Online Casinos in 2022: Characteristics of a Successful Startup

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The rapid development of digital technologies has provided completely new opportunities for launching the best turnkey online business. Today, anyone can buy online casino projects, regardless of the size of initial investment, geolocation, and industry background. However, the presence of high-quality turnkey casino software is often not enough to attract and retain the audience.

Casino: success factors

The 2WinPower team of specialists is ready to share the secrets of increasing the profitability of a gambling startup. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions for entering the digital market and a detailed description of the factors that affect the success of a turnkey casino.

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The Sequence of Activities for the Beginning Entrepreneurs

Having decided to independently create online casino software solutions, operators must bargain for extensive work in several directions simultaneously.

The main stages of launching a gambling project in 2022:

  1. Market research. First of all, it is worth studying industry trends and the range of offers of competitors. It is also recommended to familiarise yourself with the forecasts of analysts and opinions of potential customers (for example, by checking the reviews and comments on already operating gaming sites). A detailed market analysis will allow you to develop an effective strategy and minimise risks.
  2. Acquisition of a licence. To legally buy turnkey casino software, entrepreneurs need a special gambling permit. The document can be issued by a local regulator or international offshore jurisdictions. In 2022, the most popular ones are Malta, Curacao, Great Britain, Gibraltar, Estonia, Ukraine, and others.
  3. Domain and hosting. Modern gamblers rarely type in the website address manually, after seeing the top search results. But the domain name is an important part of the company's branding and affects the prestige of the future project. Hosting for a turnkey casino solution must have a high level of information security and bandwidth, as well as reliable protection against external threats.
  4. The engine of the gaming site. Unlike most other Internet platforms, for virtual casinos, there are higher standards. And the use of popular templates and scripts will not help since almost all successful projects are developed on an individual basis.
  5. Connection of software. After the development of the “basis” of the website, it is time to integrate into the system such components as content, security programs, payment modules, and other services.
  6. The organisation of the work of the support service. Users must have reliable communication channels with the support team and be confident that their problems will be solved as soon as possible.
  7. Promotion of a startup. A business strategy should include not only solutions to administrative, legal or organisational issues. The promotion program plays an important role in the development of any project. The volume of traffic, the level of loyalty of the audience, and brand awareness directly depend on the quality of advertising.

Alternative Ways to Enter the iGaming Market

Independent development of a startup from scratch is the most expensive and risky option. Today, there are better alternatives that guarantee fast payback and allow entrepreneurs to save a lot of money.

The most popular ways to launch a gambling project in 2022

Online casino script

This is a very cheap but not the most reliable option. Operators buy the raw code without any guarantees of its performance.

The product will require some revision and adaptation to meet current needs, and very often, optimisation costs exceed the price of the establishment of the turnkey casino business

Gaming sites under the White Label agreement

This is a simple and effective way to enter the market with minimal initial capital and no work experience. You get at your disposal a ready-made project with a well-developed structure and comprehensive support of the seller.

The advantage of such a program is an opportunity to independently work under your brand and buy it out in the future if necessary

Turnkey online casino

In this case, you contact an experienced intermediary and order a gambling platform on the basis of your requirements and preferences.

This is a ready-made business project with a complete set of administrative modules and a catalogue of casino entertainment. You will just need to develop a customer base and develop a marketing program

Key Features of a Successful Gambling Project

Features of a successful web gambling project

The profitability of the iGaming business depends on the volume of traffic. To attract the maximum number of active users to the platform, operators must constantly monitor the market trends and promptly respond to the slightest changes in the audience's behavioural reaction.

The success and profitability of a website with slot machines are affected by the following factors:

Design and Navigation

The first impression of the entire project depends on the visual design of the gaming site. Moreover, potential users can assess the design and simplicity of the navigation of the resource in just 3–5 seconds (these are statistics provided by the Google Analytical Centre).

If the platform is loaded longer than usual, in 80% of cases, potential customers will leave. Therefore, the design of the casino should not contain “heavy” video materials, animations, and other components that affect the loading speed. Moreover, pages with a long response time are not indexed by search networks.

Navigation of the resource should provide maximum comfort and ease of management of all tools. It will be a good decision to divide materials into thematic sections.

The website must contain information on the gambling licence, bonus wagering scheme, and privacy policy. The better and clearer are the rules of the game and the payment system, the higher is the level of loyalty of the target audience.

Another way to build traffic is by placing on the website special widgets for the transition to social networks.

Payment Instruments

The more payment methods are available, the broader is the market coverage. You can connect both local services and international systems.

