The introduction of an accountable wagering policy is a vital step in the formation and development of the industry. The method reduces the possible negative impact of gambling and guarantees the transparent and safe operation of the casino business in the legal field.

Responsible gambling policy: general info

The 2WinPower aggregator explains the features of honest gaming in European jurisdictions and the benefits of installing safety software.

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What Is Secure Gambling?

This definition appeared relatively recently. In early 2010, it was introduced by the British organisation BeGambleAware, which helps people with wagering addiction. Over time, similar charitable foundations appeared in other countries, and the authorities developed clear rules for the operation of the casino business.

The standards of accountable entertainment operations are a set of socially oriented measures to ensure the safety of all industry participants: gamers, entrepreneurs, and the state. Key initiatives are devoted to the protection of punters as the most insecure link in the chain.

The concept of Responsible Gambling provides:

  1. Accountable operation of iGaming start-ups. Entrepreneurs must obtain a licence, pay taxes on time, inform users about gambling risks, etc. Manufacturers are required to certify the equipment and gaming programs they supply to terrestrial and internet operators.
  2. Conscious user behaviour. Punters can add themselves to self-limiting lists, set account replenishment limits, and much more.
  3. End-to-end control by the state. Local authorities create a regulatory framework, as well as monitor the work of casino organisers in terms of responsibility.

Active Fight against Ludomania

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines gambling addiction as a "pathological attraction to wagering." Obsessive persons put entertainment above their physiological, social and material needs, which causes irreparable harm to both the addicts themselves and their family members.

The activities of regulators and operators are primarily aimed at protecting punters from the negative impact of gambling and preventing ludomania.

Let us review the key initiatives of market participants:

Careful age check

Various countries have different limits, but as a rule, this is 18–21 years old. Younger users are prohibited from spinning slot reels for money and in demo mode.

To protect the safety of minors, operators must conduct a thorough age check.

Identification is usually carried out in 2 stages:

  • providing scanned copies of documents;
  • identity confirmation using ID-Bank, telephony and other technologies of choice

Protection of socially vulnerable people

The list of punters who are denied to access internet casinos varies depending on the country, but it is always focused on:

  • minors;
  • (temporarily) incapable persons;
  • low-income groups of the population (receiving subsidies from the state).

In Ukraine, for example, wagering is prohibited for people with financial debt — for alimony, utility bills, and bank loans.

The UK obliges all operators to check the solvency of customers and the legality of the origin of their money. It is also forbidden to play with credit funds

Implementation of restriction mechanisms

The most effective tools include:

  • self-exclusion — temporary blocking of personal account;
  • its permanent (irreversible) closure;
  • reality check (the appearance of a pop-up window with a reminder of the time and duration of an entertainment session);
  • setting game limits (on the size of the deposit, the maximum bet amount, the number of hours played per day/week/month).

Punters may activate the restrictions for any period. This option is available to iGaming project operators.

Setting limits is advisable if, for example, an entrepreneur observes the atypical behaviour of a gambler or a group of users

A casino business is obliged to timely inform customers about the risks of problem gambling:

  • In Denmark, for example, operators provide comprehensive data on wagering treatment centres.
  • British organisers of gambling entertainment place links to sites of charitable organisations to fight gaming addiction. All entrepreneurs are members of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG). This is an industry organisation that supports honest play.
  • In Finland, every online casino has a link to directly visit the site of the national operator Veikkaus. It is responsible for free support for problem players in the country.

Accountable Gambling: Focus on Safety

The norms of transparent gaming include:

  1. Data confidentiality. The server of the wagering project stores terabytes of information about clients, counterparties, relations with the state (with tax authorities, the regulator), and bank accounts of the company. The task of a manager is to ensure complete data safety and create a secure operating environment.
  2. Online payment protection. Hundreds of transactions take place daily in web casinos. This includes replenishing the account, withdrawing winnings, accruing bonuses, cashback, settlement with interdependent persons (software providers, affiliate networks) and much more. An entrepreneur must guarantee the preservation of payment data, as well as the high speed and security of operations.
  3. Fight against cyber criminality. iGaming projects often become victims of internet thieves. As a rule, there are such actions as fraud with bonuses and bank cards, money laundering, and illegal operations through a gambling site (for example, for the financing of terrorism or politically exposed persons).
  4. Support for fair play. The alternation of successful and failed sessions is determined by the built-in random number generator. Wagering suppliers must certify amusement content and equipment timely, and operators should use only proven hardware and software.

Licensed Security Programs for Digital Casinos

Casino security software: tasks and providers

The safety products solve a wide range of tasks related to:

  • timely and reliable identification of gamers;
  • verification of payment transactions;
  • ensuring the protection of network perimeter and operating environment of the site;
  • fighting against fraud;
  • a guarantee of honest and fair outcomes of gambling sessions.
At 2WinPower, you can order certified security software from leading developers in the area.

