Conducting a Competitors Analysis to Boost the Performance of Your Gambling Website

Andrew Price
Posted by Andrew Price
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Updated: 17/09/2020

While a smooth operational process of your online gambling platform is integral for every successful casino manager, it is also essential to keep an eye on the competitors. More pleasant bonuses, favourable playing environment, better loyalty programs — these and many more factors must be analyzed to ensure your players receive the best services available on the market.

The experts at 2WinPower gathered all relevant information on the possibilities of competitors’ analysis, its main advantages, and ways to keep up with them. Our best specialists are ready to answer all your questions and wait for your orders in the nearest future.

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Competitors’ Features to Analyze

Competitors’ features to analyze

Surely, plunging into competitors’ routine is not the first task that an operator is obliged to complete. It is rather a recommended assignment that will provide a casino owner with additional information for progress.

In order for this analysis to be as efficient as possible, an operator should go with the following plan:

  • determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competition;
  • compare welcome offers;
  • get valuable insights;
  • compare promotions;
  • stay up to date with newsletters;
  • compare management tools;
  • stay up to date with game releases;
  • compare gaming software suppliers;
  • compare onboarding flow.

Comparing the Content

There are probably no two online casinos with a similar set of games. Usually, operators purchase the most popular entertainment content at a software supplier and develop a few exclusive games on top of that.

Therefore, there are definitely some indisputable distinctions in the integration:

  1. Searching bar. Some online gambling establishments have more than 10,000 games available. It is extremely inconvenient for players, if they know what they want, to scroll down the entire list to find the desired game.
  2. Filters. If visitors are confused with the abundance of games, an operator must help them choose what their preferred choice is. Filters are excellent in narrowing the selection and make it possible for every player to pick a game they like.
  3. Details. By hovering on a game icon, it is convenient for players to read a brief overview and, maybe, available options. For example, a lot of games offer demo versions that do not require deposits. Players appreciate when this option is not hidden from them.
  4. Popular gaming studios. While looking through new games, experienced players tend to choose reliable software providers. The list of most recognizable brands includes NetEnt, Microgaming, Amatic, Greentube, etc.
  5. License. Most self-respected online casinos have all their licensed featured at the bottom of the website. This way it is possible for a player to figure out immediately whether a gambling establishment is a viable organization.

Usually, operators would visit competitors’ websites and just try to understand their advantages in comparison to their own gambling platform. Those could be differences in anything, not necessarily in something on the proposed list. Therefore, it is significant to act as a player when you visit your competitors’ portals.

The Main Things about Analyzing Competitors

Analyzing casino competitors: their strengths and weaknesses

A new operator might not have a complete image of the industry. Usually, your gambling website is perfect for you since so many resources and so much time have been spent on the organization. Meanwhile, experienced online casino owners understand how essential it is to improve in comparison to the competitors.

Therefore, once you started running your online gambling business, keep in mind the analytical possibilities and the benefits from them:

  • the first things to consider when you study competitors are their strengths and weaknesses, latest game releases, welcome offers, promotions, newsletters design, software providers in cooperation, and onboarding flow;
  • entertainment content is of utmost importance to consider during the comparative analysis, especially checking the availability of a searching bar, an abundance of filters, how detailed the game is described, and what gaming studios supply the content;
  • license is another essential point to compare since different online casino owners have different approaches to displaying the operational permits, and hiding them from players is always a bad option.

The experts at 2WinPower always provide high-quality assistance to all of our clients. If you require help with analyzing your competitors or just want to order our convenient turnkey casino solution, just contact us at any time. Our responsive customer support specialists are online 24/7, ready to answer all your questions.

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