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The sphere of virtual gambling is constantly expanding and developing. Despite this, ground-based establishments do not lose their relevance and popularity. Luxury casinos and small gaming houses still attract the attention of millions of gamblers. 

However, a sudden outbreak of coronavirus has changed the working rhythm of all land-based establishments. Owners of offline projects were forced to enter the online market to stay afloat.

Business during pandemic: solutions

Some entrepreneurs have thought of the digital fallback option in advance. Nevertheless, many businessmen are beginning to create virtual gaming platforms just now.

Familiarize yourself with the opinions and forecasts of experts from 2WinPower and other reputable companies. Learn more about the prospects of transferring land-based businesses to the online environment.

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Aspects Worth Considering

The main issues that should be considered by the owners of ground-based establishments are legal nuances and questions related to the selection of software, the creation of websites, and the protection of content. Here are a few key points:

  • changes in the tax system;
  • operation within the framework of local legislation;
  • search for reliable providers;
  • security of payments and user data.

Legal Nuances of Entering the Online Market

Legal nuances of entering the online market

Land-based gambling has a chance to enter the virtual arena quite quickly and easily in many countries. The US government and leaders of the many European countries are constantly making positive legislative changes.

For example, the Swiss authorities issue licenses for conducting business in the online segment exclusively to owners of land-based casinos. Grand Casino Luzern was the first firm that has received the right to provide its services on the Internet.

Wolfgang Bliem notes that thanks to the coordinated work of a professional team, the company was able to switch to a new format of work relatively quickly. Entering the online space allowed the Swiss brand to get the following benefits:

  • maintaining an excellent reputation;
  • raising the loyalty of players;
  • attracting a new audience;
  • increasing revenues.

Nevertheless, Seth Young, a representative of PointsBet (USA), thinks that working on the Internet is a pretty challenging task. Despite the recognition and high profits, his company is often faced with competitors from the illegal betting sector. This fact indicates the imperfect regulatory system and poor control over the activities of the underground business.

More and more illegal websites appear every day. These conditions turn the transition of ground-based projects into the virtual market a quite tricky process. Therefore, the main issue that should be considered is a change in legislation and improvement of the policy governing the gambling sphere.

Improvement of the Tax System

Improvement of the tax system

The creation of favourable taxation conditions for virtual business is a crucial task for governments of different states and representatives of the land-based segment.

Many businessmen from the USA and European countries consider that the tax rate is quite overstated. They believe that adequate taxes will allow more companies to enter the virtual market. This approach will help maintain healthy competition and encourage entrepreneurs to improve their projects and look for new ways to attract customers.

However, Wolfgang Bliem from Switzerland does not agree with the views of his colleagues from other countries. He believes that the current Swiss taxation model is quite effective. It is worth noting that local entrepreneurs should contribute from 20 to 90 per cent of their revenue to the state treasury.

Such high tax rates do not scare Swiss entrepreneurs. They believe that huge fees help them grow and try to make more significant profits. Despite the strict taxation conditions, the online sphere continues to develop in this country. Although this process is rather slow, new players enter the virtual arena every year.

The optimal solution for many states is to find a middle ground. The amount of tax should not be too large or too small.

Optimal conditions will provide the following opportunities for virtual market development:

  1. Protection from unscrupulous entrepreneurs. Operators, wanting to get a quick return without significant efforts, will not be willing to pay considerable taxes. Thus, the market will be cleansed of entrepreneurs that put their income before a good reputation. At the same time, companies, offering high-quality products and interesting offers for their consumers, will receive more chances for development.
  2. Creation of a competitive environment. Proper legal regulation will allow more large players to enter the market. Operators will have the possibility to compete with each other, proposing innovative solutions to their customers.
  3. Improvement of marketing tools. The tighter competition requires applying advanced marketing instruments. Entrepreneurs will try to find new ways to promote their products and attract a wider audience.

Adherence to Local Legislation

Some dishonest businessmen believe that online gambling is an excellent environment for money laundering and conducting illegal business. In fact, the virtual market of many countries is regulated severely.

According to Wolfgang Bliem, following the gaming laws and fair play principles is a basic rule for all Swiss operators, working in the offline and online sector.

