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Buy a Casino: The Best Turnkey Software

1. Step-by-Step Direction for Opening an Online Casino

2. What Is Better: to Buy an Online Casino or Create One from Scratch?

3. How to Buy a Casino Script and Be Satisfied with It?

4. Conclusion

Own business in the field of gambling is a great form of income, and you are interested in it not for nothing. There are at least two reasons to create or buy an online casino:

  • The organization of games on the Network is really profitable. If the business is properly organized, investments pay off quickly, and the project brings considerable income.
  • The operator does not need to have specific knowledge and skills. The reality is that all the work on managing a web casino can be transferred to the contractor. You will earn even while travelling, spending time with loved ones or sleeping.

Become an owner of an Internet casino

A novice businessman can only gather the necessary information (just read further — we have prepared all the necessary materials), buy a casino and agree on the management of the project with a reliable contractor.

Step-by-Step Direction for Opening an Online Casino

First of all, let us consider what stages does the process of creating a successful gambling project consist of and what role is assigned to the selection of software.

The obvious step to start with is to prepare a business plan. We could not leave it out of consideration, because it is at the design stage that the foundations for further steps are laid.

For example, the choice of jurisdiction in which the casino receives a license depends on the ambitions of the owner and the prospects that the market discovers in each country. In addition, some gambling commissions that issue licenses in 2019 ask to immediately submit all information about the website, the software that will be used in the work, and sometimes about the employees of the future casino.

Online gambling club: how to launch it in no time

When everything is planned, here is what you have to do for launching an online gambling club:

  1. Registration and licensing of gambling business. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick any country in the world and apply for a license there. A lot of them restrict access to gambling enterprises on their territory while others ban only some of the formats. In recent years, casino operators are applying for a license to the regulators of European or offshore countries. Among the most popular destinations are Costa Rica, Malta, Gibraltar, UK, Germany, Belize and some others. According to forecasts, these jurisdictions will remain in demand in 2020. Before making any further moves, you should contact the local Gaming Commissions and inquire about the regulations you have to comply with and the necessary documents to bring with yourself.
  2. Software selection and installation. The casino software is a key aspect that determines the success of the enterprise and its profitability. Choosing a platform and slots, consider the speed of downloading programs and processing information, the breadth of functionality, the ability to connect the maximum number of payment services. It is easy to solve the problem: you can buy a ready-made casino or consult the specialists of 2WinPower studio. There is one crucial feature that distinguishes our company from all others — reliability. We cooperate only with the most trustworthy software manufacturers on the market and provide you with the tested product of high quality.
  3. Website creation. First of all, you need to develop a design, arrange pages, order a domain and hosting, which will be able to receive an online gambling business. After that, you can start testing the software and installing games. We recommend to entrust this work to specialists: it is faster and more reliable. Of course, it is better to choose a shorter way and buy a casino website at once. But if you opt for more thorough control, 2WinPower specialists will adhere to all your desires and develop the top-class platform refining all your ideas.
  4. Connection of payment operators. It should be admitted, the more opportunities for deposit replenishment, the more users will join the game. That is why, apart from the fiat currencies, you may consider making Bitcoin as an additional payment method. This will widely expand the traffic, increasing your profit and the number of returning players.
  5. Advertising and marketing. Internet business in the field of gambling is characterized by high advertising costs: operators invest up to 70% of profits in the development and promotion of gambling websites. There is a peculiarity: many countries prohibit the advertisement of the casino, and the web platforms refuse to cooperate with online gambling projects from considerations of morality. Google Ads and Facebook have already implemented severe punishments for those who try to disguise their gambling promotion. Therefore, to avoid legal traps and make promotion effective, it is worth working with professionals. Marketing experts from 2WinPower are always ready to provide you with the best SEO and SMM features, advise you on the reliable webmasters to join the affiliate programs, and even tell you how to start personal gambling blog to attract more clients.
  6. Organization of the customer support centre. It will help to increase customer loyalty. Users will be satisfied with how they spent time on your website and will return again. The operator of technical support can process requests of players both by phone and by Skype, in popular messengers, by e-mail and through a live chat on the website. You will need to hire qualified and experienced staff with a high level of stress resistance.

Ready-made online casino

It is almost impossible to do this amount of work alone. That is why we recommend to buy an online casino and start making a profit in a month instead of waiting for the next year.

The giants of this industry focus on ways to replenish deposits. For example, Rosen Metev (Paysafe sales director) notes:

“The issue of payments will be the key one... I think this way operators will be able to get their market share, find new customers and stand out from the competition.”

What Is Better: to Buy an Online Casino or Create One from Scratch?

Both ways of opening a casino are good, but let us compare them on the key aspects because sometimes the easiest way turns out to be longer and more expensive.

Creation VS. Casino Purchase:

Main items of expenditure



The cost of obtaining a license



Independent study and selection of modern software



The cost of creating a website and its promotion


Included in the price

Casino advertising


Included in the price

Customer support organization


Included in the price

Own brand



The operator can order a package of all the programs necessary to create a casino, receive a website, a team of marketers and a reliable contractor who will share experience and save from mistakes.

How to Buy a Casino Script and Be Satisfied with It?

Casino website creation with a script

We recommend choosing a partner who will undertake the most important tasks:

  • select a good casino script, additional modules, affiliate programs and other software necessary for the effective operation of the project;
  • take care of all legal issues in the territory of any state;
  • create a website suitable for natural and paid promotion;
  • undertake the processing of customer requests;
  • advise on any issues related to the opening of an online casino.


The gambling industry is an interesting and profitable sphere, which discovers a lot of opportunities for an active entrepreneur. For the success of a gambling start-up, it is important to choose good software — reliable, high-quality, safe. It would be perfect, if the software has international certificates, is created considering the principles of transparent business and effectively solves the problems of the operator.

Turnkey online casino from 2WinPower

Order a casino in 2WinPower studio and start making profits in the coming months!

Get acquainted with our lawyers, analysts, marketers, programmers and make sure that with such a team you will be able to achieve even the most ambitious business goals.

Contact the manager of 2WinPower in the most convenient way for you:

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