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Updated: 24/09/2020

The online gambling business in Africa is flourishing. Among the countries that benefit from this sphere, South Africa is one of the leaders. A lot of operators choose particularly this region because of the lack of problems upon the licensing process in this country. 

Another reason why the Republic of South Africa appeals so much to gambling entrepreneurs is the presence of such reliable software vendors as the Unicum gaming provider. This developer appeared on the market recently but already managed to conquer several operators with its innovative approach to integration.

Unicum casino software in South Africa

2WinPower understands how important it is for an operator to purchase reliable RSA casino software. The Unicum gaming provider has already earned an immaculate reputation among our other clients. The abundance of gaming disciplines is impressive, and the administrative software underlines the versatility of the vendor. Order Unicum slot machines for sale and join the army of successful South African operators who receive significant profit from cooperating with this manufacturer.

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Operational Peculiarities of Unicum Software Vendor

The gaming functionality of this supplier is smoothly adapted to the cultural peculiarities of the region. Every developer can create engaging entertainment content. However, Unicum casino software in South Africa is created exclusively with the consideration of the latest local trends.

The organization utilizes a particular gaming system that works in SIA format. The possibilities of this working environment are extensive. Its main feature is the opportunity to enjoy an in-browser game without the necessity to download any additional programs.

It is also essential to keep in mind that the Unicum gaming provider merged with another tycoon of the gambling industry — Smart Games. The consolidation took place in 2007 and resulted in the creation of the UPlay Corporation. Unicum contributed to the duo with its versatile video slots. Therefore, if an operator wants to start an online casino with Unicum in South Africa, it will be reasonable to search for the cooperation with UPlay.

The main peculiarities of Unicum slot machines for sale are:

  • a featured gaming system with 5 reels and up to 21 paylines;
  • two additional bonuses for players every new visit;
  • up to 2 scatter symbols that may randomly appear during the spins;
  • a high return to player rate (98%) with the favourable house edge for an operator;
  • demo versions of most games with a complete return of bets in the end;
  • the possibility to develop the gaming content on HTML5 as well as Flash technologies (for older platform versions).

The Unicum casino provider in South Africa cares not only about its B2B partners. The ultimate goal of this software manufacturer is to let operators’ clients feel the comfort and pleasure of enjoying their favourite gambling content.

Advantageous Opportunities for Cooperating with Unicum

The online gambling business in Africa, especially in RSA, has a colossal consumer audience that constantly demands new gaming possibilities. The Unicum software provider in RSA clearly understands the needs of people at Pretoria, Soweto, and of course the country’s capital Cape Town. Therefore, the collaboration with this unique content creator brings an operator constant support and regular updates while running the casino.

Key values of Unicum software

Explanation of advantages

Straightforward interface

Players always appreciate effortless navigation around a website. The Unicum casino software in South Africa is designed in a very simple way, yet preserving all the necessary functionality

Unique graphical solutions

A team of professional experts knows perfectly well what might appeal to people from Johannesburg, Durban, and of course Cape Town. That is why RSA casino software is designed with a focus on the latest local trends

Twisted gaming plots

Apart from the visual aspect, people in South Africa also value the core of the gaming content — a plot. It becomes much more interesting for a player (and profitable for an operator) when a game is designed as a multilevel and profound entertainment

Beneficial bonus system

By beneficial we mean for an operator since the imposed gaming requirements make the casino visitors spend more time to receive the bonus. Unicum developers regularly calculate new offers and implement them into the games

Detailed localization

The Unicum casino provider in South Africa also works for other markets. However, if an operator orders the gaming content particularly for this region, the developers not only translate but also thoroughly localize the requested entertainment according to the future operational region

Accumulating jackpots

All jackpot contributions are stored in a single pot. When a player hits a big win, a casino owner will not worry that this win will rob him off. The amount is taken from the accumulated jackpot equally to the contribution

Demo and social versions of games

Software for a casino in South Africa from Unicum is primarily designed for money plays. However, an operator can order demo versions of the games as well as social playing possibilities. Both are free-to-play and have peculiar integration methods

Responsible Gambling Principles from Unicum

Unicum software provider in RSA

One of the first criteria that the Unicum software provider in RSA imposes on its B2B partners is the responsible gaming. It allows keeping a positive reputation for a manufacturer as well as caring about the players. For an operator, it bears similar principles and goes even deeper since casino visitors will see how responsible the owner is.

The main guidelines of responsible gambling from Unicum:

  1. The obligatory installation of the preventative software tools to alert players about their gambling time, expenditures, and custom limits during the gaming process.
  2. Regular audits and check-up of Unicum casino software in South Africa by independent experts to ensure in the company’s transparency.
  3. Participation in different studies on the gambling influence and the development of addiction, its prevention, and treatment.
  4. Honest configuration of the main gambling software variables (RTP, House edge, etc.) to ensure players receive their hard-won money.

The Main Things about Unicum Software Supplier in RSA

Another efficient feature that the vendor offers is a turnkey casino from Unicum in South Africa. It is a complete package of all necessary software solutions for opening a successful online casino. Unicum experts understand how essential integrity is to operators. Therefore, the organization offers a wide range of services for an order.

The key factors that make Unicum a demanded establishment in the online gambling business in Africa are:

  • the development process with the consideration of the slightest cultural peculiarities of South Africans;
  • a huge boost in performance after the consolidation with Smart Games into the UPlay Corporation;
  • straightforward interface, unique graphical solutions, twisted gaming plots, beneficial bonus system, detailed localization, accumulating jackpots, demo and social versions of games that make up a perfect gambling environment;
  • close compliance with responsible gambling regulations and an obligation for business partners to work under these guidelines as well;
  • a South African turnkey casino solution as the most efficient way to set up a lucrative gambling environment.

When operators contact 2WinPower and inquire how to buy a Unicum casino in South Africa, we always tell them that they chose the right provider. Any owner of a gambling website can rely on this fast-progressing software developer. Therefore, if you are looking to start your gaming business in this region, order Unicum software at 2WinPower without any hesitation. Just contact our customer relation team and inquire about the necessary details.

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