Local authorities provided strict penalties for dishonest businessmen, for example:

  • large fines;
  • license revocation;
  • website blocking (in Switzerland and even in other countries).

In addition to the legal side of this issue, the legitimacy of the operation can also affect the image of the company. Projects suspected of illegal activities are unlikely to attract the attention of a broad audience and gain the trust of players. As a result, it will directly influence the financial success of the company.

Website Security

Website security: prevent cases of fraud

This factor can also affect not only the stability of your website but also the reputation of your gaming project. Users want to be sure that their data will be well protected. The safety of financial operations plays a special role here too.

Security systems aimed at land-based establishments differ from software products designed for virtual projects. Therefore, inexperienced businessmen need to enlist the support of reliable partners, working in the online segment.

In addition to the safety of players, it is also worth ensuring the stable operation of the website’s protection system. Preventing cases of fraud, bonus abuse, and money laundering should be the primary tasks of operators. It is also necessary to secure the virtual resource from hacker attacks that can slow down the gaming software dramatically.

Search for Reliable Partners

It is no secret that the independent start of a virtual project can be quite a complicated process. Kresimir Spajic from Hard Rock (USA) claims that only large companies with large capital have the right to take risks and begin their journey in the virtual space without outside help.

According to the expert, small firms, operating in the offline segment, should work together with intermediaries.

To find a suitable partner, you need to analyse the state of your business and highlight several essential aspects:

  1. Identify your needs. Assess the prospects of your project adequately. Do not try to cover too many areas and complete many tasks at once. This means that if you are aimed at increasing user traffic, you should not hope for substantial revenues during this period.
  2. Find the desired content format. Modern gaming products are very diverse. Developers offer lots of options targeted at different audiences. Choose the perfect variant following the needs of your project.
  3. Distribute responsibilities. Define what tasks should be performed by you and intermediaries. Cooperation with a mediator does not mean the absence of the casino owner in the process of transferring the project to the online environment. You have to control all the stages very carefully.

Selection of Suitable Content

Gambling software: selection of suitable content

The search for relevant and attractive gaming content is the essential step in the transition of a land-based business into the virtual space. Before buying gambling software, pay attention to the following characteristics:

Recognition of the provider

Businessmen, starting their journey in virtual business, should cooperate with time-tested and reliable companies. A good reseller must have an impeccable reputation. Make sure that other partners of the vendor are satisfied with the collaboration. 

Take into account the stability of the company too. Not only large corporations can offer interesting products. If a small firm has extensive experience and a lot of creative developments, you should definitely pay your attention to it

Stability and security

Software products should run smoothly. Up-to-date content has built-in protection mechanisms that will help you secure not only money and data of users but also gain the trust of a broad audience. 

Make sure the mediator is ready to provide highly qualified technical support. It is especially relevant today when many industries are entering the online sphere and the risk of attacks is increasing

Large selection of offers

Experienced manufacturers have a wide range of products designed for different projects. Free (social) games, live content and crypto projects have been especially popular recently. 

Identify the goals you want to achieve at this stage and select the content that will help you move in the right direction. For example, free games are an excellent tool for attracting a loyal audience

The use of advanced technologies

Modern technologies are used not only in the online environment. Ground-based establishments also attract their customers with bright and interesting slots, developed using innovative methods. If you want to stand out against your competitors, you need to present cutting-edge solutions to the public


Undoubtedly, the land-based gambling business requires having an alternative in the virtual segment. However, the transition to the online space is a rather lengthy and complex process. The new conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced many operators to launch virtual gaming platforms in an extremely short period.

Operators need to cope with the following challenges:

  • to act within the law;
  • to find proper content;
  • to improve website security;
  • to stand out against competitors;
  • to attract the attention of the audience.

Collaboration with reliable intermediaries became the key to the success of many small and even large companies. Businessmen do not want to risk large sums. That is why they trust real experts.

2WinPower has vast experience in the gambling business. We are ready to provide a wide range of services to our partners. One of the most popular products of our brand is the development of a turnkey online casino.

The purchase of such a gaming platform will help you save a lot of time and money. If you are interested in the transition to the online space, turnkey casino development, and other issues, do not hesitate to contact our manager.

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