the Russian-speaking players;
  • A possibility to play free demo versions. 

The most famous slot machines from Unicum 

Players, especially those who remember the Soviet times, are often interested in the Soviet Union theme. Specially for them the company has developed a slot Gold Party. Symbols (quality signs, wall pull-off calendar) and sound effects (music from the Soviet films) are creating the atmosphere of the Soviet period. 

slot machine Unicum - Gold Party


Another online slot is for those who love to be filled with nostalgia – Bratva. It takes players to old Russian markets with criminals and the police. 

slot machine Unicum - Bratva


Also we can name such Unicum games as Robinson, Around the World and The bazaar. 

slot machine Unicum - Robinson

slot machine Unicum - Around the World


It is worth noting that there is no big variety of games (in fact they are not so much of them), but they are so unique in their storylines and characteristics that you will certainly recognize them from all other games. 

Honesty and safety of the Unicum casino gaming platform 

These criteria have always been important and clients of this company are sure about the honesty, because all the products are certified and a gambling license is put in. 

The same characteristics can be given to payment systems of the Unicum casino gaming system: they are reliable, safe and the transparency of transactions is guaranteed. 

If you buy a casino with gambling software from this developer, you will have your business been paid back and more users would like to visit your online casino website. 

It is possible to buy software and games from Unicum or rent it from 2WinPower using this contact form. Specialist of this company will be glad to help you. 

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