The 2WinPower team recommends the following payment systems:

  1. Visa/MasterCard. These are the world's largest banking systems available for settlements in more than 200 countries. Users of such a service can conduct any online transactions, use physical plastic cards (including credit cards), and even make payments in cryptocurrency (this option is available since 2020).
  2. WebMoney. An international online system that is not classified as a financial instrument. Inside this program, it is possible to make payments in special digital money that can be exchanged for fiat currency (to do this, gamblers should create a separate electronic wallet). The service is popular in the CIS market and Europe and provides customers with unique guarantees of information security.
  3. Maestro. This is a subsidiary product of the MasterCard corporation that attracts clients with the widest functionality. Users are offered not only all types of payments but also unique programs, such as interest-free accumulation of funds and bonuses, including cashbacks and extended transaction limits for VIP customers.
  4. Yandex.Money. One of the most popular financial products in the Russian-speaking segment. The program is designed to conduct all types of transactions in Russian rubles. Any other currency is automatically converted at the internal rate of the system. This product pleases users with a good set of options and the presence of a convenient mobile module.
  5. Neteller. An international Internet service that is popular in more than 200 countries. Registration and identification in the program take place in several stages, thanks to which the participants are protected against any type of fraud.

Customers are offered a wide range of bonuses and loyalty programs, including accumulative electronic cards with good interest on deposits.

Range of Casino Solutions

Fruit-themed slot machines long ago yielded the palm to games with exciting plots with several levels of complexity and a wide range of bonuses.

The most popular products of 2022 in terms of functionality are approaching the standards of multiplayer computer games.

Distinctive features of casino games of the new generation:

  • gradual unravelling of the plot with the ability to participate in additional thematic quests;
  • support for multiplayer competitions and tournaments;
  • a large selection of in-app purchases (for example, paid boosters, new characters and levels, etc.);
  • gamified mechanics, when the result of the game session depends not on luck but the skills and experience of gamblers.


One of the main trends in 2022 is a focus on the mobile sector. Moreover, operators can simultaneously use several tools:

  1. Responsive website. This is a browser version that can be launched on mobile devices. The product copies the functionality of the main resource, does not require the installation of additional plugins, and allows gamblers to play even with the low quality of Internet connection.
  2. Downloadable application. Specialised software that can be downloaded and installed on user devices. Such programs provide customers with additional gaming options (for example, special bonuses or priority access to the latest releases) and allow them to quickly resume the session in the case of a connection failure.
  3. Telegram casino. An interactive project developed using AI technologies. Customers get an opportunity to play in the usual interface of the messenger, regardless of the quality of the Internet connection. Among the advantages of the solution, we can name a complete absence of advertising inserts and the ability to place bets regardless of geolocation.

Bonuses and Special Offers

The success of iGaming projects depends not only on the volume of incoming traffic but also on the number of regular active users.

The best way to increase customer lifetime value is to implement various bonuses into the platform.

Among the most popular special offers, there are:

  • welcome bonuses for the registration on the website and placement of the first deposit;
  • cashbacks;
  • deposit bonuses in the form of free spins, increased multipliers, and other awards that encourage gamblers to keep playing;
  • multiplayer tournaments with progressive jackpots;
  • personal limits, gifts in celebration of holidays, and other significant events.

Support Service

The quality of customer support affects the level of loyalty of clients. According to statistics presented by Google, more than 70% of network users prefer to communicate with operators rather than search for information on their own.

Even if the website has a detailed description of the bonus wagering scheme and an FAQ section, it is recommended to adapt all information sections for the voice search or integrate a dialogue box with a chatbot into the platform. This solution will allow gamblers to quickly resolve any typical issue and ease the work of the support service.

To deal with the questions the answers to which cannot be found in the FAQ section, it is worth offering users several communication channels. The most popular options are:

  • e-mail messages;
  • Telegram chat;
  • Skype;
  • telephone line.

The Main Things about the Characteristics of a Successful Gambling Project

Online casino development: key notions

In order to guarantee a positive response to the development of an online casino, operators must take into account a lot of nuances, from the way of entering the market to feedback channels with the customer support service.

  • One of the key factors in the creation of a successful project is its legality. For this, entrepreneurs will need a special licence. You can obtain it from the local authorities or use the services of international regulators. In 2022, the most popular gambling jurisdictions are Curacao, Malta, Great Britain, Ukraine, and others.
  • The most popular modern casino content is approaching the standards of PC gaming. Instead of typical fruit-themed slots, gamblers often choose solutions with interesting plots with a large selection of side quests and levels of complexity. Moreover, the reward in such game sessions no longer depends on luck but the skills and experience of participants.
  • Mobile customer support will help businessmen to ensure maximum market coverage. Large-scale mobilisation of the industry is one of the most promising trends in 2022. This year, the share of mobile gamblers for the first time exceeded the volume of the desktop audience ― 50.8%.
From the 2WinPower studio, you can learn more about how to open an online casino in new realities and get a positive response from the audience as quickly as possible.

Our specialists are ready to develop an exclusive gambling project of any level of complexity and promptly resolve all legal, organizational, and technical issues.

We are aware of the latest market trends and offer:

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