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Let us consider solutions that are in demand in the wagering market:


The English company focuses on internet clients. The branded software helps identify users in time with the help of modern methods and technologies.

The platform contains a module for checking online payments and protecting a gambling site from external and internal threats.

The main features of the Yoti product line are:

  • prestigious certification (the software is approved by the international System and Organisation Control (SOC2) and is marked with BBFC quality);
  • three-level identity verification (based on biometric face recognition, authentication of the client's age and analysis of scanned copies of documents);
  • creation and storage of an electronic signature E-signing (the solution meets the legal requirements of the eIDAS and ESIGN Act standards);
  • protection of confidential data based on cryptography (AES and TwoFish algorithms).

Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott)

The manufacturer offers a comprehensive approach to protect iGaming projects. The firm is focused on the reliability of server storages and internet payments, testing mobile applications for vulnerabilities, and timely verification of gamblers.

Benefits of the safety software:

  • compliance with international information processing protocols (Open Web Application Security Top 10, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO standards);
  • full protection of the perimeter of the gambling site (wireless network control, imitation of cyber attacks, development and implementation of anti-fraud scenarios);
  • related products (software for organising tenders Cyber Essentials, a full audit of the program, support for electronic digital signature);
  • convenient integration and synchronisation with an online casino CRM system.

ASAP Secured

The Canadian company offers a versatile product line for the iGaming business. The proprietary program consists of several interconnected modules. It is characterised by simple installation and flexible settings for hassle-free platform adaptation to the requirements of local legislation.

The key characteristics of security software from ASAP are:

  • multi-stage identity verification (scanning and authentification of documents, biometric face recognition, geolocation control);
  • a list of customisable restrictions (withdrawal limits with additional identification of a gamer, age restrictions, options for temporary and permanent account closure);
  • careful analysis of internet payments (combating money laundering and terrorist financing);
  • round-the-clock support for operators through a single command centre.

TransUnion Company (iovation)

The manufacturer is focused on 3 areas. These are timely authentication of gamblers, verification of internet payments and site protection.

The key advantages of the software are as follows:

  • tracking the financial flows of the enterprise thanks to the SureScore module (the solution was created on the basis of AI);
  • multi-tasking verification service (registration of personal devices in a single database of players);
  • end-to-end control of gamblers' actions (checking the distribution of bonuses, detecting suspicious use of applications, "synthetic" identification);
  • simple and reliable integration.


The proprietary software consists of 7 adaptive machine-learning patterns. The product analyses the behaviour of related parties (punters, contractors, and affiliates), reveals hidden associations and identifies intruders.

The branded security software features:

  • universal card fraud prevention module;
  • comprehensive protection of mobile casino applications;
  • a service for monitoring the actions of partners (creating a secure database of affiliates and reserve funds, checking the correctness of accruals for various cooperation models such as CPA and RevShare);
  • two-touch identification (based on biometric face recognition and NFC technology).

Ethical Gambling Promotion

Ethical gambling promotion: regulatory rules

Entrepreneurs are required to comply with regulatory rules regarding advertising:

  • Materials should not be directed to minors, gaming addicts and other socially vulnerable persons.
  • It is forbidden to mislead gamblers, promise fabulous prize money and large bonuses, or provide false or distorted information.
  • It is not possible to engage in direct marketing and use personal customer data (cookies) without the prior consent of gamers.

Promotion restrictions vary by jurisdiction:

  • In the Netherlands, where a new regulatory framework was introduced in 2019, fines for advertising violations make it impossible to apply for a licence or renew a permit.
  • In the United Kingdom, casino marketing must encourage responsible gambling. Non-specially labelled programs broadcast before 21:00 are prohibited from using indirect promotion.
  • In Belarus, the advertising of casino entertainment on TV and radio is prohibited from 7.00 to 22.00. Operators cannot place banners and information materials near kindergartens, schools, health care and sports facilities.

The Main Things about Responsible Gambling

The policy includes a set of measures to protect all participants in the wagering market — gamers, operators, and the state.
  • The main goal is to ensure the safety of socially vulnerable people. These are minors, incapable and low-income citizens, punters with financial debt (for loans, alimony), as well as players who previously put themselves on the list of self-restraints.
  • The principles of responsible gambling include the confidentiality of information, the reliability of online payments, the fight against criminal activity (money laundering, the financing of terrorism), and the support of fair play. In addition, operators are required to adhere to the rules of ethical marketing.
  • Security software solves a huge list of tasks related to the protection of transfers and personal data, timely verification of gamers, and ensuring the perimeter of a wagering site.
At 2WinPower, you can buy security software from the best suppliers.

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We provide comprehensive services for the accountable promotion of iGaming projects, implement reliable payment systems, and advise on the safety of a gambling site.

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