Advantages of a
turnkey online
casino 2019

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Why is it worth to choose
a ready-made online casino
from 2WinPower?

An attractive price

Of course, it all depends on the service you selected: everything here is very individual. But in general, the development of a turn-key casino from 2WinPower company to the customer is more profitable. A manager will help you calculate the final cost of the project.

A variety of options

You can order the creation of an online casino from scratch or buy a franchise of a well-known institution, add a bitcoin payment system other services. 2WinPower specialists will consult you and help you make the right decision.

Only the best software

The software used in the casino games development is created by the best companies in the world. For example, 2WinPower has slots from Novomatic, NetEnt, Playtech, etc. Besides, 2WinPower makes unique slots by a customer’s order.

Support at every stage
of the casino launch

The company will provide you with legal advice, assistance with the selection of software, payment systems, etc. In addition, for some time after the launch, the specialists will help with the conduct of business.

of institutions

2WinPower offers not only a turnkey casino website. You can order a full project promotion, which begins with the development of a strategy and ends with an analysis of the performed activities.

A reliable reputation

The sale of ready-made online casinos attracts many entrepreneurs, and it is not easy to choose one. 2WinPower has a vast portfolio of opportunities and a lot of feedback: thousands of projects confirm the reliability of the company and the level of competence of its employees.

Do you want to buy a turnkey online casino?

Please contact 2WinPower. The company will develop your own establishment in a short time taking into account all your wishes and requirements. If you are looking for a reliable partner for turnkey casino business, it is 2WinPower. Start your successful gaming business right now!

Get a demo version of online casino

First 10 days of usage for free

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for your

Opening a gaming business

Opening a gaming business may be a very profitable opportunity. Gambling has not lost popularity for thousands of years and still has fans. The Internet suggests that the niche of establishing a casino is occupied by tens and hundreds of companies, and the set of services they provide may stupefy. We are offering an interesting way to enter the gambling world: to buy turnkey online business.

Benefits of your own gambling project:

  1. Constant demand (about 11% of global network users are active visitors to gambling sites).
  2. A stable source of income (according to the Newzoo report, the turnover of the global gambling industry in 2018 amounted to almost 138 billion euros).
  3. No geographical restrictions (the audience of the site — users from all over the globe).
  4. Multicurrency (ability to operate in any currency).
  5. Unique bonus system (multiple traffic increase takes place due to incentives and internal promotions).
  6. Easy access (simple registration procedure, no dress code; besides, there is an ability to keep incognito).
  7. Free entertainment (no land-based point can offer its customers such a service).
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What is a turnkey casino website
for sale?

This is a service that implies that the contractor goes through all the stages of creating an institution instead of you. You pay him an established amount of money, and after a while, you get a turnkey casino solution with all the necessary documents, games, payment systems, etc.

The turnkey project is the most rational and promising way to enter the gambling market. The complex service includes full legal support, work of experienced programmers and designers, technical support, advice and resolution of any controversial issues.

The team of 2WinPower undertakes the conclusion of contracts with partners, collection of documentation for business licencing, organization of promotional programs, the connection of actual payment services and much more. Taking advantage of our offer, you will receive a completely finished product with a guarantee of the fastest payback.

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You can purchase a ready-made solution in the following ways:

A turnkey
online business
for sale

As a result, you will get a casino with an original design, logo, corporal identity and chips. It will be your unique establishment, from internal filling to exterior decoration. In fact, you create a full-fledged competitor in the market.

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A franchise

A successful project sells you the right to use its brand and customised business processes. You have less to invest in promotion, but it will not be a unique institution. Besides, every franchise has rules that must be followed without fail.

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White Label

It allows getting a fully working club in a short time. There is one thing: in fact, it is renting someone else's software. That is, you get a functioning institution and give it the name of your project. It is not your casino, but your brand, which you are promoting to attract visitors.

The White label program is a convenient solution for operators who have a limited budget. From the “parent” resource the entrepreneur receives a set of ready-made solutions without the need to start from scratch.

Advantages of the affiliate system:

  • high speed of launch (the project can be promoted in a couple of days after the conclusion of the contract);
  • a full set of components for the start (as a rule, payment services, gaming content and other software solutions for stable and uninterrupted operation are already integrated into the system);
  • using a unique brand (the operator has the right to promote his own label);
  • legal business (the “parent resource” provides its partner with a sublicense).

However, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages of this program: the operator is fully dependent on the policy of the corporate parent. He is also obliged to pay a certain amount for the right to use the provided products.

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casino script

Cheap, but the less reliable option of all. In this case, you pay $500 to buy a raw, unsuitable product. A programmer, whose time costs money, will need to work on it. Fruit of such purchase is a loss of finances, time, and possibly even nerves.

In fact, you purchase a “pig in a poke”. The script of the virtual platform is a piece of code that needs to be whipped into shape and adapted to the needs of the customer and future users. There is no guarantee of its success.

We strongly recommend that you give up trying to save money and, instead, to pay attention to more promising and reliable solutions. Software for a gambling start-up is the key to business success, so a low-quality and untested product can cause huge financial losses and turn into a complete collapse of the project.

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Stages of ready-made online casino
To launch a casino is quite a standard procedure that is almost
always the same:
games market
2 Business
plan preparation
Choosing and
a license
without which you will not be
allowed to run a gambling
business legally
4 Buying
for a casino
6 Integration
of software
and slots
into a website
Launching a casino 7
8 Promotion
of an establishment
with no marketing now
it is almost impossible
to be competitive
As you can see, there are a lot of stages, and none of them can be allowed to run by itself. A turnkey online casino saves you the trouble of all those duties.

If you already have a well-thought-out concept of a gambling platform, you need to find a reliable provider of casino software and related services, that will allow you to buy turnkey online business.

2WinPower company can become such partner. You only have to choose a service package, make an order through the application form or using other accessible ways and voice your wishes to the manager. Even if there is no clear vision of a project yet, the studio specialists will give you advice on choosing the best way of development. Making of a turnkey casino is one of the specialisations of 2WinPower.

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Financing: how much
does it cost

A turnkey casino for sale
is not a service
— that has a static price. It depends on many factors: what platform do you choose, which games and how many of them will there be, the number and types of payment systems, etc. All this will build up a sum of funds to spend on your unique turnkey casino. When contacting a software provider, the manager will calculate and give you the final cost.

On the main page you can see all the available basic 2WinPower packages with the prices. If there is not a suitable one there, it does not matter: you can consult a 2WinPower specialist and add your wishes.

Licensing a turnkey online casino

It is one of the critical points of creating any gambling enterprise. This is perhaps the most challenging stage: often obtaining a license is expensive (starting from $10000), it takes a long time (up to six months) and requires legal advice. Licensing is also inevitable: operating a business without permission is dangerous and just illegal.

If you choose to buy turnkey online business, you will never face the problem. Instead, specialists will do the necessary operations for you. Your club will be included in an existing license (such practice is called sub-license). If you want to buy a new license, the provider will help you choose the jurisdiction and simplify the process of getting it.

Income of a ready-made establishment

Earnings of a casino operator depend on many components: the popularity of the club, its attendance, the number of regular customers, the location, market conditions and the level of competition.

The above factors are affected by:

а) gaming content range;
b) site’s technical layout (user convenience);
c) advertising promotion.

Without the last, your incomes will be less impressive.

If you have ordered a turnkey online casino, let it fly. Choose the best slot machines and software in general, advertise your institution. Specialists of 2WinPower will help with all these aspects, and the number of regular players will only increase.

Why choose 2WinPower as your primary turnkey solutions provider?

Because 2WinPower is the best provider of gaming software.

Almost 20 years of experience
Not hundreds but thousands
of completed projects
Awards of national and
international level
Modern technologies

Those few words about 2WinPower are not hollow. The company offers software development opportunities for bitcoin casinos,
and creation of unique slots according to client's requirements. The provider uses modern technologies: HTML5, VR/AR and Big Data. Buy a ready-made casino from 2WinPower and get the best place possible in the gambling business.

2WinPower is the №1 company in the national ranking of gambling services providers in 2019. We are ready to undertake the development and promotion of gambling sites of any type. Even if you have bought a casino script, our experts will “iron out the kinks” of the code and resolve all controversial issues.

We offer a wide range of ready-made products and a unique service for the development of exclusive HTML5 games. Become a part of the 2WinPower family and meet the new 2020 year as the owner of a successful and promising gambling project!

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